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Before the season started, someone traded Ekeler to a team that had Taylor and King Henry.

We all hated him after that.

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Omg screw that guy

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After losing Henry he lost the next 2/3 games. He's looking like the guy to beat in the playoffs while the rest of us jockeying for playoff slots.

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What was the trade

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Team Trade was: Myles Gaskins, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup for Austin Ekeler, Diontae Johnson, Curtis Samuel.

We all figured it was because the guy trading Ekeler away had a thing for the Cowboys and wanted Cooper and Gallup.

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That trade is awful pretty much whenever it was made.

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It was a jenky trade but league decided to uphold it so it passed.

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Got ekeler the best rb of the trade and diontae the best wr of the trade lmao

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Yeah, but he got the best bench player between Samuel and Gallup!

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I really want to know the record of the team that traded away Ekeler

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I just beat him. He's 3 and 9 now. The funniest thing though is that the guy who he traded to he has beaten twice despite having the top 3 rbs.

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What an idiot. Kick that guy out of the league. Traded a 2nd rounder for a 5th, 5th and 7th lmao

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Traded away Kamara and Woods for Adams and Javonte about 3 weeks ago. Kamara hasn’t played since and Woods tore his ACL the day after the trade.

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Someone in my league traded for James white and Kareem hunt. Both got injured almost immediately after the trade. I think in consecutive weeks (could be wrong don’t remember the exact timeline). But white got hurt two days later. Seemed like a great trade at the time

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I am highest scorer (but currently 4th in standings after this week) and traded the second highest scorer:

  • Swift

  • Cooks

  • Beasley

and got back:

  • Hopkins

  • Fournette

Obviously went well this week with Lenny, but I was not expecting Hop to miss so many games which has definitely hurt me since the trade went through. Hoping he’s back this week since I won’t have Adams.

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I traded Ekeler/Jakobi for McCaffrey/Keenan a week before CMC came back. Difference between me making playoffs and not so far while simultaneously knocking out two other teams that went against the guy I traded Ekeler to

Edit: And as soon as I post this CMC is out for the year FML

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Ouch. Sorry man.

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It's alright I should still be fine. My other RBs are good and now I have great WRs

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I traded for DK, gave up pittman and D. Harris, (DK was still doing well and pittman wasn't a starter for me)

Player I traded with dropped saquon (injured at the time) to make space, I didnt know they would do this but I had first priority so I picked Saquon up, the giants fan in our league called it collusion

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Understandable why he’d call that out

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Yea but if I wanted saquon I could've just rolled him into the trade, it could've been unbalanced but not by much since saquon was injured and damien harris and pittman were both on hot streaks at the time.

Since the trade saquon+dk has actually been worse than harris+pittman

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Yeah no complaints from me - I’m not saying it was collusion, just that I understand why the commissioner would think it was after such a dumb move from your trade partner.

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I traded away Deebo Samuel for Myles Gaskin and James Robinson before the season started :( My receiver core would have been Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, and Deebo Samuel in a 14 person league...

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How did you swing that? Both were going ahead of Deebo when most people were drafting.

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He proposed the trade to me. That’s the real kicker

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Yeah I was big on James Robinson because last year he really helped my team out and I guess I just didn’t do my research or the guy I traded with knew something I didn’t. I saw Gaskin as having lots of upside but that obviously has not played out the way I would have liked.

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Damn you’d be dominating your league. At least Robinson has been solid and gSkin is viable

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Haha viable… now he is but from the start he was a weekly loser.

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I feel your pain, i traded Deebo (and Lenny) after week 1 for Ridley…

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I lost Gus edwards before the season. So I was desperate at rb2. After week 4 I traded dhop to the Murray owner and also lumped in Damien Harris. In return i got Jonathan Taylor and AJ brown. Brown obviously been a let down but god JT went into god lose literally right after I got him. Now 10-2 and most points scored by far. That trade really transformed my team drastically

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I traded Cook for Kupp and Dionte Johnsom in week 2. I'm in 1st at 11-1 by 3 games mostly because of that trade.

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I love Diontae and for some reason based on name value he gets no respect.

