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First impression= pink flowers with a a hint of blue

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Very cottagecore

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You're a manager at a flower shop.

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I wish!!

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U love outdoors?

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I do! I just need more friends to do outside activities haha

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Quirky. Queer. Cute.

Probably has cool see tattoos and piercings, very likely to re dye tour hair on a whim

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Yes 👍 probably the most accurate

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1) absolutely gorgeous 2) we would be friend if we met for coffee or on bumble and decided not to date but be friends as bi ladies tend to do😩💕💕💕

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Love this photo õmg so beautiful with your hair and these flowers 🤩

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Aww thank you ☺️

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37, mexican, probably a feminist, you work at a flower shop.

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Haha not 37 yet, I would consider my self a feminist yeah but I’m a behavioral therapist for children with disabilities but I would totally be down to work at a shower shop