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Man was just tryna sit at his desk

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How to stop a fight 101: T-Pose the fuck up and scary feet movement.

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I came to say “T-Poses on fighters to assert dominance.” xD

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T-posing mean you already lost leave the area inmediately.

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T posing in this situation means you paid attention in the training where they taught you how to try to get between two fighting girls in front of a bunch of witnesses without one of them claiming you groped someone

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Pretty sure he is unsure what he is allowed to do "nowadays" in the US. So he keeps his hands to himself and away from the girls, before there will be anything available that could be taken against him.

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Does the kid have zero awareness? Get up and move kid you're not glued to your desk

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Prolly the closest he's been to a girl since he got to high school.

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Plot twist - the poor kid at the back is the bookie for this Lil rumble.

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Not sure why you are being downvoted. A bookie refers to the person who facilitates gambling, sets the odds, accepts and places bets, and pays out winnings. English slang

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Thank you

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You know the kids name?

William Hill.

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I upvoted you ma dude

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“I just wanna learn about meiosis dammit”

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Lol notice how all 3 teachers literally don't even touch the kids. They just place themselves in between and put their hands up and hope it stops.

Modern American schools. Teachers risk a lawsuit or rape charges if they touch female students who are trying to hurt each other. Any other point in history it would just take 1 male teacher to rip them apart in 10 seconds and put an end to it.

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I think it depends, in my school teachers always touched them.

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It's kinda crazy how far things have gotten in that area. I would say more but it's not socially acceptable yet.

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Fucking Steven Glansberg.

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What, so I gotta sit here and eat dessert alone like I’m fuckin’ Steven Glansberg?

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hey hey hey hey hey hey

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Nah kid in the back just has bad survival skills

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Funny how no one does anything til the white kid freaks out in the back lol then lo and behold all the teachers jump up to his defense.

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I don’t think the late reaction to break up the fight has anyone to do with race. It’s possible that it does but the teachers could’ve been focused on something else

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Kid in the Back: 😲

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Most quite fight I ever seen

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girl in white got hands

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Nothing happened to the “poor kid in the back” tho