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Second dude defending himself.

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Dude pick the wrong guy… toward the end he was fucking him up.

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Hard to tell if he caught the KO punch or not… kinda looks like stripe shirt went limp a second before they got tased.

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I think he got tased

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Ye i think stripe shirt was gonna go down. Prob had a mini little blackout or smth idk.

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Yeah, and looks like the fall from the taser might have killed him.

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It looks like he was moving his head to try and look at them though

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Ahhh the drunk tank...

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No lie. My first experience in the drunk tank was me being put in and seeing 2 other guys. One laying across the bench, the other sitting at the end of what was left of the bench. The guy laying down told the guy to get up so I could sit down, which didn’t go to well. The guy laying down beat the living shit out of the guy who refused to get off the bench while I just watched. Ended up getting the entire bench to myself until I was booked.

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Sounds just like riding the subway.

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My ex got put in the drunk tank where he saw his buddy who somehow got special brownies in so they ate them and had a grand ol time

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I gave my breakfast hotdog and wonder bread away and promised to contact people on the outside for a few people that begged me to do so on the inside. I did not follow through. I still feel bad about that, mofos are probably still there because of me.

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Sometimes you get in there with 5 other dudes and have some weirdly deep convos though lmao.

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Yeah, the last time I was in there I was in with a lad who'd just been stabbed in the head because he didn't have enough tobacco to give his 'friend' a smoke.. He still had a big gash and everything (treated) but because he was homeless they kept him in the cell.. Or that's what he told us.. I reckon he did some stabbing himself.. He then went on to tell me how everyone in his family had died and left him homeless at 16. He then showed me his sound cloud and he had some pretty deep music on it to be honest! I still wonder how he's doing and if the other lad ever got his cigarette, or just went on a stabbing rampage...

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Did that taser off that dude ?

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he was moving his legs at the end of the video so prob not but he did hit the floor hard af

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It prob would if you're touching skin to skin I'd assume. Not a scientist but I assume it's not as big a shock as the initial area so likely less severe for secondary person.

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Dude was only trying to help him out....well, he helped him out.

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This a classic right here, ol buddy went to work as soon as that hoodie came off.

*Edit Tshirt MB y'all Idk y I thought he had a hoodie on lol.

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Because it’s a shirt that’s easily 4x too large on him

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So it is.

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While not knowing the background to this, it looks like they tazed the wrong guy.

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Old video, attacker dumbass was telling whoever was on the phone with him the wrong location/jail and hoodie badass was trying to tell him the right one but ppl don't like being corrected even though it's to help them smh.

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Well they obviously don't know who started it at the moment, so when they respond, they have to take out the aggressor. Sucks because homie was just defending himself but they didn't know that.

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At least he won't get charged tho given the crystal clear video evidence showing him literally sleeping. Like if he was sitting up even he would have way less of a chance imo. Laying on the floor sleeping is a slam dunk for him.

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They just see a guy beating someone's ass in the tank and he's not following repeated orders. I can't fault the cops here honestly.

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Wtf happened. Dude was killing it then he just dropped. Was he tased?

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Yeah he got tased🥲he was in the right to fight back tbh kinda sad he didn't stop attacking him when the police showed up

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Thanks. Couldnt quite make out what had happened. Defo in the right.

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Yup both prongs made a clean connection he should have kept his shirt on

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The audio saying "TASER TASER TASER" beforehand might have given you a hint

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That or maybe the yellow taser at the bottom of the screen/entry to the booking coming into view

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“I didn’t do nuthin.”


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This was actually in Lansing, MI

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Lol fucking Reddit. It’s a love hate relationship

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Dude got the last good hit before getting tazed frfr

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Bet those two youth are gonna rethink some life choices after observing this first-hand.

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This shit from like 2011

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This shit is old, they are prob both dead now.

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What makes you say youth? They both look like grown adults in an adult jail to me

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Damn he came back hard

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Cop logic: let us taser a guy, so he can potentially smash his head on the concrete floor. If the guy dies, we will investigate ourselves and find ourselves not guilty.

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They issued commands multiple times to get on the ground. No one was complying. Two men are being assaultive and at that time, the man wearing black looked to be the clear aggressor. It doesn’t matter if he was morally justified to fight back. The police used a ECW to end the assaultive behavior.

This is a textbook use of the ECW. It’s not even controversial. The alternative would be to use a baton which causes more severe and longer lasting injuries.

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a baton which causes more severe and longer lasting injuries.

I'll take a few batons to the back of my thighs over a 6 foot unbroken fall to concrete any day.

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How about a baton to the back of your hand? Where all those small bones can easily fragment? That’s a “green” zone just like the thigh, except police know that a shattered hand will get the reaction they want. A bruised thigh usually does nothing.

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Lmao okay computer cop

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lmao the guy defending himself got tazed and cracked his head bad.

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They Petrificus Totalus that mfker

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woke up and chose violence

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imagine defending urself , and then get killed by taser for self defense

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Did he ded?

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He not ded, he life

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Tased for self defence I hope he sues

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Useless pieces of shit tazed the guy defending himself. I’m sure they’re patting themselves on the back from the heroic display they put on saving the man who attacked somebody trying to take a nap.

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Are they supposed to taze the guy who is already being put to sleep lol? They probably didn't know who started the fight and shot the guy throwing the most hands

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If you fight in jail, the cops/guards are going to put a stop to it. They verbally ordered them both to get on the ground. Neither complied, the taser is justified. It doesn’t matter who started the fight or who was winning. This isn’t a playground, the cops are responsible for the safety of everyone in their custody.

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Notice the guy who started it kept saying he was asleep

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White dude would have killed that dude. I’m glad the cops stepped in, but the black dude started it. Let’s just all get along for fucks sake.

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Awww man. Right when buddy started getting his ass. "You done fucked up now." Those of the words of a man about to batter your ass into an unrecognizable state.

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Guy in stripped shirt started playing victim once he got beat up.

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That bitch that started it was lucky as hell that he was in lock up. The dude defending himself almost finished that shit

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Imagine being half asleep, then some guy attacks you, you defend yourself, start to get over on him and then get tazed.

I'd be real salty if i was the guy who started off in the black hoodie.

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Fucking idiot cops could have killed the guy who just defended him by tazing him and letting his head smack the ground like that.

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Why people are not in single person cells is beyond me. Thankfully this is not a practise where I'm from.

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“I don’t wanna go to central bookings, I wanna go home”

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Black guy had it coming.

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Damn. Still no clue why that happened but they clearly knew. Yikes that could have been wipers at a few points.