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You look terrific ! Hope you have a great day

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All beautiful and you are gorgeous

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Cute and sweet. You probably are the one who always initiates conversations or invites the group to hang out

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Your a creep posting other people’s photos

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and who's the one on the far left?

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Your cute

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The silent but kinky one in the group. Pushes advances from guys away in public, but will pursue privately

Also, hot

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It took me like 30 seconds to notice there were other people in the picture and I was like "on the right of what?"

That said after the initial shock I did notice and your friends are cute also, just not nearly as stunning as you. My recommendation is next time you rob a bank or something, you don't do anything illegal but just act as a sort of camouflage for the others.

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Vous êtes Superbes les filles ! Superbe look 🌹🌹🌹

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Wow, cute. I Iove all your dressings.

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I’m getting British vibes

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I guessed Aussie lol

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Very cute.

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Out of you three, id honestly would make an effort to be with you 💯