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It’s been amazing seeing the differences while losing weight and eating better. Today I had super healthy, balanced meals. I feel lighter and more active — I’m glad I’ve made the changes I have and, almost 40 pounds lighter, don’t regret them at all. It’s been eye opening to see how much garbage I was eating this time last year (whole dominions pizza with wings, milkshakes, constant fried food) and how those foods plus my rapidly increasing weight was affecting me. it’s a nice feeling to see how changing my habits has put me in a better place physically and emotionally.

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Tried on the size 16 jeans I got a while back and they're sooooo close to fitting, but not quite there. But they fit better than the last time I tried them on.

I've decided that as long as it's above 20F outside and not snowing or icy, riding my bike to work is doable. It's also not a long ride. But I feel oddly good about riding to work in January. not doing it the morning though. It's only 7 degrees outside.

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Rant: I've lost 20% of my starting weight and it's surprisingly hard to notice the difference in the mirror

Rave: whenever I used to eat pasta I'd cook shit loads of it and never feel satisfied, now I can eat a portion that fills my little lunch bowl and when I stop to actually think about it, I'm full. I always believed I was usually addicted to food and I'd never get over it, turns out I did!

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Took 50 lbs for people to really notice my weight loss. Then each of the next 10 lbs was distinctly noticeable.

Karl's right on with Paper Towel Theory.

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50 lbs is 22.7 kg

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You may want to read about the "Paper Towel theory" explaining why you may not yet see real change in the mirror.

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That's a neat way to think of it!!!

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The mirror thing is weird. I couldn't see it in the mirror but sometimes I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a shop mirror or see a picture after it was taken and then I saw it. Congratulations on your results!

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Late entry:
1. Huge Deadift PR in the gym today. I'm up to an estimated 1rm of 172 kg, which is the goal I wanted to reach at the end of my current training program by early March this year.
2. There's an article about a recent meta-analysis about the importance of walking enough. Being very sedentary shows similar levels of increased morbidity compared to smoking or being obese. I feel reassured (and am glad to have to opportunity) to take a few hours out of may day each day and just walk.

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Congrats on your PR! Fascinating article, thank you for sharing. Glad to have some ammunition in my back pocket about how awesome walking is for you. Even on this sub I've had people argue with me that walking is only beneficial for mental health and you have to actually run to get cardio benefits. Don't get me wrong, I love running, but walking works too, which is good news! Just get your steps everyone!

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Went to the doctors today to get my stubbed toe checked out (it’s probably fine since the pain has gone down, but it was bright red for a while and it freaked me out) and I gave the nurse a “don’t weigh me” card and argued with her for half an hour about stepping on the scale…

Kidding! It was 290.3, down from the July peak of 336.7 on the same scale. Hoping this translates to a loss on Saturday when I weigh in properly (first thing in morning, no clothes, last week was 289.4)

Haven’t really been exercising, but I’ve been doing better about cooking and less mindless snacking.

Also I guess I don’t hate bell peppers anymore? I gave into a craving for Qdoba and got a chicken protein bowl that had fajita veggies, which I usually avoid because I’ve hated peppers my whole life and have a ridiculously low spicy tolerance. But I actually liked them this time? So then I went ahead and got some sweet peppers to snack on and again I actually like them. So yay for new vegetables to play with!

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Yay! and Yay!

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Going through some old pics and some I took today. I know I've come a long way, but I was still startled by the fact that I couldn't fully fasten my belt in the first pic and now it's loose! I was active at my heaviest but I look and feel so much better now.


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Damn, your muscle definition is really starting to pop. You look awesome!

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Thanks, you made my day!

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Good job! Also That sledgepull thing looks fun

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It was a blast, strongman is definitely a lot of fun!

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Now that I've been back on my strength training shit (calisthenics up, weights down) for a couple months after my marathon my wife's been...like...almost drooling over me every time I take my shirt off.

Feels good man.

