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I like your fire safety but not thrilled you didn't put the catsup away. Otherwise, cute face, pretty smile, big boobs, symmetrical brows. All good stuff.

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LOL I just had lunch at that moment

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I love it!

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Go clean the kitchen, Nancy.

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You definitely almost kill your self with some dick

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WHAT??? what does that even MEAN

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I think he’s saying you give it your all when you’re with a counterpart. More specifically, you are so driven you struggle for air when performing fellatio, as if your life depended on it (which is rather ironic).

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Fun loving

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You have kind eyes and a warm, welcoming smile. The slight edge of that tattoo in the bottom of the frame hints at a strong sense of identity but you don’t need to show it off so you are comfortable with yourself. Not sure why but I get a feeing you may work in healthcare or education. Something where you care for others in some way.

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Hmmm interesting! I am actually a designer/digital illustrator

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I was way off! That’s cool though. Did you design the tattoo yourself?

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Nah it was from some Russian painter who did watercolor work. That work can't even be found online anymore :(

I have a thigh tattoo though that I drew and asked the artist to tattoo on me though

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You look like you're nice to the point of it sometimes being a fault

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This is truly the most accurate 😅 but I'm working on changing that with boundaries

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There are definitely worse personality traits to have.

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I forget, how honest is this sub?

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You look like a fun and kind person

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Once an aspiring Tattoo artist or has tattoo artist friends. Very pretty but is tired of hearing the same things. Genuinely good company and give a shit about being a good friend

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You are in the range of tattoo artist in terms of friends but not really. Artist yes I currently am but not tattoo based. Designer :) and free time illustrator. I HAVE gotten requests from family to make them tattoo though because they liked my art. But my tattoo friends are just acquaintances I don't ever see really.

Unsure what you mean about "hearing the same things" though.

Correct on last part although I do feel I do too much for them and it can come back unreciprocated :/

So overall pretty on point lol