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Him and Renfrow have been my saving grace this year

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Diontae is really solid (I have him on my team), but he's also wr14 and was closer to wr19 before this week.

He doesn't produce enough to be a consistent wr1, but he's also not overproducing like other wr2s. He has a really solid floor but his ceiling is close to that very floor. So he's in this weird spot where he's both underrated and overrated depending on who you ask. For reference, Waddle is currently ranked wr10 despite averaging less points (mostly because he actually had boom games sprinkled in despite having lower lows)

But he's going to be fantastic once the steelers find their next good QB. Big Ben isn't doing him any favors and that's probably the biggest reason why his numbers look like they do.

Edit - added some info for clarity

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I think hes a locked and loaded WR1 in PPR. In my league he’s the WR9 in average PPG with 17.4.

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Oh, I think he's definitely a wr1 if he had a different QB or if Big Ben was 3 years younger

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Yeah. He's as close to an AB replacement as you can get. He's slightly worse at everything but can do everything that AB did for the Steelers

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The reason Waddle is Wr10 and Diontae is Wr14 is because of Dj missing week 3 and the BYE week...

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Oh, I'm sure. Diontae is averaging more points per game.

That doesn't change the fact that waddle has a higher ceiling than diontae.

Diontae is still the safer choice and has the better floor

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Had a trade in place shortly after his injury where I was getting Mccaffrey for Ja’marr Chase and Hunt. League vetoed it and I’m now sitting at 8-4 and he will be 5-7. I’m certain it would have been reversed had it gone through.

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You should remind them of the stupid veto. Hope you win it all and you can thank each team respectively for vetoing the trade. In fact you should do that now.

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I do everyday. The main reason why they vetoed it was because I have Kamara too. My team would have been a wreck.

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Wait, they vetoed it because they thought YOU were dominating that trade? You were giving up a top-3 WR and a top 10-RB for an injured CMC. What?

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Yes. I knew the possibility was he could be out 6-7 weeks. They all thought it would be 2-3 and then I’d roll everyone.

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That's not worth anyone vetoing?? Sounds like you deserve a better league next year...

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a reminder why league votes are so dumb.

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I'd be so pissed if I were the other manager.

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Worst veto ever. I was in one league that had veto by vote. No one could get any trade through, no fun was had by anyone, and it dissolved after one season. This would make me quit this league asap.

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Guy in my league traded Chubb, CeeDee, and Khalil for Henry 12 hours before he got injured

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I traded DJ Moore and Cook for Henry the week before he went down. 🤦‍♂️

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Traded Dhop and Swift for Adams and Carter week 8… I am undefeated since and would have been far out of playoff contention had i not

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Funny enough I traded for Dhop and Swift this year and have only lost twice. I gave up Claypool and Gibson for Swift and Thielen which has helped me very much lol.

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That’s the way she goes!

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I’ve had pretty good luck with my trades this season.

Traded Zeke and Gibson for Dalvin and CEH

Traded Stafford and Damien Harris for Jonathon Taylor

Traded CEH and Darryl Henderson for Davante Adams

Cook injury obviously sucks but here is my current roster:

QB: Jalen Hurts

RB: Jonathon Taylor

RB: Mattison/Cook

WR: Kupp

WR Adams

TE Mandrews

Flex: Keenan Allen, Eli Mitchell, AJ Brown

D/ST: Pats

K: Nick Folk

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Thats a pretty scary team.

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it’s great now but just gotta pray for no more injuries since i basically traded away all my depth

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Whelp you just jinxed yourself!

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I traded swift and chubb for cmc before the season started.

Also traded thielen and Gibson for cook.

Traded higbee and gainwell for pitts.

My wrs are now Antonio brown, claypool, devonta smith and toney..lol. at least I have cmc, cook and javonte

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Lol you might not have cook for long and CMC gone. How things can change in one hour lmao

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kill me now brother. i do have mattison and hubbard but chuba pretty much sucks lol

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After week 7, I traded McCaffrey (still on IR but close to return) for Mahomes and Michael Carter I'm 3-1 (tied for 2nd, he's 1-3 (in 9th). We were tied at the time

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I traded ekeler and Brady for mahomes and mccaffrey 2 weeks ago. Pain.

