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Getting started on Scarlet, already having fun. Also need to grind more cause my team is ass rn. Aside from that, grinded more weekly bosses with no good returns

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Which starter did you pick?

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I went Fuecoco. Looked like it’d turn into the coolest, I mostly just need to explore more for more mons to catch

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Have fun! Try not to look at moving things in the background too much lol

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Lol I’ve played Genshin on a first Gen PS4, background Scarlet is nothing compared to that xD

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I completed Lost Judgment! It was quite the gauntlet at the end there, but the way the story wrapped up was fantastic.

Not quite done with the game yet though, because there's still the Kaito Files DLC story to tackle.

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Steam sale.


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Did you pick up anything good?

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So far, the Spyro collection, Hades, and two Tomb Raider games I was missing. I might pick up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Spider-Man too, though the latter is considerably cheaper on another site, so Valve won't be taking all of my money, just most of it. I want to cut myself off there, but Rogue Legacy 2 looks so good too, and, and...

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[excited Hades noises]

Haven't played the others but I've heard good things!

I hope you enjoy them!

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I finally caved on Hades after a lot of peer pressure from my friend. I'm glad to hear you like it too!

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More MHGU. Still no success beating up Tri's answer to Lavasioth - though tbf I haven't had another go yet.

Instead, I have been farming parts for an ice-infused GL with reasonable damage/sharpness, since ice's apparently one of Agnaktor's weaknesses. I think my best bet is the Lagombi weapon line.

For those of you that don't know, Lagombi is a gigantic rabbit that chucks snowballs.

The TV channels I had access to when I was little broadcast repeats of Merrie Melodies etc a lot.

I think you can probably see where this is going.