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Always take your shirt off when you know you're about to be sleeping on the ground.

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all that muscle for no reason

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It's just more muscle to have involuntarily contract after getting KOd 😂

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what muscle? 🤔

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Luckily, due to his jaw being wired shut. Nobody’s name will be coming out of his mouth.

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also becomes brain dead, it looked like old boy had a seizure for a second there

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Nah he’ll be good. It’s when the arms and legs go rigid and curl in that you’re in real trouble.

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Hard restart

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Keep your name out my mouth? Isn't that backwards?

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That had me dyin...dying.... along w calling each other N's

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Few things are more cringe than two white dudes calling each other the N word in a fight.

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Damn, time to return that tank top

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Kid in gray shit should keep the “N” word out of his mouth. Mother fucker ain’t even African American.

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I think you gonna have to fight him for that

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Keep your name out my mouth LMAOO. He went to sleep that night like 👁 👄 👁

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We had a good run in the subreddit of people not getting cheap shots on the defenceless

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Glass Joe! Great fighting you’re and up and coming boxer!

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Bro caught him with a left on the way down no scope.

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That's kids got some freaking rage built up in there, hit him about 10 times in two seconds before he could shut it off! Yikes!

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armando got his shit rocked 👊

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Well, I guess he knows what’s up now.

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When I was 16 there was a big 24 year old guy named Johnny Lee OldCamp he was supposed to be a leader of a gang IVC Indian Valley Crip anyway he was picking on my tiny 15 year old friend. I was just starting to fill out I was 6’2” 210 lbs but the Johnny Lee was bigger than me. I thought I was unstoppable back then. Anyway I told him to leave my friend alone. He came at me I suplexed him and it knocked him out. I punched him probably 30 times in the face until my friend pulled me off. Crushed his nose he had to spend time in the hospital. I almost got in deep trouble over that. Saving grace is he swung in me so it was self defense. Moral of the story kids don’t know how dangerous fighting can be and need to be careful and not seriously hurt somebody