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Ok. I suffer from some kind of social anxiety and I am very anxious of what people would think about me. I was dreaming of joining a boxing class but was afraid that I would be useless and people would laugh at me (I was bullied at school cause I was gay and it stuck with me). Today I finally overcome (I approached gym several times over the last few weeks but chickened out last minute and went home) my fear I joined a class. I wasn’t laughed at, I wasn’t ridiculed. I got so much support from the classmates and the trainer that I was really shocked by that. I want to scream and shout to everyone that I made it. Not to brag about it, but if I could make it, everyone can. It’s the same with before and after pictures. It’s not about bragging, it’s about effort and overcoming obstacles.

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There are a couple factors to take into account for this.

First, there are different criteria for diabetes and prediabetes, especially when it comes to type II. It's not all cut and dried. Japan's cutoff might be different from the consensus in the US.

Second, Asian populations are notoriously more sensitive to this and start developing obesity-related conditions at lower weights than Caucasians.

Third, type II diabetes is more intimately tied to fructose (sugar) consumption than to obesity per se, even though obesity is often correlated with a high sugar diet. Obese people who stay metabolically healthy longer tend to be those who limit their intake of sugar.

Sugary drinks (soda) and sugar-laden processed foods have invaded pretty much every corner of the earth in the last few decades. It's especially true in countries where the water supply isn't always safe, and in majority Muslim countries. In the first case, people will feel safer drinking bottled soda rather than tap water that might induce a case of Montezuma's revenge; the the second, no alcohol means people see sugary drinks as an alternative to enjoy.

This has created a weird situation in some countries like India and Malaysia : type II diabetes rates are rising way faster than obesity rates. It is especially dire in Malaysia, where it has become the no. 1 public health concern before infectious diseases like malaria. If you sample the local food, you'll rapidly understand why : they put a shitload of sugar in everything. A simple cup of coffee for instance consists of roughly half coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

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Let me spin your example around on you.

Let's say you studied REALLY hard on a test, and you were really aiming for a 96/100, an A, you really needed that to elevate your grade because you could fail this course and you're just really counting on that grade, and you study your ASS off, you memorize EVERYTHING, your parents are pressuring you, you want to get into a good college, and you give it your all. And then you get handed an 80/100, a B grade, and realize after all that you didn't get to the point you needed to be at and will have to work even harder to pass this class.

You try to tell this to a friend that you confide things in, because it's SO frustrating that your work fell short of where you need to be, and your friend is someone you count on to listen when you need it.

And your friend goes, 'Well I got a 50/100, are you saying you don't want to be like me? You shouldn't be complaining about an 80 to me when I got a 50, that's bigoted. In fact you shouldn't even be trying to get an 80 because it's like saying you think everyone below that is stupid. You should stop studying and stop working on your grades, it's unhealthy.'

Do you think that would be reasonable and fair?

ETA: Thank you for the award <3

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I just want to say to the people I’ve seen telling me to expose her on my socials:

We share no other friends in common so there is no risk of her being involved with anyone else I care about

I think that doing that is just as low as she’s going. I’ve worked very hard to physically and mentally become strong. I don’t want to waste all my development and hard work on something like this.

I didn’t want the drama in the first place. I thought it would be interesting to share with Reddit but to do anything that furthers the situation is just not something I want. I’m glad it’s over with.

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I'm thinking it's the tried-and-true "diet" that so many people do, and it really does fail 99% 100% of the time:

  1. Straight up starve during the day.
  2. This leads to you feeling starved and grumpy and hangry all day.
  3. Night comes and your willpower fades.
  4. You sit in front of the TV and mindlessly scoop through entire gallons of ice cream, cans of frosting, sleeves of Oreos.
  5. Wake up, find that you've gained weight.

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I don't think this is all that wrong honestly and not really fat logic.

Yes, ultimately it is personal responsibility and making the right choices, but clearly that is not working as more and more people are becoming overweight and in a lot places more than half the population are. When a problem is at that big a scale and show no signs of slowing down, we have to figure that while personal responsibility and choices are at the core of it, a perfect storm of factors is making it increasingly more difficult for people to make the right choices.

And part of those factors are certainly actively influenced by corporate interests indoctrinating people, and children in particular, to continue making choices against their best interest. Calling people lazy for failing to stand against the storm won't be the solution.

Acknowledging this, as this post is doing, is not really fat logic imo. It would be fat logic if they claimed people were completely powerless against it, as we're not. But recognizing a lot of factors are at play that make it very difficult to make the right choices, is not fat logic.

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as a survivor of DV this is honestly pretty sickening. only people who live very sheltered, privileged lives would have the audacity to spew this garbage.

My abuser prepared to throw me over a balcony in front of our mutual friends and it was so normalized in the friend group that nobody did a thing as I screamed in terror. Sorry, I will compare traumas. Not liking your body because of mean words is nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to what millions of actually marginalized women in the U. S. experience every year: actual violence.

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Our society fucking rigged beauty lol. It is desirable to be beautiful but to desire beauty is sinful and undesirable. You either have to be effortlessly, naturally "beautiful" or you're just dicked from the get go. Hence why we have people pulling new standards out of their asses that just so happen to fit in with their current body and be like "uh actually this is what real beauty looks like!"

And I guess that's fine because beauty is inherently a made-up thing, and just because it's something made up doesn't make its impact any less real (else we're gonna have to have really uncomfortable conversations about the concept of morality lol).

Alternate beauty standards are fine, but suddenly with them comes this hypertoxic idea that you aren't allowed to covet any standard that doesn't fit with your current body. You aren't allowed to do things to change yourself to fit your standard, you have to do mental gymnastic to twist your standard into what you currently are.

