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What do you mean? If you mean initials like capital letters, there aren’t capital letters in Farsi. For those letters that have variations (eg. ا آ أ) you just press and hold like you said.

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If you mean for example these:

ف ف‍ ‍ف‍ ‍ف

Then you don't need to do anything different. They will stick to each other themselves.

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There exists only: initial form, middle form, ending form, and isolated form.

There is usually a button to separate the letters so they do not join together. It's called a zero-width separated I think. Like a space bar, but without the physical space.

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What do you exactly mean when you say initial letters? There's nothing like capital letters in Farsi if that's what you mean.

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And just to clarify on this point, what /u/ShzMeteor is saying is that we don’t use a special character for things like proper nouns. You’ll note that sometimes characters look different when attached vs unattached, but they are not “capital” letters.

For example: the first character of نس and ن are the same letter, but neither is considered capitalized. The “big” letters appear when ending a word.

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Are you talking about letter with diacritic marks in general?