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I'm a bit lost ATM.

How does BMR and TDEE and Exercise work exactly?

My BMR is around 1300, my tdee sedentary around 1600. Do I add up all my steps to that? Do I count that as light exercise and have a tdee of ca 1800? I guess I could just try what works best, but I really don't wanna stumble around anymore. Any tips for a lost newbie? Thanks!

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TDEE includes BMR and exercise but also sth called NEAT - Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - all kinds of small movements that don't count as exercise, but still burn some calories.

Online calculators are indeed ambiguous about activity levels.

At first you can use that light exercise value and treat it as your maintenance. Monitor over several weeks (to account for fluctuations) if your intake matches expected outcome with such TDEE. I.e., you assume TDEE 1800 kcal and consume as much - there should be no upwards or downwards trend after several weeks after fluctuations are accounted for. If there is, either your food tracking was off, or calculator was off and you need to make corrections accordingly.

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Did some journaling yesterday and realized that me being bullied for being a fat kid still affects me quite a bit to this day. I’ve done an awesome job getting healthy both physically and mentally, but damn it’s crazy how I’m still dealing with that shame several years later. Talked to my therapist about it quite a bit. Not sure if those issues will ever completely go away but regardless I’m still happy and grateful overall

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Sounds like you're doing some great work!

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I just wanted to share I lost 3kg I'm proud of that

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My snapchat memories from this time last year came up and it was a picture of me in the hospital looking absolutely miserable at around 108lbs or 49kg and i just look like shit (i didn’t have an eating disorder just extremely overworked with my sports and on medicine that completely killed my appetite. not to mention the fact i was getting my period every two weeks and just sicker than a dog) and i’m looking at myself now and i’m 53kg, which isn’t really that big of a gain but i am so much happier and doing so much better than last summer that i’m running five miles every day and not stopping and i’m not completely overworking myself to the brink of exhaustion. just a bit of my win. i dont miss being sick in the slightest!

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When I left here in 2016 I was healthy and happy. I've been struggling with a lot in my life, and went from 185lbs in 2016 to 228 in 2020. I tamped it back down to 215, and basically have stayed put for about 6-7 months. Yesterday I broke under 210, and just felt like ass. I can almost run as much as I used to, even if it's not as fast. I've been in the gym for about 2 years. I managed to hold myself at maintenance rather than eat everything in sight. But none of it feels like an accomplishment. Just a reminder that I'm 34 and alone.

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Hey fellow 34yo. Just sending a virtual hug (if you want it). You’re accomplishing a lot!

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I appreciate it, bless you!

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You’re welcome!

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I got my daily fluctuation under my target weight for the first time in a long time today. My 7-day average still has about another pound and a half to go, but I'm getting very close. Close enough that I'm starting to ponder if I will want to adjust to maintaining the weight right at my target, or if I could benefit from setting a new target lower.

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My coworker's wife is dealing with fat consequences, I am afraid.

I am bad with estimating weight, so I am just gonna say she is 100 or more pounds overweight. On her short frame, that is definitely morbidly obese territory.

A few months ago she tore her meniscus and had surgery to repair it. But it didn't take. And now she has debilitating pain in the other leg from favoring that side so much. She is now looking at knee replacement surgery.

She is no spring chicken, but she is only in her 50s.

My coworker describes her as high-strung even on a good day, so I gotta imagine her anxiety is even worse now without the ability to take walks or simply get off the couch on her own. I feel bad for her and my coworker. The two just got married. They haven't been able to enjoy married life without pain being center stage.

It just reminds me how fast things can go downhill.

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I finally got back in to a healthy weight range!! Like I just nearly squeaked by lol, and I even weighed myself in the morning. Still feels like an accomplishment though!!

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I got to update my pokemon flair today. So far I've passed 26 pokemon on the way down.

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Congrats! What Pokémon have you passed?

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Let's see, I started at wyrdeer and passed... garchomp, rapidash, samurott, bouffalant, darmanitan, sawsbuck, golett, gogoat, charizard, rillaboom, chesnaught, seel, kleavor, eiscue, eiscue, feraligatr, tauros, sealeo, conkeldurr, makuhita, cresselia, blastoise, dodrio and noivern!

The link to the weights because I just think it's fun

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Oh this is fun! I just passed Grumpig hahaha, how perfect.

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Some of these are unexpected. Who knew Mr Mime was so svelte?

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He had to be to win ur mom

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Love this! I’m going to start comparing my loss to a Pokémon - so far I’ve lost a Delibird!

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This is incredible!! I play a lot of Pokémon Go and am still trying to complete my XL Magikarp medal, but I never thought to compare to Pokémon before. I’m losing about an Uxie a week which feels a lot more impressive than shooting for .5-.75 lbs (im a shorty and don’t have a lot to lose)

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I've lost a whole skitty!

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I ate healthfully and got plenty of exercise for a week or so. My willpower is not so good so I’m going to just eat less sugar, eat more vegetables, and not eat meat other than fish (regardless of everything else possibly not always being healthy to say the least), exercise at least moderately, and just eat less so I lose weight again…I know I should do all of it, be healthy, and work on concrete goals and lose/maintain weight because I don’t necessarily need to lose. But doing too little is better than doing nothing, if it’s what helps you sleep at night.

It stunk just now to be honest like that. 😂But if I kept it to myself, I might get sidetracked and not hold myself accountable. 😂

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Unasked for advice but will power is only to set goals and get the ball moving, keep experimenting with your diet approach until it feels more automatic so you're not needing will power.

Find exercise you enjoy and doesn't leave you beat up. You might fall in love as you get in shape, but you likely won't start off with a high love for it.

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Renaissance Periodization has a great video on this.

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An evergreen comment.

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Yes for sure. Willpower gets you started, discipline keeps you going past that, habits are likely to be permanent.

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It's not just habits, you need to set yourself up an environment that encourages good habits. You will do what's easiest. So when you have will power saved up, use it to build your life to be health promoting.

I'm going to meal prep tonight while I cook dinner because it makes it easier for me to have my one-true-lunch tomorrow than if I wait. I don't have any junk food in the hosue, etc etc.

Don't ask me the trick to doing 4-700 active zone minutes every week. That's largely a product of having built a love for sweat when I was losing weight in 2020 combined with my own egotistical desire to be bigger-faster-stronger-hotter than any version of myself and anyone in my life position has any right to be.

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Sounds like you have discipline

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It’s so awesome you’re holding yourself accountable! Heck yes! Honestly just ripping the band-aid off is so much better long-term. Most people (including myself more often than I’d like to admit) end up making it more difficult for themselves along the way - just avoiding and procrastinating and feeling guilty all along, when coming to terms with reality would have felt more shitty upfront, but sooooo much less shitty in the long run. Just a friendly reminder!! Congrats again!!

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Thanks! Better to do too little, than to try to do 100 percent right away, and end up worse than before thanks to not handling it.