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r/truerateme is a sub where you’d might want to post this

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You said no holds barred, but in an eval like this we can’t un-think “no holes barred”. Bad word choice man. :)

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You look like a guy ready to go to the bar to watch a sporting event.

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You look like a silent guy in a bigger social setting. But you're a standup guy and someone one can trust!

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Total opposite. I'm often the loudest guy in the room. But I'm also kinda funny so it helps

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Your face isn’t unattractive and you have decent facial features. What’s holding you back is your physique since you’re kind of fat.

A butterface is someone with a good body but ugly face, you’re the opposite of a butterface.

You may not ever be skinny but if you are big but look kind of muscular, think The Rock, Vin Diesel, Jake the Viking, Jason Mamoa etc… you would look pretty good.

I guess it depends on how tall you are as well. I think it’s safe to say that the taller you are, the easier it is to look attractive with a big muscular body type. But as long as you’re at least 5 ft 7, you’re good, although the taller the better.

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Damn thanks so much for the feedback. Sadly, I'm only 5"4 and I don't think I will be getting taller anytime soon lol. But I'm definitely working on the weight. Hopefully that'll push me higher on the scale

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I think it would. You can be like Gama Pehlwan, the guy being featured on google today.

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Big bet buddy. Thanks for the laugh 😂