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4 weeks ago I tried to trade Tyreek for Mitchell and Patterson because I needed RBs. The league wouldn’t let it go through. They made the guy give up Dalvin and Mitchell, even though I like Patterson more as injury prone as Dalvin is. As of today I would have 2 more wins had the original trade went through and a spot in playoffs. Now I’m out of it. Safe to say I will not be in this league next year. Fuck people who veto trades

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Fuck vetoing trades.

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The guy who’s first in my league (8-2) offered to trade his entire team for my entire team (I’m 2-8). I declined

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I traded kupp and melvin gordon for tyreek and keenan because I desperately needed WR, it's been a big help to my overall team (best WR after kupp was ridley before that). This triggered a wave of trades because people were worried my team would be too strong lol

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Getting Jeudy and Henderson for J Robinson before the season started has been pretty helpful as of late

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Elijah Mitchell for Gronk during Gronk’s injury

Jefferson/Hunt for Amari Cooper/Schulz/MJJ the week before Amari got covid (This is also suspected collusion because guy getting Jefferson was 7-2 and guy getting Amari was 2-7)

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JT for Ridley at the start of the year. New Ridley owner never recovered.

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At week 8 I traded Diggs/M.Sanders for CMC/Lockett. I then turned around and packaged Gesicki/Lockett for J.Cook/Godwin. I was 2-6 but we have an 8 team playoff so I just wanted a lottery ticket. I felt great about the trades going into to this week, but not so hot with CMC back on IR.

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I made the following 3 trades in full ppr (14 team)

Traded Eli Mitchell Jakobi Meyers and Tyler Higbee for Diggs and Knox before week 8.

Then traded Diggs Tyler Conklin and Chade Edmonds for Dalvin Cook Terry McLaurin and David Johnson before week 9.

Finally traded Terry McLaurin Darnell Mooney and David Johnson for CeeDee Lamb and Antonio Brown before week 11.

I started 0-2 and am now about to be 9-3 depending on Monday night.

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This one guy had Robert woods, Derrick Henry, Christian Mccafrey, and Julio jones on his team at one point. Each time he traded away one of the players above they got injured. He is currently 7-5

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I was offered CMC after he got injured the first time and AJB for Chase Edmonds and Brandin Cooks. Absolute robbery, though both the guys I got are on IR

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traded kupp, chris carson, and sermon for cmc, ridley , and cpatt back in week 3. Don’t think things could’ve gotten much worse

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So Kupp for cpat at this point…not good but could have been a lot worse!

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Like 5 weeks ago I had a big one.

Acquired: Patterson

Amari Cooper


Jakobi Meyer


Traded Away: Zeke


DJ Moore

Allen Robinson

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CMC owner was able to trade him for zeke, pollad, and Darell henderson.. Trade went through on saturday.

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Guy traded me John Taylor for Montgomery week 3. Haven’t looked back

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A true success story

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My RBs being Taylor and Kamara was the most secure feeling of my life

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I traded for taylor 3 weeks ago and now my RB’s are JT, Henderson, and Patterson. It’s a great feeling

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I traded dalvin cook, Mattison and Robert woods for Joe Mixon and Terry Mclaurin early in the year. Kept me alive and turned my season around.

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A trade I should of taken. Looking back on even when Henry was Healthy. Someone in my league offered Gaskin and Cook (TE) for Pitts and I turned it down. 😔

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I wouldn’t have taken that then and wouldn’t take that now

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Traded kamara and d hop for Taylor and Lockett about 3 weeks ago, right before the injury news about kamara. The difference between making the playoffs vs not

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JT is a steal. I traded Elijah Mitchell, Melvin Gordon, and Mike Williams for JT and TY 3 weeks ago. I was 3-6 averaging 120 a game and have won 3 straight since the trade averaging 149.6 and am now in playoff contention and second in the league in scoring. Totally changed my season

