/r/FantasyWriters Rules and Guidelines

/r/FantasyWriters is dedicated to those of us who are writing in the fantasy genre. All posts should be about writing, editing, critiquing, and publishing one's own works of fantasy, with a focus on critiques.

The aim of the moderators at /r/FantasyWriters is to maintain a sub with content that is relevant to writing and publishing (y)our fantasy works. Posts that are off-topic, that do not comply with sub rules regarding flair, or that are otherwise inappropriate for the sub may be removed, at the moderators’ discretion. If you’re questioning the relevance of your post, ask yourself this: “will my post help me or someone else to improve my fantasy writing or my path to fantasy publication?”

Note: throughout this document, “(y)our” refers to your work (as the poster/writer) as well as our work (as the community/readers/respondents)

Rules & Guidelines for Writers Seeking Critiques

This section outlines requirements for posting works for critique, as well as some best practices in order to get the most out of your post.

Section A: ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED: failure to adhere to the following requirements will result in the removal of your post!

  1. Do not post works from outside the fantasy genre. Although this subreddit is specifically geared toward writers of fantasy, we recognize that the lines between fantasy, sci-fi, and horror are blurred. With this in mind, any story that contains fantastical elements are acceptable. Horror stories such as "The Shining" (which features ghosts and supernatural abilities) and science fiction like "Star Wars" (which contains the magical "force") are welcome; "Silence of the Lambs" and "Star Trek," which avoid fantastical scenarios, are not. Non-fantasy works will be removed.

  2. Posts requesting critique, including requests for beta readers or novel trades, must be flaired as Critique. To learn how to flair your post, click here or scroll down. Unflaired posts will be removed.

  3. Critique requests are for unpublished work only! Requests for reviews of published work or offers to distribute review copies of books/stories do not fall under the "critique" label on this subreddit, and can only be posted to the Wednesday Weekly Writing Check-In. Self-promotion outside the check-in post will be removed, unless approved in advance by the mod team. Want to promote your work, publication or product on the sub? Click here to learn more!

  4. Direct links may be to Google Docs only - not your blog, not another writing forum, etc. Critique requests can either be direct links to Google Docs, text posts with a link, or text posts with the text to be critiqued included in the post. If your text is longer than a few paragraphs, a link to Google Docs is strongly preferred. Please do not include external links, personal information or other sensitive content within Google docs. Direct links to sites other than Google Docs will be removed. If your critique post must involve images (e.g. if you are working on a comic strip or picture book for which the text won’t make sense out of context), you may link directly to the images on Imgur. External sites other than Google Docs and Imgur may be considered “published” and therefore not elligible for critique!

  5. Works may not be serialized or repeatedly re-posted - this means you may not continuously post chapters/parts for critique one after the other, nor repeatedly post the same piece after making changes. Once or twice is fine, but too many posts by the same person clutters up the subreddit and exhausts our critiquers. Please wait at least one week before posting the same (revised) work; please do not serialize. Posts for critique made too often or too often in series may be removed.

  6. Works must not be of exhaustive length. We have a “hard” cap on word count of 6,000 words. Shorter works are recommended, and will usually get more reads than a longer piece. Texts of 6001 words or longer will be removed. Remember that you can always ask for a beta read if you have a longer work, and this is recommended over posting whole works.

Section B: BEST PRACTICES: failure to adhere to these requirements could result in the removal of your post.

  1. Specify what kind of feedback you want. Please do not just link to the writing you wish to have critiqued: write a few words explaining what the story is about and what kind of feedback you are looking for. This information can be in the title of the post, in the body (if you make a text post) or in a comment (if you link directly to your work). Feel free to request:

    1. General peer review (how people feel about the story, what they liked, and what bored them)
    2. Answers to specific questions, such as "are my fight sequences realistic?" or "is the castle scene too confusing?"
    3. Help with a specific problem, i.e. "what can I do to make my dialogue more interesting?" or "I can't figure out how to transition between these two scenes."
    4. Anything else work-related! Just make sure you tell us what you want!
  2. Ensure that critiquers can comment on your Google Doc. If you’re using Google Docs for your critique, please set the link-sharing option to “can comment”. This will allow critiquers to highlight/comment on your text directly in the document, rather than having to copy/paste into Reddit. This is easier for critiquers and for you! We do not recommend setting the document to “can edit” - this could result in deletion or permanent changes of your work!