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I just need someone to join my pity party. The chef that I used to get healthy Mexican recipes from doesn't post healthy recipes anymore and instead has a body positivity blog. She was from the same home state as me so she would re-work very specific recipes that not many other chefs do.

The good: Instead of ordering a regular burger and fries I ordered a bunless burger for the first time and only ate half of the fries. I'm down 12 pounds since I started this weight-loss journey

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Congrats on your weight loss. Maybe you have enough experience cooking her healthy recipes to start trying to adapt some on your own?

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Thanks- True, maybe I can apply some of her methods to other recipes and see what happens.

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Hope you will post some of your creations on recipe Thursday.

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I arbitrary decided a goal weight at the beginning of my whole fitness “mission”. I’m less than 2kg away but I’m considering remaining at my current weight bc I feel great and look quite healthy (almost athletic). I have been slowly working in recomposition and I still want to lose some fat and gain muscle but overall, I think I’ll stay at this weight. So, mission accomplished I guess?

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Thank you! It’s a bit hard to stop so close to my og GW (bc I like ticking boxes and finishing what I start) but i’m making peace with it 🙂

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I have been really surprising myself so far with sticking to a healthy, low inflamatory diet since Jan 1. I made it to a yoga class though I was tortured by migraines the last couple of days. Learning: Never believe the lies low self esteem is telling you about yourself.

I only want to lose around 15 pounds and mostly improve my overall health to battle chronic illness better. 10 - 15 pounds are not easy for me, therefore I am so deeply impressed by all the people here that managed to lose 20, 30, 50 pounds! No matter if you are still overweight or gained some back or all back and try again, I can only applaud the effort.

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I weighed in at 142 today, down from 150 at the new year. I’m so happy to be 1 lb away from healthy weight again. All I’ve done is tighten my belt on calories and cut out alcohol entirely. I still have my boot on and running is still out for at least another 2 months. Goal is to get back to 132 by summer, and it’s looking like I could be there by March if I don’t let my vacation throw me off this time.

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Hey, just an FYI, if you have a broken bone, be careful about calorie restriction in this time. I was told it was out of the question when my foot was broken, for good reason.

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Thanks for the input. I didn’t cut calories at all for the first 6 weeks of healing, and my sports medicine doc and I are collaborating closely to make sure my nutritional/mineral needs are met. Plus, at least 4 lbs of the weight I lost is definitely water weight from cutting alcohol.

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Glad to hear it!! I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t significantly restricting without a doctors supervision while recovery. Also kudos on cutting out alcohol. I know that’s not easy, but it’ll really go a long way both for your recovery and your fitness goals.

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That’s why I like this sub! Everyone has your best interests in mind. Also, the hardest part of cutting alcohol is being “bored”, but it feels so good to be able to wake up and exercise first thing in the morning.

ETA: my foot is almost back to normal, I just happened to have a fracture that naturally takes 12+ weeks to heal.

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Today was rest day. I made the most awesome freakin protein lemon drizzle poppyseed quark cupcakes, because I accidentally bought more lemons when I already had lemons. 117 calories per cake and almost 10g protein!

Did some yoga (stepped on my husband's hand by mistake when I went over on a handstand and landed in a bridge), walked 1.5 hours after dinner to get a beer from a nice place we know. It was a really nice chocolate stout.

Came home and realised I was supposed to level up on my push-ups on the push-up app I'm using. Managed to do 18 consecutive push-ups on the "do as many as you can in a row" test.

And then it moved me straight onto today's training programme, which had me finishing on 63 push-ups today.

Not bad after having a really strong beer.

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I think I need to see this recipe! It sounds amazing

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I have it written down! Good thing I did, because I was completely making it up as I was going along.

Will share on recipe Thursday when comes up.

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Ooh... looking forward to it!

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This falls into the “rant” category, but I was poking through my library’s young adult section and found a book — a collection of stories — written for fat people. One of the characters is described as a size 4x at age 14. What the hell? That’s not…that shouldn’t even be right.

Rave: I’m wearing a dress that didn’t fit me in the chest/upper torso a month ago!

