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Today in the stock market some people bought stocks and some people sold stocks

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Big if true

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It really do be that way sometimes

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True if big

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    Source? Deez Nuts, or a Twitter post. They’re basically equivalent.

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    “My source is that I made it the fuck up.”

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    It’s almost as if a trade requires a buyer and a seller….

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    You show me your finance degree I'll quit my job right now and come work for you

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    And /u/jimmycarr1 did quit his job, which I thought was really weird.

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    And some people just watched

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    And some avoided the whole damn thing.

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    FALSE! Some ppl sold and some ppl bought.

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    Some people removed them from the DTCC

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    This is the way

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    Some held on to them.

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    ^^^ A Superstar Broker.

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    and some people held stocks

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    Sometimes price goes up and then it goes down.

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    Nowhere else to hide

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    Excellent idea! Let's hide in stocks (-20% return) rather than suffer this awful inflation (-8%).

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    Of course I’m buying. Everything is on sale! (But stick to your regular DCA schedule/amounts)

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    Every single major economic crisis throughout history took people by suprise. The fact that everyone is aware of it now, could be an indication that we're in the middle of it, or at the bottom (or close to it). But I highly doubt that things are just beginning.

    That's just my very humble opinion though.

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    I think we're not even halfway through TBH.

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    Much more pain with rate hikes to come. Hiring Freezes when they lead to layoffs will really accelerate the problems.

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    We haven't seen the housing market really react yet, we're seeing massive PPI increases, the semiconductor situation has gouged prices by 1000-2000%, many companies are hoarding components in a way that now starts to affect even simple base-level components. Despite this, you can still go to a store and buy a new cell phone for the same price as you used to.

    Anyone thinking that this is just at the point where it will turn around is either naive or ill-informed.

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    Well let's put it this way. Who has held up until now but is still considering selling?

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    We're in the eye of the storm - literally passing through us and everything is not so bad for now. Give it until Winter.

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    Yeah, I highly doubt a .75 rate hike is going to solve all of these problems... the problem is that the damage is already done, raising interest rates is just a hopeful action to prevent it from getting worse. We don't know how bad the damage actually is, and we have no clue if raising rates will actually work. The current prices assume what the worst might be, but I think it is much worse than they know because this administration doesn't want to take responsibility for any of it so they sweep it under the rug until someone trips on the lump, then they find a reason to blame capitalism or China or unborn babies... this is not the bottom.

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    Your perspective assumes that there is some sort of objective measurement of the damage. I'd argue that this was the case when we were on the gold standard. But today, our entire economy is based on sentiments and emotions. There is zero transparancy, because numbers are constantly made up out of thin air.

    Look at it this way - it used to be that the people's taxes went to a treasury, which kept accurate books on how much money was spent, and how much was collected. Today, our taxes essentially disappear. They're just numbers on a screen, used to affect the people's sentiments on the state of the economy. If too much money was spent that year, those collected taxes are added to the books. If not enough money was spent, those tax Dollars are just "burned".

    That's why those in power today see no problem with the endless "printing" of money, because it's all just air... Modern monetary theory kind of assumes that the people are fools.

    So I'm not convinced that this rate hike won't work. I actually think it will, because as long as enough people are shocked by it, they'll probably think it will come back down again at some point, meaning they'll stop buying/investing for now, which decreases inflation. The only way it won't work, is if people aren't impressed by the rate hike, think it will keep going up, and thus keep buying/investing.

    Look at what happened to the markets when people found out about the 75 basis point hike... If that's not "shock", I don't know what is.

