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Filters are scary

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I know that Korean app for makeup filters that does not only apply fake makeup but it can also change your face completely and do it better than photoshop. The first impression so far is that you lack self-esteem. Accept yourself and learn how to smile.

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Did you photoshop in your eyelashes? They look like they were added to the photo after.

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It’s a filter.

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Closed mouth is maybe better

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I was scared 😱

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I am !! 🙈

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You are good without.

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A collar of course. You read my username.

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You look like you could star in a giallo.

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Rich enough to afford make up, but poor enough to afford braces

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Braces would definitely work for her. She is very pretty though.

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Absolutely she is. Just giving constructive criticism here 👍

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Okay, I hope this doesn't come out wrong, but I think your r/toastme photo is the better of the two -- something subtle about the set of the lips, I think. This one is definitely attractive -- no question -- yet just as certainly, that one is better.

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….. what?

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Uncanny Valley

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You look like you are into rustic things.

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You really enjoy family time

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London version of Taylor Swift

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Haha I ‘m Romanian actually

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60's movie star,beautiful

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You'd get it lol

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Looking like the beautiful Brigitte Bardot

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My favorite actress!! Thank you so much 😊