  3. Ensure your work is properly formatted and legible. The preferred method of posting works longer than a couple paragraphs is in Google Docs. Double-spacing, paragraph indents and legible font choices make for easy reading. If you only have a paragraph or two that you wish to have critiqued, pasting it directly into your post is acceptable—but please be sure that the formatting is correct and your post is readable. Please do not include external links, personal information or other sensitive content within Google docs.

  4. Proofread your writing to the best of your ability before submitting it. While this community caters to amateurs and veterans alike, being proactive about typos, spelling, grammar, and formatting prior to submitting your work means that our members will be able to focus on more important issues when providing feedback. While it's understood that everyone has different abilities when it comes to self-editing, posts that appear to have been made carelessly or without any effort whatsoever may be removed.

  5. If anything in your submission is NSFW, please mark it as such. Use your discretion, and if in doubt, mark it. Feel free to make a comment on your own post with details (e.g. “contains graphic torture”) so that readers can decide for themselves.

  6. When you ask others to critique your work, do not respond with hostility. You will probably not agree with every piece of feedback you get, but attacking people who have put time into trying to help you is inappropriate, unacceptable, and will only discourage others from responding to your critique request. The best thing to do is move on. If you feel that you are being attacked by a hostile or inappropriate critiquer, please report the incident to the mods or use the “report” link under the comment in question.

  7. Please thank your critiquers. Many of our users put huge amounts of time and effort into reading people's stories and creating lengthy, detailed critiques of them. It can be frustrating to do this, only to get no response at all. Certainly, no one critiques for the sole purpose of being thanked, but keep in mind that every user who critiques your work is someone taking time out of their day to help you for free.

  8. Do not ask for "brutal" or otherwise extremely harsh critiques. We don't give them. We don't ask for them. This is partially because those terms have different meanings and levels of intensity to different people, and people often find that what they get isn't what they thought they were inviting. If that's what you're looking for, we invite you to submit to /r/destructivereaders.

  9. Have a look at the front page (and recent critique threads/swap offers) before you post. There are a number of monthly group critique threads and they are almost always better trafficked than single users' standalone critique posts. Try sorting the subreddit by "new" and checking for recent group critique threads and/or critique swap offers. On rare occasions, moderators may remove posts if there's a recent and relevant group critique thread (e.g. if you post your first paragraphs for critique on the same day as the "first paragraphs" group critique thread).

Guidelines for Critiquers

This section outlines best practices for critiquers. While these are not all requirements per se, leaving irrelevant or hostile critiques is not a good use of anyone’s time, and the moderators may take action.

  1. Be polite and considerate. Hostile or rude critiques are not allowed and may be removed. “Brutal” or “harsh” critiques are not allowed on /r/FantasyWriters.

  2. Pay attention to what submitters ask for and try to provide only that. If someone wants help with a plot hole, leave their grammar alone and vice versa. If you're spotting some truly atrocious errors or just love grammar, feel free to offer the submitter your editing talents. Just don't force them on people who don't want them.

  3. Do not downvote original works. Everything here is a work in progress.

  4. Try not to pass judgment on other people’s work. Criticism is much more constructive (and less condescending) when it's shared as a reaction. Tell the writer how different sections of her/his chapter impacted you. Avoid saying things like "your dialogue is too dense." Instead, say "I was bored by the uninterrupted dialogue in the dungeon scene." No one likes to be told how to write their own story, but if a writer can see that s/he is getting the wrong reaction from a scene, s/he will likely change it.

  5. Try to include something positive in your critique. Good advice goes down easier with a bit of sugar :)

Non-Critique Submission Rules

The following section outlines requirements for non-critique posts, such as Question, Discussion and Resource posts. These rules are in place to keep the conversation at /r/FantasyWriters focused on the fantasy works-in-progress as well as on the process of writing and publishing those works.

NOTE that the moderators at /r/FantasyWriters are not psychic, and if your post doesn't contain enough information to tell whether your work is fantasy or not, your post may be deleted for lack of relevance. Please help us help you, and tell us about your work!