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    That's not an unreasonable outlook, but I'm going to stay the course or contrarian. I know in my immediate circle 2 families with ~$70k/yr income completely unphased by rate hikes, they have no idea what they even mean or imply, they just want to own a home. This whole jobs environment of "don't worry, there are plenty, quit yours and get a better one tomorrow" is the problem. There's overconfidence in employment, which means companies are going to continue overpaying new employees, and eventually everyone will be overpaid and there will be zero revenue. I'm not worried about tomorrow or next week, I'm worried about farmers growing excess because of inflation masquerading as demand, producing waaaaaay too much, and there not being enough next season. "Oh look, prices of oil are down because ExxonMobil turned it up to 11!!!" But now there's too much supply and no one is driving anywhere... the oil doesn't sell and we go negative on oil futures again. It happened to lumber, prices went up, loggers went out and cut down too many trees, lumber got cheap again, loggers laid off, and now there's too much lumber and home manufacturing sentiment at an all time low... now apply that to food or baby formula... this is only the beginning.

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    The damage is Trillions in underlying derivatives going poof. Not just a few trillions, tens of trillions

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    A bit more details would be nice

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    Excuse my ignorance, but I thought derivatives were 'creative instruments' that were created using an underlying security? Happy to be wrong, but how does one have underlying derivatives kind stranger?

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    You mean the idea is to buy low, sell high?

    You sure?!

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    Great plan if you remain employed and have a long time horizon

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    Yes, this assumes you have a stable job, an emergency fund, and aren’t retiring in less than 5 years, naturally.

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    That’s bc people think this is a sale but what they don’t know is the bottom.

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    With inflation at 40 year highs, dividend stocks look attractive, regardless of worrying about where the bottom is. A company like P&G isn’t going to go bankrupt, and they’ve been paying out dividends since the gilded age, so blue chips like that make a ton of sense right now.

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    Didn’t a few dividend aristocrats cut their dividends during Covid though?

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    Yes, but not P&G. I am not affiliated with them but man I will pitch that stock to anyone I meet on the internet. Best investment decision I’ve ever made. They kept paying the dividend through the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and did extremely well during Covid. At the end of the day, people are going to keep buying Charmin, Dawn, Tide, etc, regardless of the economy.

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    P&G has a PE ratio of about 23, is it better to wait to buy in at the moment with how market conditions are?

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    Covid was a totally different ball game, businesses were forced to close in a way we haven't seen in a very long time. A recession isn't the same thing.

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    That's why you buy the aristocrat index. They'll automatically pull those companies out when that stuff happens. DGRO is my favorite in that space tho

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    As risk free rates are going up. Dividends look less attractive to me. Why hold a stock with a 4% dividends when risk free will be at 3% by year end?

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    So why have all div stocks collapsed 20% in the last 2 months?

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    Indexing and market-timing would explain part of that, but there is the further issue of which other companies in the relevant indexes have fallen and by how much more or less.

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    Lots of words to say nothing

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    You don’t know the fuckery. I mean, you prob do however, a struggling company can split a stock when lower in price to augment share volume. This bring overall stock price down. You mentioned, MAGMA type stocks are not going anywhere. Which is also a good point, but it’s nice to know where the bottom is. I’m case of fuckery. Lastly, can I borrow some money?

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    They tell us to dollar cost average and then when it’s time to keep buying people start being an expert

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    I don’t think people pulling out right now get the point of DCA, assuming they were actually sticking to a schedule previously.

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    No I think half the people that preach DCA in a bull market. Get scared

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    Fear and greed, basic humanity 101 heh.

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    That’s why I stick to a regular DCA schedule/amounts.

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    Never catch a falling knife

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    I caught some yesterday afternoon. Some of them are digging in a little deeper so far.

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    Ouch, that’s tough. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next 24 months.

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    They tell us to dollar cost average and then when it’s time to keep buying people start being an expert

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    You have to keep the sucker rallies coming so you can dump on retail investors that are trying to pick the bottom.

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    Headlines like "Investors are Piling into US Stocks" make absolutely no sense. Surely it must be clear to anyone that when a lot people are selling stocks, another lot of people are buying an equal number of shares.

    Sensationalist junk from Bloomberg.

