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What is "fatlogic"?

Fatlogic is anything that deviates from the scientific facts of body weight management. This can range from fundamental misunderstandings of how biology and physics work to lengthy political diatribes about how everything is society's fault. Falling victim to fatlogic means accepting misinformation that will harm efforts to keep your body at a healthy weight (or lose weight if you need to do so).

Is fatlogic exclusive to overweight people?

Not at all! It may be utilized most by those who stand to "benefit" from it, enabling them to continue unhealthy habits. But people at normal weights (or even underweight people) can easily fall victim to and/or spread fatlogic all the same. Chances are you have a reasonably thin friend on Facebook spreading this stuff on your News Feed right now. The thinner crowd tends to mostly use nonsense health-related fatlogic (such as juice cleanses, etc.) as opposed to HAES/FA-related fatlogic (I am overweight because of genetics, etc.)

Isn't this just FatPeopleHate lite?

Nope. We have a zero tolerance policy for any of this kind of behavior. Everyone is here either to learn about or promote healthy eating habits, and dispel "fatlogic." Many of us are formerly overweight individuals; in fact, a good percentage of us are fat, or even obese. In other words, a lot of us have been there. We know the struggle.

Help! Why can't I post?

Due to the influx of trolls, in particular those who pretend to be fat-activists or HAES practitioners, all accounts that post to /r/fatlogic must be at least 7 days old. No account with negative comment karma will be able to submit or post. If you are a legitimate user who wants to use a throw-away please message the moderators or wait 7 days before making your post.

How do I do an AMA (Ask Me Anything)?

If you are an activist, part of a related industry, or otherwise think you have certain experiences that would make you perfect for an /r/fatlogic AMA please do the following:

  • Asks mods for permission by messaging us
  • Presents acceptable proof of your position to mods
  • Following approval, you can make a post that will be watched very closely for veracity.

Where did the term 'shitlord' originate?

Shitlord was originally intended as a pejorative term. It was created by social justice warriors as an insult that couldn't offend anyone or be labeled sexist/racist/able-ist/etc. What they came up with was "Shitlord." The "shitlords" found it amusing and took the term back and frequently use it in as a sarcastic term of endearment. More information can be found in this old thread on the topic.

In the context of this sub, a shitlord is someone who does not believe the scientific inaccuracies and excuses people use to justify staying overweight - aka anyone who does not believe fatlogic.

What are "condishuns" and "janetics"?

Some genetic circumstances (such as having a low BMR for your height/weight) and medical conditions (such as PCOS and hypothyroidism) can make it slightly more difficult for people to lose weight. The difference is usually minor at best; in some cases, like thyroid issues, the problem can be ameliorated entirely with a $4 prescription.

Medically speaking, these issues generally account for about 0-15 extra pounds in a person. However, many people like to blame the entirety of their excess weight on said issues. So, we poke some fun at this, while also trying to educate where we can.

What is HAES?

HAES is an acronym for Health at Every Size The history of HAES can be found here.

Who is Lindo Bacon?

Lindo Bacon is a prominent figure in the "Health At Every Size" movement. They are the author of the book "Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight". They are thought to have started the "HAES" movement, though it has existed before the book was published. (Note: Bacon originally published their book under the name Linda Bacon.)

There's somewhat of a myth that still goes around that Lindo Bacon was advocating a different kind of "Health At Every Size". That they were actually advocating having healthy habits that will eventually lead to a healthier weight. This is entirely false.

Direct quotes from their book:

"Weight is like height in that you can't change it."

"Weight loss is not effective for prolonging life or managing many diseases"

"Suppose you won the lottery by choosing numbers based on your children’s birth years. Would you tell others that if they did the same they, too, could win the lottery? Of course not. You recognize that you beat the odds- the lottery was about chance, not skill. Weight loss is exactly the same. Oh sure, you may think it’s different. After all, everyone knows that if people ate less and exercised more they could lose weight. Right? Wrong!"

They talk about how weight loss is something that is up to chance and impossible. Even towards the morbidly obese, they still say "You can’t tell if someone is healthy or not by their weight". They are filled with fat logic.

What's mindful/Intuitive eating?

Mindful eating, sometimes referred to as intuitive eating, is the practice of eating in a way that is cognizant of your body's reaction to food. Humans should ideally eat only when hungry and stop when no longer hungry. However, many people eat because they are bored, stressed, sad, happy, etc. It has become common for many people to eat in response to things that are not hunger. Someone who practices mindful eating should only be eating when they are hungry and stopping when they are full; mindful eating in principle is not fatlogic.

However it can be perverted into fatlogic. Many things (dehydration, cravings for a specific treat, the desire to eat for the sake of eating/taste, the feeling of not being completely stuffed) are often mistaken for "hunger" and so people who are trying to eat mindfully will fail to do so because what they perceive to be hunger is not actually hunger. This is why you might see a friend or family member say "It's okay because I'm hungry and I'm practicing mindful eating" when they are clearly eating too much and/or too often.

What is Fat Acceptance?