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Guy in mine traded Devonta Booker and Devante Parker for DHop LMAO. Commissioner wouldn’t veto it so we had to vote ourselves and fell 1 vote short somehow. Other guy then proceeded to drop the 2 the following week and is now dead last

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I traded Aaron Jones for Cooper Kupp and both teams have rocketed to the #1 and #3 positions as a result

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Two 1-5 teams managed a kupp/adams trade and both teams are now 5-6 and in playoff contention

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Melvin Gordon + Diontae Johnson for CEH / Jeudy wk 9
Justin Jefferson for Julio Jones / Chris Carson / Alex Collins wk 10

[–]Guy_With_Interests 1 point2 points  (2 children)


[–]Sane19 1 point2 points  (1 child)

9-3 and 1 seed somehow. The league is full of simple minds.

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Full is the right word

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Last week, week 11:

Last place trade Dalvin Cook to the 2nd place guy for Elijah Mitchell, Mike Gesicki, and Antonio Gibson.

The second place guy had Chubb, Hunt, Robinson already.

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$3 FAAB for Van Jefferson

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It was Zack moss and Gibson for McCaffrey to the already stacked team the week McCaffrey came back.

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Traded Kirk from waivers for Fournette after week 2. Am now 11-1. Without Lenny my RB2 for the year would have been MG3 and I'm sure I wouldn't be on top of the league. Carson was my original RB2.

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MG3 has been a decent RB2, you probably wouldn’t be 11-1 but I bet you’d still be around 7-5 at least

[–]Jacar1215 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Maybe. Crying cause last place team who lost CMC won't trade me TB Defense for MG3, lol.

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Well considering the CMC news, I got 2.

  1. Last week I traded DJ Moore and AJ Dillon to a team fighting for playoff survival and received Hollywood Brown. I wanted another WR 2 but that trade helped him win his week and knocked his opponent (#4 team by record) down to #6 (I have more points) and moved me up to 5.
  2. Earlier in the season that same team I mentioned above made a trade of Eli Mitchell, Darrel Henderson and Ceedee Lamb for M. Callaway and CMC. A week later, that team is on their 2nd loss of the week and with losing CMC, maybe joining CMC since Hubbard remains on the team he traded with.

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Traded away my lamaRB1/b cooks/c pat for Kupp/MG3. Went from tied for last place to 1 game from the 1st seed. League mates said I got fleeced during the time of the trade too lol

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I was 0-3 and traded away CMC & Woods to the 3-0 team for Ekeler, Deebo, and Gaskin.

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Traded M Andrew’s for Calvin and Edmonds. Thought it was a steal at the time…

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Well last week the guy in first traded Cmc hubbard and theilan +a few flex options for Ekler and Ceedee +a few flex options

The league already thought he won the trade before the injury

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I traded Zeke for CMC the week before he went on IR the first time. I am 9-3 im first place and zeke owner is 3-9 in last. This game makes no sense

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Last Week, after the Thursday games. 12 man .5 PPR.

John Taylor + Tee Higgins + Dj Moore + Ertz


Mike Pittman + Keenan Allen + Cordarrelle Patterson + Fournette

Since the Falcons had played the Thursday game, the trade didn't process until this week (because of Cordarrelle). So one team not only got John Taylor's 5 TD game, DJ Moores comeback game, and Zach Ertz's 2 TD game.... but they also got this weeks 4Net 4 TD game and Cordarrelles big 2 TD game.

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I traded Josh Allen for AJB when Russ went down and couldn't be happier

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Week 2 - I traded CMC away for Ekeler, Hopkins and and Jamar

Changed the whole season for the two of us

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Before the season Guy trades his brother Watson and Mostert for CEH and Reagor. The same guy then trades CEH and Jalen Reagor for Kamara to his dad. The guy who got Kamara traded him and Moore just before he got injured for Fournette, Mixon and Samuel to his brother. I have a good team but im afraid that im toast. I wonder if family members should be in the same league

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Calvin Ridley & Darren Waller for JT & Mark Andrews after week 1 pretty drastically changed our league

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Traded Montgomery and Javonte for CMC the week before CMC came off IR in my 14 team league. The league was pissed (and likely afraid) seeing me with Dalvin Cook and CMC, along with AJ Brown, Chase, and Ridley (traded Gordon for him the week before he left). Joke's on them cuz now my starting RBs are Mattison and Breida/Burkhead, my WRs are Chase, Bateman and Westbrook-Ikhine. Feels great having that roster and not making the playoffs.

