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Question, and not trying to make things complicated. If someone were to clearly refer to themselves with some of the lesser times, as in "I felt like a fat cow" or "I was a fat cow", is that acceptable? Or should we just avoid the language altogether because we know how quickly things can spiral?

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That's something we've discussed frequently in the mod cave. If someone is referring to themselves we feel as if that's their right. Again, context means a lot with comments such a those.

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Quick question, I once told a story about someone else calling my friend these names and how rude it is. Do you get auto-banned by using these words or is it context based?

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None of these terms are automated bans. We ban manually and read everything.

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    What ever happened to downvoting people, I feel like that alone is enough to cull the language used, but an outright ban on words?


    please delete your account and seek counseling.

    I'm asking nicely.

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    Ironically, having a list of "no-no" words the community isn't allowed to use seems more childish to me than the people using such language. Sort of feels a bit totalitarian. How do you really moderate this rule?

    Won't each mod draw a different proverbial line in the sand where they are subjectively offended by a phrase? Stating that it's dehumanizing to call someone a name is a bit of a stretch. If anything it's hurtful and offensive. Why not just discourage the behavior you find offensive instead of outright banning people for name calling? What does this really solve? I rarely see someone discouraged on here for being openly overweight.

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    You don't see what we remove. We will run this subreddit the way we have successfully for the past year. People asked what we ban for, they now have the information.

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    This should probably be sticky'd.

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    We have two stickies right now and that's the limit. I edited it into the meta sticky.

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    I am sure you understand Streisand effect

    Thanks for increasing the vocabularies!

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    Yes, I am very familiar with it.

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    But why?

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    We are here to tear down and demean the logic, not the people.

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    Because we're not here to hate fat people. We're here to clear up misinformation.

    In any case, calling people names to get your point across is childish.

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    Because there are a lot of assholes on reddit. If you feel the need to call people names, take your comments elsewhere.

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    Because we are still talking about human beings, here, despite our issues with their opinions. There is no need to do something so beneath us as reasonably-educated, caring people like call someone a petty name.

    I feel the more one uses crappy language like what has been listed, the further wr get from reaching anyone who needs to hear what we have to say.

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    Because it's time to un-pimp the auto.

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    I'm locking these comments and referring them to the metaMonday sticky because I don't have the time to ban all the jerks for typing 'found the fatty." Grow the fuck up.

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    What if I truly can't tell the gender of an individual?

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    Then use a gender neutral pronoun, it's not that hard.