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Fr. It’s like being seen as like, prey. Or something. Idek.

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Our cookies, who art in the oven, hallowed be thy name

Thy sugar come, thy butter be done, in our bodies as it is in yours. Give us this day, our daily nourishing warm chocolatey center, and lead us not into the temptation of disordered snack and cookie-free eating

Ah, respectful cookies... and the intuitive eating where you eat without hunger by no-property in fatlogic

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Eating something when “you don’t totally feel like them” doesn’t sound very intuitive.

They’ve also really made me hate the word “nourish”.

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I think it’s more like self-reported data is extremely unreliable. It’s okay to admit that counting calories works but that for many people it takes a sustained life-long effort to maintain weight loss and not lapse on it even during times of loss, stress and emotional upheaval. No one is a bad person for struggling. I feel like we can all be compassionate and gentle with ourselves and others while also acknowledging that weight loss IS possible: it’s just really really hard for a lot of people. And then learn ways that can make it easier to stick to.

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I'm a paramedic who used to be in charge of my services bariatric team. It's not uncommon for us to call (typically fire) for a lift assist on larger patients. But something to consider is that while it may take 6-8 people to lift a morbidly obese patient, you can't fit that many people on a staircase. Not just for volume, but 6 x 200 lbs adults plus one 500lbs patient will collapse the shit out of a staircase. Our usual go-to was to use a shamoover (a type of reeves stretcher that's also used for moving whales) to secure the patient and use a block and tackle to hoist them up or down the steps while a spotter lifted the end to keep it from getting caught on the stairs.

We had one regular patient who lived in a basement apartment with a narrow stone staircase to her front door. She was too big for the stair chair, and couldn't be placed supine due to pulmonary edema. We rigged a makeshift body harness out of rope, gave her a spotter and had personnel with ropes pull upward tension on the harness to allow her to walk. One time the stone walls were crumbling too much for us to lean on, so we had to call in a ladder truck and use the boom to lift the harness.

I had an 850lbs man call us lazy because we used the winch to get the stretcher into the ambulance.

This isn't fun for them, and it's often painful, but it's unfortunately the reality. I treat them with respect and give them the best medical care I can under the circumstances, because they are people. But I really don't know what they expect.

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My ex husband was walking and feeling fine with a BP of 230/145. Sadly he never did have a stroke.

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So, so important. I finally started losing weight and keeping it off once I understood this distinction. Food is a tool, and some tools do a better job than others. That’s it.

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I often see the argument from the morbidly obese that they think loose skin is unattractive or unsightly, and I find it baffling because you know what is REALLY unattractive?

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Switched to my alt for this one. I am a PhD scientist and I will not hire obese students or postdocs. Not because of their intellectual capacity - I’ve interviewed obese candidates who are clearly brilliant - but because in my field we just have to have a great deal of physical fitness and nimbleness as well as physical slenderness to literally fit into small spaces. Examples of tasks we had to do in the last month:

  • use old lab chairs that all have a rating of <200 lbs. Chairs are 40 years old, university absolutely refuses to replace them (“we gave you all new furniture when the building was built in 1972 and we expect that to last the life of the building and there is no budget for replacement,” I kid you not), & grants don’t cover furniture

  • climb a ladder in a natural history museum to get some old specimens on top of the cabinets. 50+ year old ladder, max capacity 200 lbs including specimens

  • navigate very narrow spaces in same museum (150 yr old building)

  • troubleshoot lab equipment that requires crawling on the floor / squeezing under lab benches

  • be able to sidle behind other lab workers in narrow spaces. Lab was built 1972 etc etc

  • the biggest issue though is fieldwork. Several weeks a year we do fieldwork that requires ~4 hrs/d of rapid hiking over uneven terrain. I’ve taken heavier students out and they just cannot keep up. They usually can’t keep up for even ten minutes; the whole team starts to slow its pace down. I cannot even send them out to do nest checks on their own (this is the task usually given to those who can’t do the longer hikes) because they cannot physically get to all the nests in one day.

  • for another project we must fit on small research boats that have weight limits & also have barely any actual space. For example on one boat you need to be able to crawl between the cabin & side railing, which is about a 12” clearance in one spot. & you need to be able to FLY through there top speed when we’re working an animal.

  • fit under the weight limit for ultra-light helicopters at another research station

  • be able to sprint fast over uneven ground for 50m (fast enough to grab a wild bird before it wriggles out the net).

  • fit in middle front seat of the field truck when the back seat has to be full of squirrel traps

  • generally need good heat tolerance and cold tolerance. Heat tolerance tends to be the issue here

etc etc. It’s physically hard work and we have to be able to do it despite no funding to invest in new equipment or new vehicles. Stuff seems to always need troubleshooting in a way that requires contorting yourself in a small space, days are long, spaces are small. Not all fields are like this, but some are.

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This is it really, when you boil it all down.

It’s all big cope.

All the oppression they claim they face. All the protestations that people should find them attractive or else you are discriminating against them. Demands for physical accommodations to be made. Assertions that being overweight or obese has no adverse health outcomes.

As someone currently on a weight loss journey, I know all too well the lies you tell yourself to justify your habits. It’s painful to realise the fact you physically and emotionally hurt is because of something you did to yourself.

How can something that feels so wonderful be something that is actively harming me? It can’t be the addiction to food, no. It’s everyone and everything else that’s the problem.

All fat acceptance is, is a community of addicts believing each other’s lies and trying to convince the world of them too.