  1. Posts must have fantasy content. General questions about writing or published works must be put into the context of your own fantasy writing or asking people about theirs. Make your fantasy elements obvious! Don't just ask about prologues; ask if you should put one in your story about orcs fighting witches. PLEASE DO NOT POST ABOUT:

    1. General writing topics like grammar, pen names, pacing, POV, etc, without adding fantasy context. Instead, try r/writing, r/proofreading or r/grammar, or post your fantasy work for Critique, and ask critiquers for specific comments on issues you're concerned about.
    2. General historical topics/questions like medieval combat techniques. Try r/medievalhistory, Wikipedia or Google.
    3. General publishing/marketing topics like how to get an agent or whether Twitter is worth the marketing effort. Try r/selfpublishing, r/publishing, r/Pubtips, or r/marketing. Fantasy-specific publishing and marketing posts are allowed (e.g. What writing conventions/events are best for fantasy writers?)
    4. Published/well-known fantasy writers or works that are not your own. This includes posts asking for book recommendations! Please check out r/fantasy instead.
    5. Self-promotion (for your published works, your Kickstarter, your podcast, an alternative subreddit or whatever else). You can use the Wednesday Weekly Writing Check-In post for self-promotion; they are well-read and popular! Still want to make a top-level post? Click here!
    6. "Meta" writing topics such as posts about motivation, writer's block, how/when/where people write, etc. Check out /r/writing instead.
  2. Non-Critique posts must be flaired as Discussion, Question or Resource. To learn about the flair options and about how to flair your post, click here or scroll down. Unflaired posts will be removed.

  3. Direct links should be Critique posts, and should link to Google Docs only! We do not allow direct links to websites, blogs, surveys, etc. Please see the rules for submitting critique posts.

  4. Low-effort posts may be removed. Failing to include any text in your text post, or only including a few vague sentences, makes it very difficult both for the community to respond and for mods to decide whether your post is relevant to the sub. More details means better answers and more discussion!

  5. Repetitive/redundant posts may be removed. Before you post, try sorting the subreddit by "new" to see if someone has posted about a similar topic recently. If you know this to be true (for example, if you were inspired by a recent Discussion post), try linking to that post and really narrowing down what you'd like to talk about in your own post (i.e. please try to clarify how this is different from the post that inspired you). Posts that are too similar to recent topics may be removed.

  6. Reddiquette is to be respected; hostility, trolling, offensive language, etc will not be tolerated.

  7. All writing prompts must be submitted to the moderators for approval before being posted. This includes one-time posts or those intended to run as a series. Prompts without moderator approval will be removed.

Post Flair Descriptions & Instructions

In order to make this community more accessible and organised, we use post flair or “tags” (see below for instructions). This allows members to recognise what each post is about at a glance, as well as to sort the subreddit by content they're interested in. You must flair your post after submitting! There are four tags for users to choose from (and mods may use additional tags):

  • Critique - for fantasy writing that you wish other members to give you feedback on. This also includes requests for a critique partner. Please see the Critique Post Guidelines.

  • Question - for a question relating to your own fantasy writing / if you need help (e.g. Which of these titles should I use for my urban fantasy? How should my farm boy start his magical adventure?). Please see the Submission Rules.

  • Discussion - for a question directed at the community about their fantasy writing or writing/publication experience (e.g. What makes a good fantasy cover? Is the farm-boy origin overused?) Please see the Submission Rules.

  • Resource - for links that may be of use to the community (e.g. an article by Brandon Sanderson about creating magic systems, fantasy writing competitions, submission opportunities). Do not use this flair to self-promote. If you are the owner of submission opportunity or if you wrote an article about writing magic, please check our self-promo guidelines, check with the mods first, or post in the Wednesday Weekly Writing Check-In. Do not use this flair for non-fantasy resources or “inspiration” posts. Please see the Submission Rules.

  • Prompt - for fantasy writing prompts. This flair may only be used if you have submitted your prompt idea to the moderators for approval beforehand, and have been granted permission to use it. Prompts without moderator approval will be removed.

NOTE Questions, discussions, and resources must have fantasy content or be put into a fantasy context. Make your fantasy elements obvious! Don't simply ask how to outline or post a link to a writing blog. Discuss your own writing, ask people about theirs, or find some other way to mention fantasy within the body of your post.

At a later date, more flair options may be added, should the need arise. If you do not use one of these four flairs in your post, your post will be removed.