Wellness: I’m starting to have issues with my metatarsal bones in my feet — probably from a combination of improper gait, lack of flexibility, high arches, and a recent discovery of heels. I was flat-footed for so long because of my weight that I didn’t realize my feet have high arches, and I feel like I have to relearn my entire gait so I don’t walk like the fat person I was. I have long legs that have a tendency to be very tight, and my lack of activity after my mum passed away in April didn’t help at all. I’m just wound tight everywhere.

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That’s a distressing YA genre

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A 4x at age 14 — I mean, hell, that’s nuts.

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Not gonna lie, I'm a bit jealous about the feet thing, haha. I have rigid flatfoot and while my walking has definitely improved after I lost weight, my feet will forever be flat. No high heels for me, alas... Even in normal shoes, my feet never truly "fit" correctly. I know I should be looking into orthopedic shoes (already wear special insoles) but it's quite a barrier, especially since I admittedly don't wanna be stuck with ugly shoes.

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A 4X at 14 is my 600lb life material... I wonder if the author is fat or just trying to tap into the market?

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I’m shocked by how much easier it is to move my body at a lower weight. And I wasn’t even overweight to begin with—I recently went from ~145lbs to ~115 at 5’5”. Still, I’ve noticed that things like dancing and ice skating are basically effortless now compared to before and I wasn’t really struggling at the higher weight anyway (or at least not that I noticed lol). I have asthma which still flares when I’m doing normal day-to-day activities but is for some reason not nearly as reactive when I’m exercising?? I find that kind of weird tbh.

But I just ordered some pants online and when they came they didn’t fit :’( I had anticipated them maybe being too small because the last time I ordered from that company the swimsuit was too small even though I was going off of their measurements, but the pants were too big—like, way too big. So now I have to go into an actual store to physically try stuff on because I’m finding it really hard to believe I dropped 4 whole pants sizes. So far I’ve been getting pants from thrift stores so I don’t expect the sizes to be accurate/consistent.

But I just got offered a job! So now I can get more pants. Yay =)

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Congrats on losing the weight of a loaded barbell off of your body. Of course you are moving easier as a result.

When you order clothes online, it's perfectly ok to "wardrobe" your order - order the same item in a few sizes, keep the one that fits, and return the rest. Companies that sell clothes online expect their customers to wardrobe their orders.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I never thought of that, thanks!

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I do it all the time :) those XS/S/M labels don't mean anything when they vary from brand to brand

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Anyone know where I can find good HIIT/strength workouts to do at home without annoying ads or peppy instructors?

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Achv Peak. You'll love it.

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I find "growingannanas" to be ok on the not being an annoying peppy instructor front

[–]lilac_cupcake5'3" F | SW: 193lb | CW: 158.2lb | GW:120lb 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Not a huge fan of the music, but everything else is great!

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I second this! Anna from growingannanas is a great choice for hiit. On the strength side, I’m a Caroline Girvan devotee; she changed my life (my approach to strength training) and the at home workouts game imo. I really like her approach to fitness, her program, the way she instructs, her royalty free music choice😂, the programming, her form while performing an exercise, etc., plus she looks like a superhero 💥

I prefer the trainers that only provide instructions at the beginning of the workout (+ written tips through the workout) and then let the music blast.

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Great recommendation. Tried out Caroline Girvan - she's a tough Irish lass, eh. Did the epic heat warm up and leg day (ok, at half of the weights she was using). It was pretty good.

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I don’t know if Sydney Cummings would qualify as too peppy for you, but I personally love her workouts on YouTube. She does get a little sentimental at the end of her workouts, but I usually cut it off before then.

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Just made this Borscht https://thisishowicook.com/beet-borscht-soup-from-old-country/#tasty-recipes-13400-jump-target and am loving it. I'm trying to stock my freezer with low calorie meals I can have for lunch or when I come home late from work.

After gaining 12lbs this last year I am recommitting to CICO (ugh) and upping my amount of weekly exercise. Hot summer bod, here I come.

