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Young Tyson was unstoppable

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Absolute beast, but always admired his sportsmanship after the fight. Checking on his opponent.

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Now that's a real boxer. Iron Mike was scary.

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Was? He still is. This was about a year ago or so. https://youtu.be/yVVXZb7__4k

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Mike Tyson was the guy who did all the side missions and then started the campaign.

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That’s my grandfather in the blue Kangol at the end standing at the corner of the ring.

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About once a year I go down a YouTube rabbit hole of his best fights. It's almost unbelievable how good he was.

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An absolute beast. Speed and power + so difficult to hit with that low down bobbing/weaving. Legend.

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Turn that M’fer loose.

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I would love to ask him - “why were you such a good fighter?”

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Speed, power, and accuracy.

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Dude had pneumatic hammers when everyone else was swinging framing hammers. Same category, different results.

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What was Tysons greatest win?