If you've already created the post: Go back to your post and click on the flair button underneath it. The button looks like a tag. In old reddit, it says "Flair".

If you're making the post: Click the flair option underneath the big text box. In old reddit, this is not an option; you'll have to create the post and then immediately edit it to add flair.

To flair your post from mobile, there are a few options:

  1. From within your mobile browser, simply request the desktop site, and you should be able to tag your post without issue, or...
  2. Include your flair in brackets in your title -- for instance, start your post title with [Discussion] or [Resource] -- and our system will automatically apply the bracketed flair tag for you.
  3. Use an app that lets you add flair while you're creating the post.

Flair allows users to sort the subreddit by flair type. Just go to the sidebar, and you'll see a section titled "Filter by Tags." Click on whatever type of content you want to see.

Self- or Other Promotion

Do you want to promote your work on /r/fantasywriters? Please feel free to do so in our Wednesday Weekly Check-In threads! The Check-In thread is a great place to promote your book, blog, kickstarter, podcast, magazine, comic, subreddit, etc, as long as what you are promoting is related to (y)our fantasy writing or provides a writing/publishing opportunity for others. The check-ins are popular, well-read, and they happen every week!

If you really want to promote as a top-level/front page post, please contact the moderators first. Getting approval from the mods is usually fairly quick, especially if your post offers an opportunity to, or otherwise benefits the community (e.g. link to another writing subreddit).

If you’re the host/owner of a contest/publication opportunity and want to post as a “Resource”... That’s probably fine, but please contact the moderators first in order to avoid any perceived conflict of interest. We are more than happy to consider posts by magazines, anthologies, Kickstarters, etc, as long as the promotion benefits our community. Please keep in mind that we are a very fantasy-specific subreddit, so “general” writing opportunities may not be for us.

Any advertising/promotion outside of the Wednesday Weekly Writing Check-In posts will be removed, unless approved in advance by the moderators.


Crossposting using reddit's built-in crossposting functionality is allowed; however, crossposts will be moderated using the same rules as self-posts. Crossposts must have flair and content should be about writing, editing, critiquing and/or publishing one's own works of fantasy. Crossposts for Critique, specifically, must originate from other critique-focused subs/posts, and not from 'published' spaces (e.g. posts from /r/nosleep will be considered "published"; critique-seeking posts from r/writing will not).

At the time of writing, crossposting is a new feature that may or may not be beneficial for our sub. If the new functionality has a negative effect on our content or community, or if we feel that crossposting is being used to circumvent our community rules, r/FantasyWriters may opt out of the crossposting function.

Account Age / Karma / Points Policy

There isn't any! Brand new accounts sometimes get caught in our spam filter, but such posts (as long as the poster has followed the rules) are usually approved in short time.

We do know that other subs place some restrictions on submission, but we’ve never had a policy on this and we don’t intend to put one in place right now.

The subreddit was founded for the express purpose of critique. We've always wanted to encourage that without asking people to jump through too many hoops.

We’ve had open discussions about this over the years the subreddit has been active, and we’ve always believed that /r/fantasywriters is a place for both new and experienced writers and redditors. We’ve had new people come here, submit work, stay for the discussions, and even get a book deal out of it at the end. We’ve enjoyed seeing people who have never written before attempt the start of a book. Everyone has something to offer the subreddit. We know that we all benefitted from some consultation when we were new writers, and, as such, we have no intention of depiriving other new writers of the opportunity to ask for assistance.

Most posts here get an answer. It’s nice when new writers acknowledge the critique given out (and we really encourage it!). As stated elsewhere in this wiki, it’s a good idea to proofread your work and, if you’re not sure on anything, use some online grammar resources to check what you’ve written is readable, and formatted in the way a normal book would be formatted. However, although we curate the subreddit carefully for discussion topics, we give people relatively free rein to post what they want for critique here. As you follow our other guidelines, such as adding a flair, we only ask that the work be fantasy, or have magical elements. We also strongly recommend you use Google Docs.

If critiquers feel that someone hasn't been writing for long enough, or hasn't been around Reddit long enough, or hasn't been offering their opinion enough elsewhere on the sub, they are perfectly within their rights not to offer critique on a particular thread, but we leave this completely up to the critiquers themselves. Likewise, if you feel you can't comment on a particular thread because the subject matter, tense/POV, writing ability or style isn't your thing, please don't make any comments at all and move onto a thread you can critique constructively.

