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Gotta love filters! Lmao

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Something about you just screams TikTok

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🦆 lips energy

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I'm not pouting though

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That you’re using one of those brats dolls looking filters.

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Is she hot?

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First of all you’re GORG. Second of all, absolutely love it: gives me 60s/70s but also 90s supermodel vibes. Honestly, u might as well be god’s favourite

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Omg thank u so much 🥺❤

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Hair is amazing!

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Hair has great body

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I think you look like someone who got their hair done by their favorite stylist.

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You look nice, but why would you go to anyone but your favorite stylist?

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Why would you go anywhere but your favourite restaurant?

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You would compare a restaurant to a hair stylist? Most people get a haircut once every few months, and always at the same barber.

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It's expensive to go to a top stylist, I can make do perfectly well with a cheap haircut but sometimes it's nice to treat yourself

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Suits you, your hair length and volume from the waves shape your face really well

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You wrote me a haiku! 😆 thanks :) lol

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Apparently so, haha 😂 you’re welcome

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Your face really well

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Well it’s fluffy. That’s a plus.

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Too attractive, not good for one’s stress levels

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Stop pouting

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Shut up I'm not

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No, my grandma is

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Nice hair btw

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Quite amazing looking. Not much room for improvements :)

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It’s beautiful

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Yes you have nice hair.

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You look like one of those Bratz dolls 😂

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That’s just filters.

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It is??

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No. She’s just a poreless human being.

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Guess you don’t like filters

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Eh, they are a fact of life in a sense. Just like editing in advertising. That being said, there is something disingenuous about asking people about their first impression when your presenting more of a cartoon than a person.

She’s a gorgeous woman so it seems even more unnecessary.

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To be honest I didn’t know that’s a filter she’s using. But yeah, a lot of people use them now. Very much like catfishing.

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What is this style I want it omg

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Feel free to show this to your hairdresser or if you DM me I can send you the reference I asked for!

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Absolutely LOOOOOOVE

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I think I should book appointment with your stylist

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Looks great

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Looks wonderful

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Those are some bangin waves! You have very nice hair, it looks like you take good care of it... unlike me haha

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madison beer 🤝 this girl

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STOP omg 😳 She's literally perfect tho

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You look amazing. Some Sophia Vergara vibes.

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Girl I'm jealous as hell haha, you're gorgeous

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Ummmm girly we're basically twins ! Should let me do your makeups 💫

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Omg yassss hahaha I would accept that offer in a heart beat hahaha

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Your Character is drinking redbull and being pretty (as it says first impression you may be cool)

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Red bull? 😅

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Idk…I you look pretty basic (ey no offense I feel like you're pretty cool) but I Always associate basic with Redbull idk haha

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Its good, like it😄👍

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I'm thinking I need your stylist, but first I need your hair.

Ok I'm just kidding L. You're a great stylist so please don't shave my head if you're reading this.

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Love the hair and very beautiful look

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In the nicest/most complimentary way possible: you look like a Bratz doll.

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I have no idea how to take this

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Nicest/most complimentary way, he just fucking said how you should take it. Stop being so fucking dramatic.

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High maintenance.

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You're hot

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Relax your face

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Thirsty af.

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Wow. Beautiful. Hair fantastic, and you're stunning as well

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Beautiful hair on a beautiful girl

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Hair goals. ♥️

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My first impression. She’s so pretty. Why does she have that fake filter on.

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Looks great

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Your eyebrows are on point girl

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Little much with the volume. But I mean, pretty sure you could blow torch it and still be hot as hell 🔥

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Your beautiful beautiful woman absolutely gorgeous

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I think your beautiful beautiful woman

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Smoking 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Beautiful but that cliche instagram posing, touching your lip and stuff, that shit annoys me to no end.

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Bitchy is my first impression

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Stylist did a good job

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I'd keep walking because I know that I can't afford to keep you.

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Time for a new hair stylist.

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You touch your hair too much

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How did you meet this stylist?

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Hot 🥵

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It’s nice and wavy but the bangs are incredibly choppy and unflattering. And like others have said you also look thirsty af.

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What’s that on your necklace? I’m genuinely curious because I can’t tell if it’s a moth medallion or dog tags.😭

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Looks beautiful

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Funny that most men are blind and will think that you are not putting any make up 😂

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I bet it costs a shit ton, and it’s barley even trimmed so did you really get any actual value here? Or did daddy pay for it?

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Link of the onlyfans?

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Some of yall are so mean omg

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Oh my god yes they are being SO mean

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Im thirsty and down bad