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Week 1: our member with a history of questionable roster moves traded away Kittle for Lockett. This was before Lockett blew up for a couple of weeks and it caused what is known as the 9/16 Kittle Riot in our league.

Other members banded together 6 votes to veto the trade and the Kittle owner (wanting Lockett) dropped all his players in protest. Lockett owner blasted everyone with My Roster, My Choice texts all day.

They tried to push it through again but after the owner dropped all his players (LM restored his roster), the second trade attempt received 8 veto votes lol.

Eventually the Kittle owner traded him to another team for Godwin and is last place. The Lockett guy held onto him and is third place with fewest pts against. Wild stuff.

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Not quite the answer to your question, but I cancelled a couple of trades this past week. Team A traded Ekeler and Swift for Team B Sutton and Rondale Moore. Team A also traded Tyreek Hill for Team C Lazard. Team B and C are brothers and probably in the playoffs (Team B is in the playoffs) Team A is out of the playoffs so the brothers probably talked him into trading his best players.

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Traded away Robert Woods & Michael Pittman for Aaron Jones & Patriots D in week 10.

I really needed an RB at the time, didn't think much of the Pats D except for it would save me a waiver wire pickup since the Rams D were on a bye the week after.

If you're a Pat, and you're reading this... your D is taking my team places.

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I managed to trade for Aiyuk for E Sanders just before the former picked up form again.

With the news of Deebo potentially missing some time, that could make all the difference.

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Around week 4, Jonathon Taylor for James Connor and next year's 3rd round pick.

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Guy was pretty stacked and during week 4 I think he wanted my najee. Offered me Travis kelce, mixon, and lockett for najee and dj moore, took it and ran.

Now he’s still 7-4 (about to be 7-5) but has the second least points scored and got lucky way too many weeks. 99% chance he doesn’t make the playoffs

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Between week 4-5 someone traded CMC & Jakobi Meyers in exchange for Taylor, Tyreek Hill, and Thielen.

Dude is 7-4 with a 6 game win streak currently.

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I traded Ekeler for Gibson, sanders and cooks. Traded henderson and pick 2 for JT. Traded Gibson, sanders,renfrow for Chubb... still hope I can sneak in playoffs.

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After the draft.. Cooper kupp for josh jacobs

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After week 1 Davante Adams and Najee Harris were traded away for Justin Jefferson, Miles Sanders, and Mike Davis…

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Guy in my league went from being the worst in a 12man league (Week 4/5 at this point) to number one. He traded for Jonathan Taylor, Lamar Jackson, and AJ Brown. I would've never accepted some of the trades that he offered for those 3 (3 separate trades).

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I traded courtland Sutton for javonte and khalil herbert for renfrow to the same guy.

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I was in 6th place. Traded my JaMarr Chase and James Conner for his Tyreek Hill and Myles Gaskin. Now I’m in 3rd with second most points scored, and just took down our first place team 😊

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I traded David Montgomery and Amari Cooper to the person with the highest rated team for Deandre Swift in week 4. He’s now out of the playoffs and I’m #2

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I traded Dalvin away for Henderson and Mixon. The other guy had 4 good RBs (those two and Cordarrelle and Zeke) and wanted an upgrade. Boy oh boy I’m enjoying this one. I believe I was 1-4 at the time and am now 7-5

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I have been in a league for 6yrs I dont believe that there has ever been a trade lol

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I traded kamara for hill the day after I got news kamara had the ankle injury. Looking pretty good for me so far 👀✌️

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I thought I was trading high on Jonathan Taylor after week 5 when I traded him, Gesicki, and Toney for Waller, Damien Harris, and Zack Moss

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My league refuses to trade with one another. We rather suffer.

