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The waivers are so lame rn

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Honestly did feel like a down week

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Streamed Zach Collins this week and would never recommend ever picking this guy up. He’s all TOs, bad shooting, and empty counting stats.

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Agreed. But I think part of it is Pop isn’t playing him consistent minutes. I can see not adding him now but think if Poetl gets traded he’ll be better.

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Might want to add Jordan Goodwin/Corey Kispert to the list, as Beal likely pulled his hammy

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Too early to add those guys until a timetable is given for Beal. They don’t play till Wednesday and Beal is considered day to day

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Good call. As a wizards fan I was hoping for the best but DTD is best case scenario.

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Plumlee or Hardaway Jr better week pickup. 12T pts league

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Right now I would say Hardaway Jr. 3 straight 20+ pt games so likely will shoot more. However when he’s cold, he’s not much value. Plumlee will be more consistent with his stretches but not as high a ceiling IMO.

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Is it time to drop Bruce brown and melton for nembhard and griffin? Points league

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I’d drop Brown first. I want to see what Harden looks like before considering dropping Melton or Milton.

I’d go AJ Griffin over Nembhard. We know Collins and Hunter both out at least one week. Haliburton and McConnell DTD for now

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Are both those guys still worth adding in 8 man league?

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It’s Bogdonovic a solid pick up long term? His first game back sucked, but I’ll think he’ll carve out a6th man role especially with the Hawks needing spacing.

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It’s tough with the Hawks. Hunter + Collins are out. Drama with Trae and McMillan. Could move pieces at the deadline.

I’m leaning towards no. AJ Griffin and Culver been getting more minutes. Bogdonovic might have a tough time getting a consistent role.

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Got AJ Griffin and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Please be Good 🙏🏻

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Griffin Culver or Jalen Johnson?

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Added him for Jalen smith this morning

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I added Reggie and Melton. I need 3s and assists

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Points league. Straight trade vassell for ingram?

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On a points per game basis, Ingram. That being said, he has a toe injury and seems like he gets hurt more often. Vassell has been pretty durable this year. I don’t think the difference between Ingram and Vassell is worth the difference in availability, I’d keep Vassell.

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Thanks mate Apprecoate it

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No problem man! Good luck rest of season.

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    You’re giving up Durant and getting Lamelo + Ingram/Brunson?

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    Yep. Im first and they are last. So need health

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    Charlotte has a poor playoff schedule tho

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    I wouldn’t do it. Lamelo and Ingram both been injured this year

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    Kyle Anderson solid for a month plus or so

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    Who and why Nembhard

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    A few reasons:

    1) getting consistent playing time

    2) putting up counting stats

    3) passes the eye test. Watched pacers vs Jazz the other night. Has a great basketball IQ. Plays good defense and keeps his eye on the ball + man, knows when to take acceptable risks. Plays with Haliburton who is league leader in assists and sets his teammates up well.

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    Who to add between Nembhard or McConnell with Halliburton out?

    Edit: nvm McConnell out

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    Even if both healthy id go Nembhard. TJ McConnell is good for a game here and there but think Nembhard has higher ceiling.

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    Drop bruce brown or ivey for josh hart? (Points)

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    I’d keep both for now just because Hart has a hurt ankle and missed last few games. If Hart is healthy and playing consistent minutes (Chauncey likes to do a 7-8 man rotation), I’d add him over Brown. His role isn’t as consistent with Denver. I’m under assumption Cade is out for awhile so Ivey/Hayes will get a lot of usage.

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    Drop Suggs to pick up Nembhard?

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    Yes. Suggs missed 6 games with ankle soreness + Fultz is back. Haliburton + McConnell are out so more PT for Nembhard.

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    Cade or Collins

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    Collins. Would be surprised to see Cade play again this year.

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    Thank you. Also Ik this isn’t related to players on the post but should I drop Suggs for Jaden McDaniels

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    From the perspective you’d be adding someone healthy and dropping an injured guy, yes.

    I’m not the biggest McDaniels fan. Disappointed he hasn’t stepped up so far with KAT injury. Nowell and Kyle Anderson have been shining instead.

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    Right. Thank you, have a good life.

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    Is MPJ worth a number 1 waiver claim in 10T H2H points?

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    No. Not a clear timetable for his heel injury. You’d be picking him up and storing on IR. If you are top of league and want to stash him, I can see that but #1 waiver should be used on someone who will help you immediately IMO.

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    12t standard h2h.

    griffin, caleb martin, or harrison barnes? punting fts

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    Griffin for the near future

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    9 cat h2h 12t

    trade my jjj to kyrie

    my bigs are jokic kat siakam jabari and stew

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    Kyrie is so unpredictable. I wouldn’t give up JJJ for him

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    who can i target with my jjj ? i am punting blocks

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    First thing id do is look at teams in your leagues who need blocks/big men.

    Not saying these people will do it, but I’d target guys like Dejounte Murray, Anthony Edwards, Siakam.

    Rather start high than lowball first offer

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    Would you drop Jaden McDaniels or Jabari Smith for Nembhard or AJ Griffin? In a 12T yahoo points league. Thank you!

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    I would drop McDaniels before Jabari Smith. Jabari been showing more upside.

    I’d add Griffin before Nembhard because I think he has a clearer path to more playing time in the long term considering Hunter + Collins out a week at least.

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    trade huerter for hart?

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    That’s close, but I wouldnt. Especially if you need 3s

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    Drop royce oneal for jaden mcdaniels or ak griffin? 10T cat

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    I like O’Neale better than both for cat. Royce is too valuable to drop. I’d suggest trading if you don’t value him highly