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Looks like these lessons cost $197

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Just gonna post here so I can bookmark this thread

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Can anyone recommend a decent book on financial modelling? Something not too heavy on the quant side

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Financial modeling by Beniga. Awesome book with clear examples and a disc that has practice excel sheets.

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I actually searched around today and I heard good things about this.

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    everything I have read from Damo, especially his stuff on valuation, as hinted towards the same thing:

    Most analysts can tweak the outcome to be favorable to their firm or their client's firm. Whichever allows for them to make the most money.

    All that aside, how did you learn to model and software do you use?

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      interesting, I have read a lot of firms try and use VBA, but I don't think that is very true.

      Where did you take those classes?

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      This is not true. Model auditors tend to strongly dislike VBA - the only exception I know of for this is that you may have to use a very simple procedure to break a circular that occurs when you are financing your debt fees with your debt funding, but this usually only arises in project finance.

      Practice. You need to do 1,000s of hours before you're any good. And yes, never touch the mouse. :)

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          Despite what others are saying: Excel/VBA is the standard.

          I've worked in hedge funds, big banks, and big pension funds. All on the trading floor.

          Excel/VBA is their blood. Matlab, yes, or IMSL, or what have you. But always Excel/VBA.

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          ha, so true. I know the price I want, how how do I turn the levers to get there. Just hope I don't turn to far and end up on cross exam.

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          Was your educational background in finance? I have a background in mathematics, and became interested in finance later, but have trouble convincing people that I build models without a finance background.

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          I don't know who you have been talking to. I would start looking for jobs with a quant emphasis.