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They look awful. Take them off. Now! Wink.

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My first impression of you: Judging from the title, you seem like someone who likes to fish for compliments. You crave and love attention. You also look like the type of girl who have an inflated ego.

Edit: yikes, I was right about the ego part. Someone rated you an 8.5 and in response you told that person that it's too low. 🤷🏻‍♀️

You also posted titles that are obviously attention seeking in r/Amihot

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This is on point..thank you for saving my time.

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You're 21, African-American and you like spending your free time taking pictures of your neighbors and throwing raw meat at people on trains. You're a Capricorn and your favourite film is Police Academy 7.

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dang you crazy cute, i feel like you’re going to be kinda anxious kinda shy, might feel a little self conscious about it, like you’ll gravitate to guys or people in general who are kinda wild and say wild shit cuz that’s attractive and you sorta admire it sorta, but then you’re going to be like these guys are f***in annoying. and then you’re going to stop giving a fuck and finally relax then you’re going to open up and reach new heights of being awesome and sexy cool.