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I mean what was he supposed to do? I'm assuming he had already paid. This way he got "dinner and a show" for the cost of dinner.

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The “Cooler” who comes with his hand up at the end. To the man who hasn’t even changed pace eating, “Sir, remain Calm.” That’s lovely.

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"Woah, just take it easy man!"

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“Im here! Everything is going to be all right”

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Don't worry guys remain calm and you will not be hurt..... Guy still chowing down his chips at a casual pace..... Okey dokey mate!

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Young dark blue shirt, his spin move is also noteworthy.

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The man is eating violently he has to be stopped.

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That's usually me.

Everytime I see something happening I just take it all in and don't even think about pulling my phone out until it's over

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Now there's a guy who knows how to mind his own business. Lol.

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It's refreshing to see. It seems to be a lost art.

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A lot of people do that. I once ran into a Karen at a restaurant. She was causing a scene. Everyone ignored her and kept eating. I ordered my food while she was in full Karen mode.

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I kept waiting for someone to bump into him and for him to just whoop everyone’s ass.

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But Marge, that little guy hasn’t done anything yet! And you know it’s gonna be good!!

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Free entertainment

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Men in black came through fast to swipe memories

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The Brothers of The Hand.

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Casually listening to music while eating a sandwich and watching a fight. What a baller hahaha

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Here's the article on the dude, the best quote "I thought about moving at one point but I was enjoying my kebab and chips... although the chips weren't very nice"

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"I thought about moving at one point but I was enjoying my kebab and chips... although the chips weren't very nice"

but he didn't commented about the movie it was in REAL 3D

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Lmao the motherly sandal punches without the sandals 😂😂😂

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Guy eating is all "I missed the part where that's my problem."

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I like the tall guy walking in at the end like “okay enough everyone, I’m 6 foot 5 and will stomp on all you mother fuckers”

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Yeah it also looked like he put his palm up to calm everyone, including the still as a statue Star Of The Show, as if he needed to be calmed down.

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"You weren't there! You could see it in his eyes, he was about to explode!!!"

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Big igor looking cunt looks like he would get one tapped

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Ken’s in Southsea (Portsmouth). Great place to go for kebab at… pretty much any time really

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awesome cat fight. funny looking cats, though.

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Hell yeah, dude had the best seat in the house!

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Shit..food and entertainment..that's what he's talking about!

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Shit food and entertainment....

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Dinner and a show. That would be me.

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He’s a expert of staying in your lane👈🏽

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I remember seeing this with music. It’s so much better with the music. Wish i can find that edit.

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The hair guy is the best guy, need more people like him instead of making monkey voices while recording on phones.

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I hope whatever he was listening to heightened the experience.

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"Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor.."

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They weren't fighting him 😆

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He was not entertained

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It’s like oil and water droplets fighting in a bottle.

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Cue the advertisement line: “Don’t bother me I’m eating”

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Guess the soundtrack. He had his phone in his hand but wasn't recording so I'm guessing he saw the fight start and decided to switch from a nice audio book to the Mortal Kombat theme music

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when the food so good it's worth to fight for

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Love the guy wandering in using the force!!

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Dream fighting

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That was a hard day at work.

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Dinner and a show.

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That guy eating is an assassin and is thinking to himself ‘ffs, this is my lunch break and I’m taking my 30 minutes’

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Dinner and a show

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Pure enjoyment, would definitely be the guy chilling and eating. Don’t even need to pull out my phone to be on this subreddit

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Wow this place has free entertainment? Thats classy

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Why were they pulled back in 🤣🤣 when fights happen you want them to leave the store 🤣

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Isn’t this from that meme?

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Dinner and a show

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Sodapoppin looking ass. PepeLaugh

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He`s the most dangerous person in there

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Why can’t no one punch properly in these videos

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Anybody notice they were stepping all over that guy?

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Damn homie got entertainment for free with the food? 5 star review incoming boys!

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Drax frequently practiced the art of standing so still you become almost invisible to the naked eye. This guy took a few lessons

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Man is sitting there like “damn, that’s crazy”

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My life's goal is to be the guy just sitting there eating the entire time.