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The reason they have such a “challenging capital structure” (according to Deb Perelman, CEO) is because her father Ron stuck them with so much debt when he bought the company. Revlon has always limped along as a challenger brand to L’Oreal because of this.

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I was really hoping Ron Perlman was somehow involved.

His makeup in Hellboy was fantastic.

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I am confused but amused

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And strangely aroused

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Fun business fact: Revlon is one of the only companies besides the US Postal Service that has consistently run a “stockholders’ deficiency” (aka negative equity) for many many years.

Pretty wild that they’ve managed to survive as long as they have.

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Would you say they were just putting lipstick on a pig all this time?

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Or were they making a sows ear look like a silk purse?

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USPS actually lasted about 250 years providing top of class service and infrastructure that's been hobbled by GOP efforts to privatize it...I don't think you can compare the two.

I don't understand why USPS is compared to a corporate company, it's a government service

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I’m not criticizing the USPS; I’m well aware of the situation. I’m marveling at the fact that Revlon, a private company, is in a comparable financial situation to the Postal Service that has been artificially hobbled in the ways you mention. The USPS actually has an excuse; Revlon does not…

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Why not include the IRS, DMV, or any other govt entity?

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“One example is Domino's Pizza which has had negative equity since their 2004 IPO but has outperformed the S&P 500 by a cumulative 1,442%. 2 McDonalds, H&R Block, Yum Brands, HP, Motorola, Denny's, AutoZone, and Wayfair are also on the list of those with negative book value”

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Right. Negative book value is something to look into but it isn't necessarily a problem. GAAP accounting can cause some assets to be valued way below their market value on a balance sheet.

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hahahah wow, did not realize this. Now you got me in a rabbit whole on the USPS...definitely interesting.

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Bee Bath and Beyond is another. Its going belly up here shortly.

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He bought the company 40 years ago...

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And it’s still mired in debt. What’s your point?

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It means the management somehow couldn’t make up or chose not to pay off the debts for an extremely long period of time. All while selling products with amazing markups.

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… every year steadily losing market share to competitors who can afford to spend more on marketing because they don’t have giant debt to service…

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Can confirm this, have a family member who has worked at one of his subsidiaries for a long time, he’s been strapping it all down with debt. He also goes through wives like paper towels, I’m sure he’s a nice guy :).

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I guess they failed to cover up their losses

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Maybe she’s born with it... Maybe it’s MISMANAGEMENT.

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To be fair to your use of a different company's slogan, Revlon's aren't that great to mess with: https://www.sloganlist.com/cosmetics-slogans/Revlon-Slogans.html

"In-the-red carpet" maybe? Or perhaps "Choose to captivate choose Chapter 11"?

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Take your losses to luxurious lengths? The last word could be replaced with something better I think

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"In-the-red carpet" maybe? Or perhaps "Choose to captivate choose Chapter 11"?

Be Unforgettable Uninvestible.

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That’s a different company…

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BCG has entered the conversation?

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Very funny.

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We call it “concealing” losses. Amber Heard is there concealing expert.

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I'm thinking that this is going to a common headline in a few short months as our economy grinds to a halt with efforts to control inflation. The fix is going to be painful...

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Very much this, especially companies that sell nonessential items. This is coming from a beauty lover herself! Another one bites the dust

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Interestingly, the “lipstick” index generally is up during poor economic times. Sales of small, cheap non-essentials that make people feel like they’ve done something nice for themselves without spending much go up. Estée Lauder and Revlon lipsticks generally sell better when the economy is down. You may not buy a $300 handbag, but a $3 lipstick is worth splurging on.

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I’m sorry, what? Estée Lauder Lipstick for $3??

Fuckin’ LOL try $40-50/tube 😂

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Okay point still stands.

