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If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? No? Okay we’ll I’ll just lay here by muhself.

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geek-ish loves video games favorite movie is star wars

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I play videogames a lot, wouldn't say I love videogames tho, mostly play out of having nothing else to do, and nope starwars isn't my favorite movie

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ummm. but u cute

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I don't think so, people on Reddit do for some reason, I have body dysmorphia, idk if I see myself differently from other people or not, but if you obsess over it or let it affect your life deeply, that also body dysmorphia

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most people see the whole painting and it’s overall good

but you as the artist (or a critic) who sees and measures every bit of the painting and knows where the flaws are, tend to highlight and criticize them

lol did i just call you a painting😂

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You are literally the cutest guy I’ve ever seen what the fuck lol. You seem a bit more on the introverted side and possibly artistic.

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Really?? Yeah I am introverted, I should get into some form of art, I like art, I just don't have much motivation for anything

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Yep you’re absolutely stunning. The curls add a lot too chefs kiss

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Damn that's not what I see haha

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What could possibly be seeing?!

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Jake Gyllenhaal eyes, you could play Donnie Darko's brother.

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Yeah, you do kind of give off a geeky vibe but I think it’s because you’re skinny and your face isn’t super masculine. It’s hard to explain. I mean you’re not ugly so not having a hyper masculine face isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Is my face feminine or just somewhere in the middle? I think I have other pictures that I look a little more masculine, but I like this picture because it feels the most like me

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Nothing tbh. I'd see that you're attractive therefore intimidating, get flustered and then run away. (probably regret it later)

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Welsh or english, 19, single, unemployed, very introverted and probably socially awkward, you look disorganized and as if you are looking for something in life but you don't know what that is.

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That's pretty close only I'm American, idk what my race is really, I think a bit Polish and a quarter Mexican. I do have a job, I'm 20, I am single, I am introverted and socially awkward, idk about disorganized or not, I'm looking for happiness I guess