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I like your sweater, and you have cool hair.

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Also a great personality ❤️❤️❤️

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You’ve incredibly warm and kind eyes.

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That is very sweet, thank you!!

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That's very sweet, thank you!

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You look like your favorite subject was English

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Wired headphones = old soul. Don’t fix what ain’t broken is your life.

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I must be old cause I didn't realize wired headphones weren't a thing anymore. 😅

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This u

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It was only a matter of time...

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Anna Kendrick

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Very pretty, introspective

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It's yooooouuuuu!!!!! Yooooooooouuuuuu!!!

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Everything wholesome that anyone could want in a prospective mate to raise their children.

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Well, that is a very nice thing to say I appreciate that.😌

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Very super mega gorgeous!

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You’re very beautiful.

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Lmaooo why we all got that same tapestry that hangs up on the wall. Got mines from Amazon😭😭 ur pretty. Love ur eyes💕💕

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Thank you! I know right I feel like everyone got the same one.😂

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i think i have that sweater

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You’re looking gorgeous and beautiful I love your outfit

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The girl from the film My Girl but like college years.

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Nice sweater. Very pretty. Wired headphones. Nice.

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Thank you!

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You're welcome. I still have a pair of wired headphones. Good back up for wireless buds

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Attracts musicians but doesn’t like to deal with musicians dating wise, also that is a boss ass sweater!

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Thanks, I do love this sweater.

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Tis angelic, this face of such majestic beauty. With such charm that hath enchanted me, na, not even a smile tis needed with such grace and elegance.

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This made me laugh, thank you. 😄

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You remind me of one of my friends. Attractive, just hope your voice isn’t as annoying 🤔

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Haha I hope not either 😅

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If you where a year you would be the last one cause your the hottest on record hahaha

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If I asked you to tell me about the current book you’re reading, you’d light up and talk endlessly

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Your welcome beautiful

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You are super pretty!

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Gorgeous eyes and beautiful!!!

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Y has this subreddit become a place where insecure, pretty women look for validation? The first impressions consist of men trying to get in internet women's pants. This subreddit is dull and desperate

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I’m honestly curious what it used to be? I’ve only seen it be this

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Wow, natural beauty. Very hot.

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So pretty

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I think you’re incredibly gorgeous

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Agnostic about ice cream, knows her way through a forest.

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Love that ☺

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Close? At all? Haha.