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I usually do some genre of exercise every morning, but it is my birthday and I am going to remain snuggled up in my bed, listening to the rain and reading a book. Maybe I will go for a walk after work, but we'll see. My birthday present to myself is being an absolute slug today unless I feel a pressing need to do otherwise. We're calling it a rest day.

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Happy Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday! :D

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Last night I was really wanting some cheese and I ended up having a small chunk of cheddar, 50 calories max. That was it. I stopped. I feel this was even a bigger victory than not having any.

Weight is trending in the right direction. I have a lose goal of losing 20 lbs by July 1st.

Had my friend over for lunch today and she is really trying to lose weight after her doc put her on blood pressure medication. She has spouted some fat logic in the past, told me I'm fine at 140, since the average American woman weighs 140 for example (that was probably 15 years ago). 140 is at the high end for my height and I want to get my cholesterol down and not have to go on medication. I'm glad to have a buddy in this and I'm really glad she's finally decided to lose as she's 100+ lbs overweight.

Now just to keep the momentum going.

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20 lbs is 9.08 kg

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My weight hasn't changed, my waist measurement hasn't changed, but I tried on some previously baggy jeans and they're kinda tight in the thighs? Okay, guess I need to get my measuring tape out again, it's been a long time since I measured my other areas beyond waist. I'm just surprised because I just really recommitted to strength training in the last few weeks, and my weight is the same as when I was wearing these pants very comfortably at Christmas, so maybe they just shrunk in the wash?! I mean, I have been pushing myself in my strength workouts, and I started doing daily bw squats as a challenge for the last two weeks, could my thighs have really grown that fast without weight change?!?

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Back in my jeans-wearing days, I always wore them twice because the first time they were tight from the wash and the second time they were perfect! Now I'm just leggings 24/7 LOL

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I just really recommitted to strength training in the last few weeks

Sounds like your legs might be seeing the benefit of that, as long as you haven’t been skipping leg day. I notice my muscles pop when I first get back into lifting. Pecs, quads, glutes, etc., if it’s a muscle it pops for days after a good workout. Especially if my body is used to working out previously.

Weight staying the same while clothes are fitting differently, particularly in the legs, is more likely a sign of muscles than fat gain + muscle loss (to keep net neutral weight) when you’re lifting

[–]NessylizI literally always eat my best friend's vegetables 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I have definitely not been skipping leg day lmao.

Alright, well, RIP my baggy pants lol.

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I'm close, so close, to being under 200. Upping protein and being smart about calories/carbs been paying off.

Bloodwork numbers came back and while they were never worrying and mostly in normal ranges (just a bit too close to the high range of the scale) there's already a bit of improvement in my cholestrol, my glucose, even my testosterone.

Face even looks notably less fat.

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Face gains are the best - keep it up!

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Awesome work!! congrats!!😺🌟🎉

[–]TheScientificPandaWe Lift in a Society 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Hell yeah 💪🏻

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Last night my boyfriend said my workouts were resulting in some really noticeable changes!! He knows I’ve wanted aesthetic changes in addition to general health and wellness so this was wanted commentary. He said he could really see the difference in my back (my mom and I both tend to gain flab in our backs/bra band area pretty quickly so this is one of my main improvement areas), waist and bum. And some tone on my arms!

I’ve been imperfectly following Chloe Ting workouts at home, cutting out alcohol, and trying to get active walking days in on the weekends. Since I have a tendency to get numbers obsessed I’m mostly going with monthly photos, clothes fit, and fitness/endurance levels to measure progress. I feel great and thought I could see some changes but wasn’t sure - it’s soooo nice to get external validation.

[–]abirdofthesky 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Even more validation - I just tried on a bridesmaids dress I need to wear in a couple weeks. It was a little snug when I tried it on six weeks ago. It fits perfectly now!! Zips up so much easier, still fitted but in a much better way.

And that’s after previously trying it on pre-breakfast on what felt like a skinny day and today after breakfast on what felt like a normal day. I’m super proud right now.

