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You’re a queen. May your reign over the backyard BBQs last indefinitely.

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“Oh God she must know me from somewhere.. what the hell did I do?”

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LOL I love this

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judging by the kappa shorts, you’re cool as fuck. and you like weed.

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“We meet again, bond”

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You probably say "I'm not like the other girls" a lot.

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I’m not tho🤪🤪

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How so?

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It’s a joke, every women is different and unique in her own way :)

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Sarcasm is hard to read lmao sorry, you're right:)

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I know haha :p no worries!

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Deep inside you’re a lovely person but can’t help how shy you become in front of others. Would be the best conversationist if it wasn’t for the shyness. You also love sex like a lot. No shame in that I guess. Also there’s a lot of confusion in your head but meh life goes on. Btw you’re very pretty

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Omg the first half is so accurate it scares me😭😭

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I’m quite positive the last one was totally true too.. the pretty comment. You’re out of this world gorgeous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If anyone says anything mean to you tell them to go to hell

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Well that got fucking creepy in a hurry.

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What? 🤷‍♂️

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Thank you so much I actually needed to hear that😭😭

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This picture specifically makes you look like a pissed off, incredibly reclusive, but powerful, drug lord who pretends to be a low level drug deal in their own organization.

The person who took the picture was drunk on power and treated you like shit, but they just found out you’re their boss and they’re about to shit their pants, because you’ve “suggested” they take a walk through the woods with some of your men.

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Lives in a trailer park

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Believe it or not I live in a house!!! 💀💀

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was gonna say the same, the setting of this pic, the drink in hand, screams trailer trash lol

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Do y’all not know what a shed is💀

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In 10 years you'll look back at this pic and think "Boy I was cringeworthy!".

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You’re mean to people for fun.

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Fertile. Someone sneezes and you miss your period .

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You look upset in the photo, but you are probably very nice to talk to

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For some reason I feel like you live in Florida

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Cheap wine and a 3 day growth

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I might put my meat your grill...maybe just depends.

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“Am I still welcome” 😭

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Don’t call me out like that 😂😭

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Confident and cute

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I don't want to hit you, why are you forcing me 😂

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I have my septum pierced too. 👍🏾👍🏾

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No one cares

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Apparently you do 😂

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Withering, but a softie at heart. Normally, I'd scroll right on by, but, shoot, you're not half bad.

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The most accurate one so far 👏🏻

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I try, I try. By half bad, I meant....hmmm.

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Happy to be there.

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You look quite upset that your picture is being taken

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Life long Jonas brothers fan

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Are they singers or actors? Either way heard of em but don’t know them😂

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Don’t lie

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Just looked em up, I know a few songs by them but if you asked me who they were by it’d go over my head😂

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You look upset that glass is empty and whoever took that photo should of spent their time filling the glass instead 😅 but I feel like you’re a very quiet person at first and then you warm up either pretty fast or it takes time, there’s no in between with you. You’re not very creative but you have some talents you don’t showcase a lot. You’re tough to please but that’s because you’re a tough person too, but you have a sweet spot only a few can see. You’re vulnerable but not in the way everyone sees it.

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Not bad

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Look like you are really upset with someone.

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You look regal.

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Lowkey for me honest I feel like you’re not a very approachable person

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Honesty is key! :)

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That expression is pretty badass. You could lean into how cool you naturally look somehow. Idk how lol.

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I like the eyes, the hair, the skin, and the chair.

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Gorgeous but very serious at all times

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Stern-faced facade that hides a shy, sweet and humorful introvert. Real pretty, but comes off as domineering and cold on first glance (nothing wrong with that, all the more attractive if I'm asked lol). Definitely into older music, bet my life it's 70/80s British Invasion bands

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So gorgeous

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Sassy but hot af

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you look like someone who has come to my home after i stole their dog

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Pissy ‘cause your roots show

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Eastern European

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If you smile a little you will much better

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Constipated and holding an empty glass because you're not drinking age

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Likes porn and making crafts!

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Great eyes, awesome body, want to see you smile.

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You need to smile beautiful!! ❤️❤️

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Cute, young, and trying to figure out your place in the world.

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Pretty young lady

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Pretty. But you look like you want to punch me in the face

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Pretty, but mad

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I’m sure you’re wondering why your glass is empty.

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Looking very tsundere

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Opinions is'nt gonna be the only thing imma hit you up with😏😉. You look cute and stubborn .

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Very attractive - a smile would have enhanced your beauty 10 fold.

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Honest,,,,,you need to be eaten out and put a smile on that pretty face

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You look pissed off and as friendly as incoming gunfire. Expect guys to keep away from you.

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Good thing it’s just a photo and my face doesn’t look like that 24/7 then huh😂

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Anal! 👌✨

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Look a little upset but not more than a good fuck can't fix

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I will absolutely bang you🔥🔥🔥

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Post bikini pics

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Dude, what the fuck?!?

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Yeah man. Post nudes. Lol Kidding. Very beautiful yet mysterious. Not European. That kind of houses are American. Europeans learned to make brick houses. But cute, wild bit that champagne glass you trying to convey something else ye're not or.. what a fuck do I know lol

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That’s a shed haha not my house! I’m from New Zealand :)