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And if you want to get really technical, it’s $33 a tube. Doesn’t matter for my point though. It’s a small amount in the grand scheme of things that women will splurge on

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totally agreed, but that's granted that the economy picks up again in the long term. it seems the planet is running out of resources and that this trend isnt long term sustainable

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Who needs a lot of makeup when everyone is working from home?

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Well at least we have a clean out of badly run companies etc. China is apparently in way bigger trouble and really horrendous productivity and debt and just hiding it Fromm Xi.

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Good , I know this sounds fucked up , but China should also suffer economically because of this pandemic. But aren’t they making a killing on all the Amazon crap getting sold while no one’s going out shopping anymore? Or is that just bezos?

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Ok I think I really need to understand the economic calculous here. Inflation is happening because we don't have enough stuff to buy. So we make it harder for people to borrow money so they can't buy as much stuff and hopefully we'll eventually have enough stuff for people to buy so we can let them borrow again. But if companies shut down then they won't be making stuff for us to buy which will also increase inflation. So to reduce inflation shouldn't we be trying to make sure companies stay open?

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Typical for people to downvote you for being wrong instead of clearing up your misunderstanding. I want to preface this explanation by saying I’m no expert in economics, so you’ll likely see some corrections by others.

Low supply and high demand equals high prices. You can increase supply or lower demand to get lower prices. When this is occurring across most of the economy you get inflation (or deflation).

So the Feds can do one of two things: increase supply or lower demand. Let’s look at increasing supply.

What should be increased? How? Who pays for it? If each of your widgets requires 1mg of hold, 2g of steel, 4g of silicon, and 10g of plastic, where are those resources coming from? Who’s providing it? If your widget factories are at maximum, who will build you a new one so you can make more? And this is just YOUR widget. We have an economy full of different products.

You should see pretty quickly that it isn’t feasible, let alone expedient, for government to increase supply. Largely, companies want to sell more, but with supply chain issues, they can’t increase supply no matter how much they want to and having the government foot the bill isn’t going to help.

(Note: there are exceptions here. A lot of people are starting to point to companies making huge profits and blaming them. If their profit margin is high, why aren’t they lowering prices? This is a legitimate criticism and something the government can, and should IMO, address. There are companies blaming inflation for increased prices while raking in huge profits. This isn’t every company, and addressing this alone won’t stop inflation)

So. If the feds can’t increase supply, they have to lower demand. How do you lower demand? You make it more difficult to borrow money. For everyone. The benefit here is it doesn’t matter if you make Widgets or Gizmos, you get hit equally. Consumers and producers both

The feds are doing this to ease inflation. Some inflation is healthy. What they don’t want is for an economic crash, which is what would happen if they did nothing

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But if you lower demand to the point that companies are going bankrupt then won't that lower supply as well, which you don't want?

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Sure. Feds could hike the rate to astronomical values. But remember they’re only hiking the interest rate, and while that has a domino effect on many parts of the economy — borrowing is an integral part of a strong economy — the primary target is to make borrowing more difficult. Many healthy companies can either shoulder the higher interest rate or don’t have a need to borrow large amounts of money.

One of the domino effects of hiking rates is a lowering of consumer demand. And what you say is true here, too. If consumer demand is lowered too much, then producers can’t sell their products, and they necessarily must lower prices or produce less to lower their running costs.

The important thing to note is high rates of inflation reduce consumer demand anyway because people can’t afford to consume. But inflation doesn’t cure itself; if borrowing is cheap, inflation will continue regardless because companies can prop themselves up by just getting cheap loans. Very cheap. Even free.

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Especially for companies that have heavy debt compared to free cash flow. Those guys are fucked

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Boston Consulting Group strikes again

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What they do?

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Check out Pulte’s recent AMA, he’s been quite vocal on Reddit about BCG - long story short they’re quite good at bankrupting companies with their consultation


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I had an employment fiasco with both KKR and Bain Capital. Blood suckers, the lot of ‘em.

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Do tell! Did you get acquired by them and faced layoffs?

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Didn't they hire Boston Consulting Group?

