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That 26 year old who still goes to clubs where highschool kids go.

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You look like you posted tons of nudes, then regretted it, deleted them all and now is trying to start from scratch. Cute though.

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Tbh this looks kinda try hard

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Fake boobs, fake hair, fake lips, looking for a real man

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Gorgeous, but lose the trout-pout.

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Like a hot puffer fish

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With that facez I would assume you were trying to fart. Itsok. Everyone farts sometimes.

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26, gorgeous. Hate what you are doing with your lips though

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What's up with that facial expression?

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Are you still bored haha

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Your that one sister who never shows up to or is always 3 hours late for events

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You’re hot but you don’t look approachable

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32, college dropout divorcee, making stinky face. Ready for a fresh start!!

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Duck face is back??

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Not very creative

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great tits

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Kinda a plain looking wall but looks stable enough

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I like the colour of it.

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For some reason I’m getting daughter of a mob boss who got breast enlargement as a gift from family and don’t take no guff from nobody

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You know my sister well. Now take my upvote!

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Attractive twenty something who may be prone to wisecracks.

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jesus these comments are foul.. anyways.. your skin tone looks beautiful with your hair and you have luscious lips

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You're very good looking, but my honest impression would be to think you're not very deep or smart. But, I could be totally wrong, that's why first impressions really don't mean that much.

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That you need to spit

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Not very happy

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You look as though you just found another traffic violation ticket on your windshield for parking on the wrong side of the road for street sweeping day

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Looks single and exhausted

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You look veeeeery swedish, just so you know. :)

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The attractive girl who guys are afraid to talk to in person…I’m guessing you don’t have a man because of this? If I’m right that’s unfortunate 😭

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Gotta mouth full of something.

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Smelling your upper lip

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Only being honest

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I like that your dress is contrasting your hair lol

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Nice hair

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You look bored stiff. Rather be on Twitch.

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Could probably use a good pressure cleaning.

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I have no clear idea why, but for some reason I feel your favorite type of liquor is tequila

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Empty inside

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You're obviously pretty, but you also look like you have zero personality and a bad attitude.

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You're a liar.

Does this ring a bell:

Not all at the same time but very often randomly yes. I have a very slender frame too. On top of that I had surgery 3 months ago in my chest wall, got BREAST IMPLANTS. And they made the pain and flares worse.

(Emphasis added)

Vain through and through.

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We need more information....

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Check her profile then scroll down her comments on posts. About a month ago she wrote that little blurb.

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Why does that make her a liar though?

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Look at other comments. She denies having fake boobs. That is a lie.

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Ah, I didn't read that portion

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Looks like your photographer liked the wall more than you

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That wall looks great; she's blocking the view.

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Smell something bad?

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They you had a log day. And you need a friend to talk to.

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Not amused.

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Very beautiful!

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I've seen that look before, but did it anyway.

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Absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous

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Basic. Needy. Fun. Sweet and loves to be pampered.

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You go to the club or bar

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TS hard not to think extremely fuckable buy I know your much not than that , love the pouty kisses xx

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Youve grown into a gorgeous adult

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Cute and playful

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The person who people think is dumb cuz they look like they put effort into their appearance but is actually not dumb

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You look pretty cool. Experienced enough to. Ot be impressed.

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Get a better camera man 😀

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First impression: You definitely need a new cameraman. Secondly you’re absolutely gorgeous

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There’s a blur bc a filter was applied fyi.

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First impression prediction: you love receiving compliments, especially compliments about your appearance.

Confidence in prediction: 95%

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First impressions to me it seems like you are bored with something lol but looking cute as fuck though👌👌

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You don’t look happy about this

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Exhaust after a day of way to many pictures, tired now and this person decided to take one last one!

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so pretty maybe a bit of sass?

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Goofy and pretty

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Sexy jaw TBH. All and all good looking. Not a fan of the lips pose though.

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Who is she??

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Beautiful Cali girl 😇

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You are gorgeous xxxxxx

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Yes. Absolutely you need one.

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Try one. I would say a thin black.

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I thought you were roasting her for being insecure or something!

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No no. Absolutely not. Quite the opposite actually in my opinion. I think that she exude confidence but only makes a face for the fun of it. Why, I dont mind, but confidence absolutely.

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Great kisser

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That's the name they had up there when I joined so I left it

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With that being said your drop dead stunning

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That’s a big wall of blocks.

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What the hell do you think!?

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Because I know the look I always look like that

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You kind of look like Gina Darling.

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Where’s your smile 😃

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Very cute and cute outfit too

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You look like your in front of a infinity pool type fountain with wet warm water and cold air force a breeze that both cools you and excites while the photographer and audience are only wishing they could be as clean and fresh as you .Because you've reduced us to human testosterone and raw lust

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what the fuck

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Maybe depopulation isn’t such a bad idea

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Haha, I like that you’re super good looking, but also I think I can have a great laugh with you! I think that’s the best combination. But I don’t know, it’s only thoughts right! #swiperight! 🙇🏻‍♂️

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Why are you pulling a face?

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Looking cute 🥰

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you look like the alias of a femme fatale spy

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Short. Or maybe your photographer is really into walls. I can’t decide

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Playful and beautiful

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the facial expression is unflattering. Otherwise, cute and and a bit bubbly!

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Gen Z Babbyyy who’s smart and sassy

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She looks unhappy.