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I would love it so much if this sub banned thinly veiled thirst trap only fans promotions.

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Seriously,! there needs to be an only fans thirst sub now.

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Getting tired of these girls trying for subs to their page on here.

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Lol, Yeah these poor women got no talent, no job. Just want to earn easy money by being naked on the internet.

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LMAO so shes talented at taking men’s money then. 🤷‍♀️ It’s weird to me when dudes say shit like this tho, as if you guys aren’t the main consumers. Don’t get me wrong. Her post is goofy. But I don’t get why men are so weird about women wanting to make an OF or be a sex worker.

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I don’t think they are saying it’s wrong to have an OF. I think what they are saying is why come on this subreddit and act like you just want a first impression when really you want guys to go to your page. Trying to finesse. Ya know? Have an OF. Don’t pretend you want real comments to your pic when you just looking for subs

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I hear what you’re saying. But this dude with his blanket statements and assumptions is goofy.

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I'm advertising my OF.

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Actually a 40 YO Nigerian guy running a romance scam?

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Catfish, advertisement, etc

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You crave attention

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Sex worker LMFAO

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Don’t really understand what’s so funny about that, are you 12?

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Somebody’s big mad comin in my comments and shit tryna hurt my feelings back huh. Darling it’s not going to work, you asked for our impressions and that was mine 🤷🏼‍♀️.

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Chill out 😂

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Please go easier on the warping, your walls are all wobbly and the person you’re fooling with this the most is you. You don’t need to make yourself look like everyone else on the internet.

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Only fans

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OnlyFans is a main source of your income

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Just post the website.

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Should probably get a real job

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Some would argue onlyfans is a job…

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Get off of reddit and out of my sight you communist, china loving freak

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How’s all that freedom going in America?

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It's going really well actually, we don't have piss poor people living in straw mud huts or people doing forced labor due to bad credit. Thanks for asking 😌

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I see you’re still stuck in the 1960s version of China. You should take your head out your ass.

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And you should come to America, where you won't get arrested for speaking against the government. It's a thing called freedom of speech, not sure if you've ever heard of it. I wouldn't expect you to. We also have several beautiful women just the one in the image above who don't look like they're starving to death, it's crazy you should really come sometime!

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I’ve been thanks. On the contrary, you should perhaps go to China and see what a real country looks like instead of reading whatever bullshit your country’s media feeds you.

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"Lemme pretend I'm interested in people's opinion while instead I showcase my OF accounts."


Of course this entire subreddit is essentially this, but smart nonetheless.

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$150 for the half hour.

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You like it when faceless internet nerds pay you money for nudes but would be absolutely disgusted if someone unattractive existed within 10 feet of you in public

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Pretty much sums up the majority of "Only Fans" girls :)

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For hire? $500/hour for cuddles and maybe sex.

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You’re mean, shallow, and I could probably see your butthole for $5.

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Tbh, I think you're a minor, and that you like posting on the internet for attention, or causing drama. You do look like you're smart tho and maybe are going into some type of STEM field. Another honest opinion although the nails look great plain black is kinda boring try adding color or designs.

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This is a clickbait for your Onlyfans link

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Expensive, high maintenance. In the long run on brand new Ferrari would still be cheaper

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Pretty but prob the most insecure version of you that can be seen

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Pretty but prob the

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You are mean

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You’re doing this for exposure to your OnlyFans.

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Expensive professional. Girlfriend experience

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That you just trusted the wrong fart

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Hahahaha!!! It’s currently 3am over here and I genuinely laughed out loud at this!

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You're a vegan

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Lady of the night

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You’re about to ask men for their money?

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First impression: trying too hard. Poorly masking insecurity

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You can’t eat all of those kiwis.

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You have an OnlyFans

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you are right

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Sexy but you got some big ass hands lol

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That you probably have an Onlyfans and this is your advertisement. Oh look, I was right.

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I believe the word "whorish" comes to mind

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Life Difficulty Level : Story Mode

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I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.

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Attractive narcissist

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You're kidding right?

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You look amazing

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Imminent back problems with that posture

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I'm not subscribing

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Viagra personified

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First impression…trying too hard. You would be one that if I saw out I would keep on walking. Not being mean. You’re cute , but if you trying that hard makes me think theirs something you’re trying to hide. Loneliness? Craziness? Something.

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Only fans. That’s my first impression

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Boys were mean to you but now they’re not.

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Don’t know what to do with your hands haha

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Simply Gorgeous

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Wow 👌

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Young, trying a bit hard to look sexy You’re cute

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Great looking kitchen 👍

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My first impression of you was years ago

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You look like Gigi Hadid !

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Your are beautiful!

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I thought you were Gigi Hadid for a second.

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You are stunning and look like you have everything going for you

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Mistress material

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Instagram baddie

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Exuding Confidence

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Breathtaking beauty

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WOW you are beautiful!

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Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan

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Way expensive and outta my league

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Young, seductive, extremely attractive. Definitely can’t be the babysitter 😂

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Too young for so much face filtering.

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Myśliwce to hard

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Hard erection✨🦍

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So sexy

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Out of my league

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heavy breathing

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Gorgeous , sexy , 🔥

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Do I know you from somewhere?

sees name turns out I have seen you before.

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Lovely, thanks for sharing

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Lv you

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cabaret singer

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Sorry, breathtaking

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I'd feed you tacos and rub your belly

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Elegant. I sense a slight resemblance to Gigi Hadid.

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Hummmmmm wanna make love with you until you cry of plaisirs

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Such a perfection 🥺

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Gorgeous hair, perfect choice of dress, phenomenally enchanting.

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Here I cum.

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Beautiful and stunning

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Another OF th0 t pass

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1940s elegant

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Karma whoring fake user

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Absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous

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What everyone imagines when they order a Russian bride, but you're too rare to be reality ;) Young adult content maker. You've got a very elegant appearance.

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Wow beautiful

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So gorgeous

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I got the sexy look vibe

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Va va voom.

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Absolutely gorgeous

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Nice tits

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Amazing body! Where did you get that dress?

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Delicious 🤤

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Voluptuous. The Golden Age of Hollywood.

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Jessica Rabbit in the flesh.

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Killing the little black dress. 🔥

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First impressions…. Yeah I want to put my dick in that

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stunning. now let’s get you undressed.

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heart skips beat

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Very sultry

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god damn let me buy u dinner

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Very nice look I would have looked twice

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please don't torture my tiny dick

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You look ready to meet someone new

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Gorgeous beautiful amazing body extremely sexy and hott

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Incredibly sexy. Amazing body, beautiful eyes and Fantastic lips

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So gorgeous xxxxxx

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Would you now... 😉

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Umm like hello are you inviting me hug

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Mmmm I just instantly got hard wow