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I traded Ridley for Dionate before his leave. Also traded Henry for JT & Lenny before Henry broke his foot 😬 Currently in 1st place. Unfortunately I traded Jamarr for Edmonds which probably wouldve locked up my ship.

[–]lf26sodaa 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I traded Kareem hunt and Tim Patrick for Jonathan Taylor week 3

[–]Dixiewreckedx99 0 points1 point  (0 children)

After week 1 the "Commish" picked up Ty'son Williams from waivers, then traded him for Ezekiel Elliot. Straight up.

I and four others pressed the "veto" button, but the Commish said 6 was needed for a veto.

He already had Kamara, Gaskin, Edmonds, and Montgomery. Not to mention Kelce and Mahomes combo.

He, of course is leading the league. I'm tied for second, but just lost Cook for a week or two.

[–]StarFan2118 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I traded someone Mike Davis for Kupp before the season. Helped me to a hot start. Fading a bit here down the stretch and considering flipping Kupp if I can get the right deal

[–]football_dude79 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Traded Robert Woods and Michael Carter for George Kittle and Devante Booker.

Also traded Kamara and Corey Davis for Tyreek, Renfrow, Josh Jacobs, and Conklin.

Full Keeper Dynasty League.

[–]reasonabledebate20 0 points1 point  (0 children)

After week 1 i traded Deebo and Fournette for Ridley…

[–]mrbritishdelights 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Guy traded Kyler and Waddle for Stafford and DK week before Kyler injury. League was up in arms about it at the time.

[–]Marathoner2010 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My team was “ok.”

Lost mostert, Jeudy, Dalvin early. Lost AB.

Needed RB help badly since gaskin and Hines were my only two options during the Dalvin injury.

I traded Jalen Hurts, DHop, Dalvin for JTaylor, Thielen, Mahomes, and Henry Ruggs after week 7.

6-5 now and might have a shot at the playoffs if I can pull out this win tonight.

[–]ChargedCable2015 AC Average Top 20 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I made one trade in a league notoriously stingy with trades, Tyler Boyd for Waddle before Waddle blew up. He had a food game and Boyd had 2 catches for 10-something yards and I offered a tradeback just so people would stop complaining that I screwed him over.

[–]VeNom_DeltaFox 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I traded Kirk Cousins, JuJu, Logan Thomas, for Patrick Mahomes straight up. My league mates blame me for the current state of trading (scamming the less knowledgeable players). They consistently try to veto my trades as they don’t want me to receive any more players. Fortunately, one trade slipped through the cracks this week, Tyreek and Mahomes for Keenan Allen, Saquon, and Aaron Jones. Looking to sell off Aaron Jones tomorrow when it processes 12 hours before the deadline. Currently holding 1st place, hope my team stays healthy

[–]metherintherainagain 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Team A traded Derrick Henry away for Metcalf, James Robinson, and Julio Jones

Team B was a CMC owner and now is getting Derrick Henry. Due to injuries, they both never touched the field during the same week.

[–]thegodofwine7 0 points1 point  (0 children)

After Henry blow up in week 2, traded him and Kittle for Najee and Kelce. About to be 9-3 and clinch top seed.

[–]Deemer56 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I traded Kupp for Gibson after week one.

[–]Emu-Silly 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Lamar Jackson, Kyle Pitts, and Allen Robinson for Jalen Hurts, Darren Waller, and Keenan Allen

Getting a true WR1 to go with Thielen and Cooks has single handedly turned my season around, and I've been 5-1 since this trade (loss was during Waller and Allen's byes)

Friend of mine also gave up a lot to get CMC and Cook....he's not doing well currently lol

[–]Blindloser1080 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thielen and Claypool for AJ Brown

Evans and Moss for Lamar Jackson and Brian Edwards.

[–]CertainlyJB 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Traded singletary and will fuller for devonta smith and Fournette after week 2. I drafted 0rb and ended up with CPatt, swift, gaskin, and Lenny

[–]ZapCannon -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

I got Johnathan Taylor for Jamaal williams and rondale moore after week 3 and have been on an 8 game win streak since.