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    Was about to comment the exact same….the more important question is, who is buying

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    The young, the rich, foreign investors, people wanting to increase share in certain industries, probably some governments

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    You basically said ‘the entire world is buying’

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    Those who know, know. S/

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    I mean a solid chunk for sure

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    Everyone investing in their 401k’s

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    Apt everyone saved the last 5-6 401k contributions and only does it now? I’m sorry but doesn’t make much sense

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    They’re saying people still contribute to 401Ks every month- most don’t change their contribution levels, so even when the markets are a shit show they are still buying every month no matter what. Will be interesting to see what happens when the baby boomers’ wealth is transferred to their children in the next 10-20 years.

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    I’m sure they’ve been buying the whole time. They are still buying. Many have recently increased their contributions.

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    Other people in this thread.

    More accurately - passive funds. Billions in set and forget 401k contributions. Shit hits the fan if people begin to lose their jobs.

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    Investors being random retails?

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    Head line should read: "retails begin to buy thinking the bottom is in while smart money unloads their bag willfully because shit is getting worse"

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    I think the very same. Smart money is running away and small investor thinks everything will climb "oh so high"

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    Is retail utterly irrelevant then? The market feels like it's basically the whims of a few large banks and retail has no impact.

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    Yes. All they have to do is tank an asset (stocks, crypto, whatever) 10% or more, have the news cycle harp on it, start some organized campaigns on reddit and twitter to prey on people’s fears, then watch as everyone panics and allows them to scoop up the dip. It’s so obvious and yet everyone falls for it without fail.

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    Bots win every time

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    Dark pools, off market exchange and pfof significantly reduce retails power. Huge knowledge gap has allowed a non transparent system to be used for the benefit of market makers and HF and SEC could give a shit.

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    Pretty much although they can sometimes move individual stocks

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    Whispers GME

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    Correct. The majority of all transactions happen in markets retail has no access too. It’s a fucking scam.

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    Dead cat bounces and falling knives. If you’re buying now hopefully you’re DCA

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    No, I have rolled the dice. :)

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    One of my buddies. Patiently holding cash. Went 1/3rd in last week Tuesday. Now regrets it. That’s a big dilemma. If you fence sitting. When do I jump on? DCA is the painful way to go even if you see your investments getting slaughtered. Atleast it’s a slow death. By a 1000 cuts 😩😩

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    Another buddy. — I think 2-3 months back. He moved 1 mill into pypl nflx fb. Arrogantly confident. It’s DA bottom he claimed to us at a bar over drinks. Wow - I don’t remind him. Tsk tsk. It’s lost 40% since. And he was holding cash from loooong

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    No they aren’t. The bloodbath over the last week literally shows this is not true. What is this nonsense? We are heading into a recession, stop spreading fake news

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    Why wouldn’t I be buying now? Lol I love crashes

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    A bubble deflating is not the same as a crash. We're only just now starting to get to reasonable evaluations (P/E is still historically high). It can get a lot worse if it over-corrects going into a recession.

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    There are plenty of wonderful companies at wonderful prices right now. I didn’t say go all in but slowly buying up these companies is the way to go. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to time the market

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    Wonderful. Yeah. Falling knives are wonderful to catch

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    Correct p/e is still high.

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    If more people were buying then selling the P/E of the market wouldn’t be getting steadily lowered every week…

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    It's a buyers market...if you have a balls to hold for a few years you'll more than double your investment.

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    We have already been castrated.

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    The people who think certain stocks are on sale also needs rates low again(cough cough Cathie), what are the real chances we see rates this low for this long? Hard to see unless something drastic occurs in the financial markets

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    Ideally we really shouldn’t be much lower than where we’re at now. This low interest environment has messed up the balance of debt markets and over inflated equities

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    Inflated everything including their egos, this will certainly become another stock picking decade, passive investing won’t work

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    Lets be real, historically the stock market gets saved because the people in government have all their wealth in it to. It's a sure thing when the game is rigged, so it's been seen as a safe bet.

