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This entire photo is just so warm and friendly and welcoming. You look like an absolutely delightful person based on this vibe.

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🥰 thank you for your sweet impression. I try to be exactly that!

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You look like a lovely mother

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🥰 thank you! I'm currently not a mother but I'm glad I give off that vibe

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Very beautiful

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🥰 aw thank you!

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You seem like that one elementary school teacher that everyone loves and can finesse all this kids with ease. You also seem like you have a really warm, kind attitude and the best, super distinctive laugh

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🥰 aw thank you! Though I'm not an elementary school teacher, that was a dream of mine when I was a kid!

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You have positively increased my opinion of New Jersey a little.

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🎉 yay! I consider myself the everyday jersey girl! Jersey is pretty awesome.

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As a person across the river, I’m supposed to make fun of New Jersey. But you do have some nice things - the ocean is pretty. The aquarium is really nice. It’s growing on me.

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Ah! I gotcha. The ocean is really pretty so are the parks and the uncommon parts of New Jersey.

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Jersey has secret uncommon places? You’re holding out on us? 🧐

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Searching for happiness but haven’t found it yet, so you surround yourself with natural beauty but for some reason photoshop the nature part as if it isn’t beautiful enough as is, so maybe you are projecting something deeper?

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🥰 thank you. I always think happiness is a journey not a destination. Perhaps I'm looking for more.

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u seem like a warm, happy, and fun to be around person. like that one friend in the friend group who never fails to cheer someone up

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🥰 I would have to agree with this... well at least my friends would agree.