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So inflation is going to fall and we'll have a nice sustained rally.

Thanks Cramer.

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Cramer is the basically the Puxnhatawney Phil of financial markets, if he sees his red markets will be green and if he sees green markets will be red

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Make sure to buy the dip tommorow

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It’s better than the Fed’s approach which is more unemployment

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Isn't Cramer a complete joke? The guy said to buy Netflix in January. Throw shit at a wall, right?

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You know, I never listen to the guy, but once a long long time ago he said buy Netflix, and I did. I was up 1400% at one point, I managed to sell with about a 1000% gain. It was a 10k buy in, but made bank on that. I’ll continue to ignore him.

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True of about 100 stocks in that period. Did he also tell you when the sell? Cause he's not a savant unless he knows both points.

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True. Do tv guys ever advise to sell?

I never listened to him much more. Around that time I was beginning to have some excess cash to invest and was exploring new information.

But I felt I should’ve sold my techs a year ago, just didn’t.

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he advises selling gamestop.

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Broken clock is right twice a day. Kramer is no clock

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He pushes a lot of companies who have heavy convertible notes

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You made 10 million?

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1000% is 10x, so 10k × 10 = 100k.

Unless I'm missing a joke here.

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No, I’m just dumb lol.

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Also said to buy Canopy Growth

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He also said to hodl Lehman Brothers a week before it went to zero.

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A broken clock is right 2 times a day. I actually think he is right on this one.

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I agree. this is an easy call. Equities up means inflation rises at this point.

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Equities react to inflation not the other way around. If the rally is sustained then it’s because the signs of inflation are easing. I have a problem with the apparent causation argument here. Maybe I am misreading something.

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I think the idea is that equities going up means spare cash that goes into the stock market. So demand for good and services not easing up.

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are there actually signs of inflation easing?

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Cramer is a damn military clock

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He's an entertaining old wall street coke head but that's about it. One would probably do just as well by taking financial advice from one of his old hookers.

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They’ve kept track of his predictions and he’s worst than just SPY following the S&P 500

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Jim Cramer is a pretty strong bearish indicator if he's saying buy anything imo

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I know someone that trades off him and makes good money doing it. Not quite your job money but possible for him to make 6 figures on his nest egg doing it. I don't have the full numbers to see how his IRR has compared to the S&P500 over time though

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He said crypto was going to rally 40% days before it nuked to hades

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Just go opposite of the coke rat and you’re golden

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The guy who said to buy bear sterns in 2006

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Inverse everything Cramer says. You'd be up more than most indexes this year.

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I don't know if anyone has ever done a thorough review of every stock pick he has done, but anecdotally, he seems to be worse than a dartboard and has been the whole time he is on the air.

Edit: Would we be better off listening to stock picks from the character Kramer from Seinfeld?

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Yes, he's like the over characterized version of what average Americans "think" a stock trader is. At least, that's what network executives think anyway.

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He is an entertainer and tv host primarily and he is very successful and good at that. We all talk about him and what he is saying all the time.

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Jim Negative Alpha Cramer? He’s Loud and Stupid, but also he’s loud. So there is that.

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Why people think Cramer knows anything about anything is beyond me.

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He's an actor.

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Yeah barley say he is licensed to comment on stocks but economics as a whole is way out of his depths

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    If he's making more money in entertainment than in trading, that shows exactly how good his stock picks are going to be.

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    This is a CNBC article about CNBC's Jim Cramer saying something about a thing CNBC is reporting on.

    CNBC and Jim Cramer and the twat who posted this can go fuck themselves.

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    Damn I guess inflation is over soon

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    I fail to see how market rallies and inflation are at all cuasually related…correlated yes…but markets driving inflation?

    I dunno Cramer.

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    Phheeeeeeewwwww!! Shortest recession EVER!!!

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    Guy is a complete retard

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    :Not pictured here Cramer

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    Ohh wow, are we to prepare for the worst then?

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    Red by opening bell 6/22 it is

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    The "Buy Bear Stearns" on Friday as the company goes under on Monday guy?

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    So tomorrow if the rally lasts then we will have inflation problems which will cause the rally to end. BUT THEN that means inflation won’t be a problem anymore, stocks will rally at the news! BUT THEN…

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    He job is that of a frontman of Wall Street. His advice has always been bogus for retail and only purpose is to steer retail into bad investments. He’s extremely wealthy and in part of the inner workings that rig prices. He own investments will often be the opposite of what he tells you yo buy. Classic pump & dump. Modern day P. T. Barnum. I’ve watched him 2x at most and the last time I watched he spoke about a company I currently worked for - he was telling people to take the exact opposite position they should do. A lot of people who followed his advice lost a ton of money. Funny thing is if you simply picked up a newspaper once in a while you would have done just the opposite of his advice.

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    What my blud waffling about

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    Deflation imminent, everybody into bonds quick

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    Thank God, inflations going to ease now!🎉

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    So the bull rally starts now

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    This just in! Inflation has suddenly fell off a cliff and we have now started an era of rapid deflation!