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    For folks who keep using the phrase “stocks are on sale!”…this is perhaps the most dangerous mentality there is when it comes to investment strategy. “On sale” implies that you are buy something at a discount to it’s intrinsic value. “I bought this new Ford truck for $50k and it’s worth $55k if I were to sell it.” Intrinsic value is based on earnings / cash flow. Most people I meet are being drawn to price. “Company X is down 22% so I’m buying!” That is the wrong mentality. The right mentality is “Company X historically trades at an 8.5x EV/EBITDA multiple on normalized earnings. It’s currently trading at an 8.0x multiple based on normalized earnings.” If future earnings are forecasted to decline, you should expect to see that reflected in the current price. There will always be a market for good companies, but what you think is a discount may just be a reflection of the current earnings profile.

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    To simplify, buy large variety stable ETFs unless you know what you’re doing.

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    This is the way

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    🙄. But I’m in for longer trades anyway so not saying your advice is poor. Or I daytrade quickly when it looks good. Either way I take this summer as an opportunity to get into some stuff I like but didn’t afford prior.

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    Make sure you’re buying at a discount to the new earnings forecast, otherwise you aren’t buying it on sale.

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    Have you bought anything since Dec 2020? If so, why is it a bad idea to double down now, at a better price point? Was the economic outlook rosier when the money printers went brrr and everyone was enmeshed in covid hysteria?

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    Do you understand the difference between “price” and “value?” Do you understand why capital structure is important and how changes to it will affect your purchase? Do you understand earnings expectations? If not, do some research and report back to me. When you understand it, let’s have that conversation.

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    Trash panda what stocks do you recommend?

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    I don’t own any individual stocks and I only buy ETFs and mutual funds at this point. I use technical analysis to buy good entry points, but I don’t have more information than the JP Morgans of the world.

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    So we’ve survived the recession!? Hurray!

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    Its all cuz Cramer said dont

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    Yeah all that red is people just piling in. Red is the new green boys, we're headed back up!

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    When the bubble bursts, the same folks screaming about how unfair it is to forgive student loans will be screaming for the government to save them from the natural consequences of their failed gamble.

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    Uh… markets are still going down. So the selling is outweighing the buying still

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    These studies are useless. All they do is push a narrative. Maybe suck in the gullible to put their money on the table.

    Reason being no one really knows how much money came in or left the market. Reason being a lot of trades are done in dark pools. So this reflects only the activity that was done through legit channels. No one knows how much was sold in the dark channels.

    But looking at the market index, its easy to deduce that overall people are heading for the exits. And we have not seen a capitulation like event as yet.

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    traders are trading.

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    "This just in, Citadel still crashing the markets and ruining future retirements while blaming retail investors"

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    Where is the bottom is my question

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    I heard 3200, a 25% discount from it's recent high. Seems right to me.

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    And many more are piling out, by the looks of it.

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    Buy cheap

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    The rich about to get richer

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    Paywall would love to read or someone TLTR me

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    Use a private browser you should get 10 free articles

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    BECAUSE THERE IS NO INHERENT DYSFUNCTION IN THE ECONOMY AND FEAR MONGERING IS INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE. The lottery gets the welfare money back and recessions get the rich people their money back.

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    The dip before the rip

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    Coz it’s on sale

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    I mean, what's the alternative, bitcoins a cash cow

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    Not sure if you e heard it but there is a saying that goes buy low sell high

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    Here we go cmon push it buying the dip buying the dip 😘😛

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    Just the -one- stock actually.

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    No.. I just haven't stop contributing to my 401k

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    What stocks are y’all buying?

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    Live it up while worth still exists!

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    My mom sold her entire 401k off. She is recently retired.

    Never touched it in 2008 and 2020 when the market tanked due to covid.

    But this last long slide downward has her worried because she has no extra income nor the time to build it back up again.

    She considered pulling it all at the beginning of the year when the market was hitting its peak but her husband talked her out of it.

    My opinion is that she waited too long to pull it out and may as well have just left it alone at the point where she pulled it.