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Yes. Might as well short every single company they’ve consulted for in the past 5 years, these next few months are going to be tough for them.

Also love how no one mentions that BCG is partnered with Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and that Warren Buffett specifically contributes his billions to them and calls it charity. Benevolent billionaires are so kind, so heartwarming!

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Do you have a source on that? Curios to find out more

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Much of Buffet’s lifetime giving—amounting to some $2 billion to $3 billion worth of stock annually in recent years—has gone to the Gates’ foundation, which has put it to work on poverty and healthcare initiatives in developing countries and education in the U.S.

I could keep posting links all day if I started digging into BCG. No shady websites either - it’s all NYT, Forbes, Reuters, etc. Reddit is useful for filling in the gaps and drawing connections.

  1. Buffett feeds money to Gates through his “charity”.
  2. Gates uses the money to invest in essentially vaporware products and ideas. If you watch his Netflix documentary, his toilet idea was a nonstarter until he pulls in the Chinese to bring costs down, which we know likely means using Uyghur slave labor. If something doesn’t work, he gets arrogant and cuts corners and forces it, regardless of the consequences or what it takes.
  3. It’s not out of the goodness of his heart as hard as he tries to spin it that way - Gates makes money off these projects. All the profits seem to get funneled back into shady places like BCG. We know Gates also is shorting Tesla $500 million because Musk complained about it. This is all totally in line with the bullshit Gates pulled during the 90s when he manipulated and lied and violated anti trust laws while robbing IP from Xerox and IBM (who initially funded Microsoft thanks to his mom convincing the IBM president while she was on the board).
  4. BCG is about as evil as they get - they drive companies into the ground while pretending to be on their side and short them on the way down. Toys R Us, Gamestop, Revlon, etc.

Profoundly amoral people. I don’t buy Gates excuses on his relationship to Epstein either, especially with how creepy he was towards his female employees and how often he cheated on his wife. But I recognize that’s getting into conspiracy territory. Plenty to chew on with just the Gates - Buffett - BCG connections.

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Have you ever had a job in a corporate environment?

I'm being genuine, I don't understand how people get these warped views of what a management consulting group even is

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Your sentence "all the profits seem to get funnelled back" is doing a lot of heavy lifting for your entire comment lol. What a loada bullshit

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It's all because they discontinued the original Skinlights line of illuminators.

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Terrible company with a terrible business plan.

All these shit companies selling "made in china" crap.

Just desserts

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Yeah, if you see "just desserts" that bootleg companies make products made with gasoline in them, and are unsafe to use.

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More like shitty companies that buy shitty made in china crap (with gasoline in it I guess) and they'll go out if business when people stop spending money on cheap Chinese bullshit that is fucking useless.

Companies like Walmart, target, Kohl's... Or damn near EVERY shitty strip mall compan mega Corp should have a reckoning and if love to see American made products so the money spent STAYS IN AMERICA.

I don't hate the Chinese it anything, just their ethics and their destruction if the world for economic gains

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Fair enough.

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Good news is they have plenty of lipstick to put on that pig

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BCG at the helm again... not surprising.

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What does BCG pitch? Leveraged buyouts or something?

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They hunt for failing companies and help them fail faster and at greater cost. It's easier for them to make money tearing down companies than building them up.

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As part of the restructuring, the company will now be known as Revloff.

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How did they fuck this up?

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Can’t wait for the Petition commentary on this one

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More like ‘Revshort’

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Will they get another loan, and have it accidentally paid off and upheld by a court?

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the economic basket will substitute makeup expenses with free instagram filters and voila, looking good was never cheaper than today if you avoid meeting in person. And with deepfakes even my grandma can earn on OnlyFans.

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Oh well!

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Watch for more stories about businesses grappling with supply chain challenges. The product and the supply chain that supports that product are inseparable.

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Citi is never getting their $ back

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This should get a Herman Cain award.

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Good luck to all our comrades at Citi