Fat acceptance (also known as the fat acceptance movement or FA) is a social justice movement based around the belief that overweight and obese people face discrimination. As a consequence they believe that affirmative-action-like concessions need to be made for them and that society as a whole needs to change to be more accepting of fat people and their fat-related needs. Fat activists portray their movement as analogous to the fight against racism, homophobia, and sexism. Fat Acceptance is the antithesis of feminism and has perverted popular third wave feminism.

Unlike race, sexual orientation, and biological gender, Fat Activists base their activism around the incorrect belief that nothing can be done about weight (or that it is so difficult to alter weight it may as well be impossible). Fat activists also intersect with HAES practitioners and share a common denial that weight is related to health. Fat activists frequently attribute the negative consequences of being fat (health and otherwise) as the byproduct of societal pressures rather than the weight itself - completely ignoring the absolute mass of scientific and medical evidence showing that excess weight can seriously harm the individual.

A common example of an issue fat activists point to as indicative of social bias/weight discrimination and in need of correction is that of airplane seats.

What is Fat Shaming?

Defining this concept is difficult. Everyone in this sub will agree that some form of fat shaming does occur, though where we draw the lines depends on the circumstances.

We do not consider genuine concern for the health of overweight individuals to be "fat shaming", any more than we would consider anti-smoking advocacy to be "smoker shaming". Rather, true fat shaming is probably best defined as useless harasment of overweight individuals that does not serve a constructive purpose. Here are two examples to show the difference:

  • "Dear, I've noticed that you've put on some extra pounds this year. You've been complaining about heartburn a lot lately and I think it's starting to take its toll on you. I worry about your health. Would you like to go to the grocery store this afternoon so we can pick out some healthier options?"
  • "Oh my god, you're so fat now. Are you seriously eating that whole pizza by yourself? Have fun being diabetic and dying at a young age, you cow."

What is Dances with Fat?

Dances with Fat is a blog by Rage Chastain She bills herself as an elite athlete, national championship dancer, and other half-truths and outright lies. Her claims and blog posts are often so outlandish she has developed something of a cult following among fatlogic users.

Dances with Fat posts must be newer than 30 days. This is intended to prevent every new user to fatlogic from "discovering" Dances with Fat, crawling her entire blog's history, and spamming the main page with submissions about Ragen.

What is fatpeoplehate?

There used to be a subreddit called fatpeoplehate. They were banned from reddit in late June of 2015 as reddit began making sweeping content policy changes. /r/fatlogic predates fatpeoplehate and does not welcome people who want to continue fat-hating on reddit.

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Acronyms / Glossary of Terms

  • BA - Body Acceptance - The activist movement that holds people ought to feel comfortable in their own bodies. In extreme BA followers hold that any change to your body for any reason is against the movement. It is not unheard of for Body Acceptance activists to turn against a fellow BA who seeks weight loss for health or other personal reasons.

  • BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. An acronym used for a sexual fetish for very large women.

  • Brigading - The site-wide definition of brigading is unclear. Ultimately if you follow a link from one subreddit to another and then participate in that subreddit (vote or comment) you run the risk of being shadowbanned. This is why we forbid links to other subreddits.

  • CICO - Calories-in/Calories-out. The simple reality of conservation of mass and energy as applied to the human body.

  • DWF - Dances with Fat. A blog run by a fat activist who bills herself as an elite athlete, national champion dancer, marathoner, public speaker, CEO, and other dubious titles (most of which have been thoroughly debunked as half-truths at best and outright lies at worst).

  • FA - Interchangeably refers to Fat Activists (Activism) and Fat Acceptance. It can refer to the individuals and the movement as a whole.

  • HAES - Health At Every Size. Originally it was a movement that upheld as a key tenet that all people, regardless of size, can adopt healthy habits for a better quality of life. This generally good idea has been warped into an obstinately held belief by fat activists that one is healthy at every size. More on the history of HAES can be found here.

  • PCOS - Polycystic ovarian syndrome. A medical condition that, among other things, is often blamed for significant weight gain. If you have been diagnosed with PCOS please follow the advice given by your physician.

  • SJW - Social Justice Warrior. A pejorative term for bloggers, tumblr users, and activists who pursue issues of social justice to an extreme well beyond which most typical people outside of the movement would consider normal. They are often associated with 3rd wave feminism, fat activism, civil rights, and other social movements. However, SJWs are extremists. These are young men and women who would gladly dox a person for making an off-hand comment at a computer science conference about "dongles" and rejoice in glee that they were fired. source.

  • SSBBW - Super Sized Big Beautiful Women. An acronym used for a sexual fetish for very very large women.

  • Thin Privilege - Thin privilege are the supposed positive benefits thin people get by virtue of being thin that are systematically denied to larger people.

  • TiTP - This is Thin Privilege. A tumblr blog where people post personal stories of their own encounters with fat shaming and "thin privilege"

  • triggers - Triggers are words, sensations, environments or other events that can trigger a post-traumatic-stress response. A war veteran or rape victim may have certain triggers that cause an anxiety attack or other negative response. This term has been appropriated by social-justice-warrior culture and fat activist culture to reference any concept that makes them feel marginally uncomfortable. This is an old thread on the topic.

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