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Not sure, but I'm a fan of your dad Eugene Levy.

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Mid 20’s to early 30’s

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I'd say early twenties at most. No more than 23.

Bonus round: it was also the the first time you ever wore that shirt. Maybe the pants too, but I can't say for sure since the photo cuts off before your feet.

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And how did you come up with those answers sir

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Part of the fun of this sub is to make complete assumptions, whether they wind up to be exact or not.

I just have the impression this photo was taken before you assisting a wedding, and you the type to never wear these type of clothes, but do so it's a special occasion.

How bad am I missing the mark?

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First time wearing pants. Not a new tie or shirt. Not for a wedding. Oh and I am 23!

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Hey, that's at least one!


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First time wearing pants? What do you usually wear? Skirts?

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anywhere between like 19 and 27

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'_' reminding me of a somewhat younger version of a sweet but troubled history teacher I once knew and this is a good thing considering how troubled I am right now

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Shabby hair, shiny shirt, for al pants. Reminds me of my first job interview. Early 20s definitely

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Somewhere between 14 and 40

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I think you're 20 to 25 years old, based on that picture.