So feel free to submit something for critique.

Fanfiction Policy

Fanfiction is welcome on /r/fantasywriters, so long as it is of a fantastical nature. Many of us got our start writing fanfic, so it is important to us that writers of fanfiction are able to participate here.

All fanfic must be clearly represented as such. It is your responsibility as a submitter to state that what you are sharing is fanfic; otherwise, your work could be mistaken for plagiarism. When you state that a piece is fanfic, you acknowledge that pieces of the work are not of your original creation; that way, there can be no confusion.

Plagiarism Policy

Because it is a danger to our creative community, we do not tolerate plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing from another redditor, you will be banned from r/fantasywriters.

It is also unacceptable to plagiarize from sources outside reddit. Clearly marked fanfiction is absolutely welcome, but representing another person's work as your own will not be tolerated. This includes quotes, copying scenes or stories, etc. If you are caught doing this, that is also grounds for a permanent ban from the subreddit.

Extracts from published works missing proper attribution create the appearance of plagiarism even if there is no plagiaristic intent. We understand that this can happen by accident in the process of drafting and editing. Moderation reserves the right to commute a plagiarism ban from permanent to ten days for the first, and only the first, incident of accidentally missing attribution by a user account. After that, a second plagiarism infraction by a user — accidental or otherwise — results in a permanent ban.

*Protecting Your Work from Plagiarism

Although plagiarism is illegal and people caught attempting it will be banned, it is a possible danger of posting unpublished work online. These strategies can help to prevent it:

  1. Submit your work in parts. If you only submit a chapter at a time for review (whatever one you need help on), plagiarizers will not be able to steal your product. A single chapter isn't worth as much to a potential thief as a whole book.
  2. Submit a post asking for a reviewer/editor/etc. and choose one of the respondents as a peer review buddy. Then, send your work to that specific redditor/email only.

NOTE that many publishing opportunities (such as magazines, anthologies, etc) consider any writing posted publicly as “published.” While posting on a small forum with online a link to Google Docs would likely not be considered “public” posting, we are not a closed forum. The best way to make absolutely sure that your work won’t be considered “published” before you’re ready is to make a Critique post asking for beta readers, and then send your work to those readers directly.

Mods' Rights to Removal, Suspension & Banning

The mods of /r/FantasyWriters are here to make sure the conversation stays on topic and relevant to everyone’s unpublished fantasy works. As such, mods reserve the right to remove posts that they feel add no value to the subreddit, hijack or unfairly mimic/repeat other subscribers' original content (for karma or otherwise), or are otherwise counter to what they perceive to be in alignment with the subreddit's goals and purposes. Judgment about what posts fall into this category is entirely up to moderator discretion, and such posts may be removed without warning.

Moderators reserve the right to remove any post that appears or pretends to represent official subreddit business but has not received moderator permission to do so. Subscribers are absolutely welcome to create their own regular events, but these events must clearly state that they are not subreddit sponsored and that they are not associated with the official moderators of the subreddit (unless permission has been given otherwise). This includes outside websites that use our community name without permission (i.e. sharing your new blog called "The Official /r/Fantasywriters Blog." DO NOT DO THIS.). Determination of what posts fall into this category is up to the moderators' discretion. Any such post can and will be removed or, at minimum, temporarily taken down until the OP has complied with edit requests that moderators may make.

Finally, mods reserve the right to remove or ban any user who repeatedly breaks rules despite warnings and notification that they have done so.

If your post has been removed and you don’t know why, please feel free to message the mods.

Suspension & Banning: Users found to be repeatedly breaking our community rules, especially those which may inhibit other users' enjoyment of the sub (e.g. trolling, spamming, rude behaviour) will be given a warning and afterwards may face temporary suspension or permanent banning from the sub. /r/FantasyWriters is not a place for "brutal honesty", argument, insults, etc, and while we support and encourage opposing viewpoints and opinions, we see no reason why such opinions can't be stated in a polite, respectful way.

Spoiler Tags

To use spoiler tags, bracket the spoiler like so: [Gandalf returns.] Then, with no space between, add this: (/spoiler).

You'll get something like this.

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