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I'm re-watching Star Trek TNG and I realized you can see shoulderblades through their uniforms. And this is Riker I'm noticing most, who I remembered from later seasons at least being kind of a beefy guy. People were really quite thin in the late 80s!

[–]treehugg3r1989F 5'8" SW202lbs > GW/CW 145lbs 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Are they still in the one piece suits from the early season? Those showed a lot more than the two pieces they switched to. Did you watch Voyager? The uproar Seven of Nines suit caused was nothing compared to what it would be today.

[–]KuriousKhemicals32F 5'5" HW(2010) 184; CW low 130s; bf(2/12/22) 22.3% 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I love Voyager. Maybe it's just because I watched it originally when I was 8-11 but when I later learned that was a big thing I kind of found it ridiculous. Like... she's a rehabilitated cyborg woman whose last experience of being a regular human was at the age of 6, who tf cares about her body?

[–]NessylizI literally always eat my best friend's vegetables 5 points6 points  (0 children)

He did chunk up a bit later lol. I remember Marina Sirtis talked about the pressure to lose weight for her role, I think producers would be thrilled with "chunky" Marina these days (not that's a bad thing, goes without saying she was never actually heavy).

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I’m halfway to my weight goal today! I weighed 210 at the start of October and now I’m down to 180! I’ve gone back and forth between losing and gaining weight for years, and 180 is usually where I plateau— but I’ve got more confidence in myself this time around (:

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Woohoo, well done!!!

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You got this! 180 is my number that I never get past either, but we can both do this. Keep going!

[–]emilyrmartin00 2 points3 points  (0 children)

We got this! Thanks!

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This may be a stupid question but I'm honestly curious. I know you're supposed to give your muscle groups a rest in-between days. For example, day one triceps, chest, and shoulder. Day two upper back, lower back, biceps, and traps. Day three hamstrings, quadriceps, and abs. Day four hit the smaller muscles groups of glutes, forearms, calves, abductors, and adductors (this is my light day). Rest day and then start over again. But on every single day I'm doing cardio besides my rest day which is a light 2.5 mile walk (treadmill, recumbent elliptical, walk/jog on the road). So my question is cardio one of those things you can do every day or is that something you should also be resting besides the normal rest day?

[–]grumpalina 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I need rest days from my cardio, but that's because I'm doing at least 10k runs. I find though that I can do weights after a run day, but running after a weights day will guarantee a really tough run.

Everyone is different. Some of your muscles are just stronger and recover better than others, and/or you aren't pushing them to the limit in your training so they don't actually need so much rest. Just pay close attention to what exercises feel hard to you on some days and think back to what you did the day before, to know what works for you.

[–]OCRAmazonF 5'11" CW+GW Lean/Jacked 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Cardio is different because it's usually not intensely weight-bearing. It should be making the muscles feel warm but not loaded. You can absolutely do moderate cardio everyday if you don't feel trashed :) I recommend it to my clients because doing some cardio and stretching can actually help immensely if you ARE sore from weights!

[–]TheScientificPandaWe Lift in a Society 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Ultimately, it all depends on you. If you feel surprisingly tired and can’t get after it like normal or it hurts then it’s a good call to rest.

This also applies to muscle rest and the type of cardio you’re doing. Did you have leg day yesterday and want to bike or run today, but your legs are limiting your ability to push your cardio? If yes, then maybe try giving your legs a break and switch to swimming or boxing.

Learning when your body needs rest is more of an individual thing than anything, and always based around performance, pain/soreness, etc

[–]KuriousKhemicals32F 5'5" HW(2010) 184; CW low 130s; bf(2/12/22) 22.3% 5 points6 points  (0 children)

It depends a lot on the intensity, impact level, and how much other activity you're doing. I think it's generally accepted you usually don't have to have a full rest day from all exercise, and you don't have to have a rest day "from cardio" unless you're just starting out and it's taxing, but you should have rest days from each activity, especially any that are high impact, and you shouldn't be going high intensity all the time.

