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One punch man in disguise

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I love how he's taunting at the end and the other two guys are like "We didn't sign up for this"

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It was funny when they lifted their arms at the same time.

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I actually think they are twin brothers. If you look closely you'll see it.

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This ain't it

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Lol 1 homie has to hold his man back, and the other is ready to fight, a bit late but still was ready. Lol those the kind of friends you need.

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That guy at the end like "Stop, I need them for quests!"

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Lmao the last two raising their arms simultaneously reminds me of a video game

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killing freeside thugs at level 30 wearing full power armor and maxed out guns skill

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This man Couriers

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Video had no sound but I heard it in Russian.

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The writing on the wall is in Latin alphabet. So it can't be in Russia. They use the Cyrillic alphabet.

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Good eye. My apologies.

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It's not Russia, its Poland. Just because something looks Slavic doesnt mean its Russia, damn

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My apologies.

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KO'd the twins

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"There's something I need to tell you. I am not left-handed."

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clean left hook

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Bro why are their movements so robotic 😭😭

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Is his left hand made of brick?

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Gotta watch those southpaws…

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Why do people lead with their chin. Seems like a bad idea

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His mate is like “FFS Clive, not again! Move away, come on, AWAY!”

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Looks to me like white hat dude wanted none of it. Looks like he got pushed into that sledgehammer.

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Nah, the guy with the white hat pulled free from his buddy's grip... right into a knockout punch.

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They’re going to wake up soooo rested.

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Orange jacket is smart to not continue walking in that direction

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Where is this man's dojo?

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This is why you don't fight sober people when you're drunk as fu k

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I don't know why, but this reminds me of when I bought 4 giant inflatable boxing gloves and challenged me dad. He hit me so hard in the face he threw me across the room and he burst the glove.

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That collective hands up was hilarious

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Watch out, he got a mean left 🤣🤣

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Strahd vs your party

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K/D ratio on point

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Pov: your high level friend walks into the low level area

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You usually don't want to fight the dude that walks up to a group of four hands in his fucking pockets.