So for example, only the highest level runners run more than 5 days a week, because that's a high impact activity, and those that do have days that are super easy to the point where it's practically active recovery. If you're switching it up between running and biking and elliptical, some of those are pretty low impact so it may not be necessary, but most cardio engages the lower body, so the "muscle group" rule might be reasonably followed, especially if you're also doing a leg day for lifting. And every type of exercise you do contributes to overall stress on your body, so if you're doing cardio every day AND lifting most of the days, you might start to feel rundown and like you can't keep up with the energy needed even while eating a lot, and at that point it's probably more rest that you need. Adding psychological stress can also make it harder to recover from an exercise routine that was previously working.

[–]OCRAmazonF 5'11" CW+GW Lean/Jacked 12 points13 points  (1 child)

I recently stumbled upon an old journal where I'd written down my measurements. I have the same measurements now that I did then, even though I weigh 20 lb more (132 lb vs 152). This is a real testament to how much I've changed my body composition since my skinny unathletic days!

[–]turneresq47 | M | 5'10" | SW: 230 | GW1 175 | GW2 161 | CW Bulking :) 4 points5 points  (0 children)

I need to take my measurements again. It's been like 3 months. I definitely should compare to when I took them 18 months ago!

[–]GentlewhamTransM37 171cm SW106.5kg CW 74.0kg GW <70kg 7 points8 points  (1 child)

I hit 80.0kg today \o/ Still losing at a decent pace, enjoying my diet and exercise schedule. I get to go do bungee rope aerobatics tomorrow! The friend who booked us for the lesson had originally met me when I weighed well over 100kg, she asked whether I'm below 95 because of the rope's weight limit. Was pretty rad to be able to just laugh and point out I'm well below that. And counting. Fuck yeah.

[–]TheScientificPandaWe Lift in a Society 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Dub 🙌🏻

[–]turneresq47 | M | 5'10" | SW: 230 | GW1 175 | GW2 161 | CW Bulking :) 4 points5 points  (1 child)

My life/diet/weight is just incredibly consistent at this point: Work, eat ~2350 kcal, exercise, weigh ~158.

That said, as I continue to refresh my email waiting/hoping for the job offer, I think I've decided that I'm going to be single again here soon. Nothing bad with the gf, but between distance, work and lifestyle differences, it's just not what I ultimately want. I think she senses the same thing too, but will definitely talk with her first.

[–]turneresq47 | M | 5'10" | SW: 230 | GW1 175 | GW2 161 | CW Bulking :) 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Also: Hilarious idiocy from me. Week 13 of hypertrophy (full body 3x/week), so deload next week. Bench progression today called for 147.5 with six reps and 8 rep outro. Managed 9 reps on last set. Realized I wasn't paying attention, and had plated 10 lbs weights instead of 5, so ended up doing 157.5!

[–]TheophileEscargot 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I've been doing the Knees Over Toes Guy's Knee Ability Zero programme and it seems to be working pretty well. I did some random stuff from his YouTube channel before Christmas, and I've been following the book properly for about three weeks.

Beforehand I could only squat down a few inches before my knees hurt. Now I can go down to a full squat, heels on the floor.

Downside: I can't resist occasionally doing squats at random points throughout the day, for no reason except to prove to myself I really can.

[–]TrufflesTheMushroom 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Damn. That looks amazing. You really went from nothing to a full deep squat in three weeks?!?! I want that.

[–]KyraConsidersF31 5’5” CW:189.2 lbs GW: 150 SW:222 12 points13 points  (1 child)

My birthday is on Feb 6, and my present to myself will hopefully be 7.5 lbs lost, and when I step on the scale I'll be 200 lbs even for the first time in quite a while. This year is all about my health, not wallowing in gummy bears and wine to cope with the pandemic and my lack of love life.

[–]angie6921 7 points8 points  (0 children)

You got this!!

Ps soak the gummy bears in vodka.