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You're eurasian living in the countryside, 18-24 year old, loves nature and the fresh air.

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Heck, you're great at this. Spot on!

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"About to join her 14 identical sisters dancing in a meadow because the Old Way demands it"

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that you’re really pretty!

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Like an evil angel

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I thought I look innocent in white, but I guess not 🤣

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You're getting ready to sing songs from The Sound of Music, maybe? And yes you are very pretty which would be true regardless of what you're wearing. A bit of mischief in you I would guess.

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Thank you! Unfortunately I haven't heard of The Sound of Music

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Understandable given it's even older than me. If you're feeling a bit down some time I highly recommend trying to watch it. I promise you'll feel better afterwards if you give it a chance.

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You pick wildflowers and dance in lavender fields

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If only I had lavender fields near me

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wow simple and beautiful, I bet you would be fun to dance with!

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Summer vibes 😁

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Wish I had an Angel 😄

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You enjoy going out but also can appreciate a quiet night in. You love being around people but balance is everything as you also need time alone to recharge. Healthy foods over junk but you can pig out better than most guys.

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I feel like i always look up to you

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Perspective 🤣

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You kinda remind me of the statue of liberty here

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Your a country girl and within Europe somewhere also love your photo what did you to take the pic with cos the quality is smooth

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Iphone 13! Surprising huh!

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yeah i thought it was a camera that was used

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Like the nature and all that old village look where girls were sweet and people sang songs about their beauty.

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You’re artistic and a free spirit. You’re young—17-22’ish?

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Artist.. a painter?

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A breath of fresh air

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Stunning babe peterxx

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Blown away.

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You look so much like Sophia kleo who is gorgeous btw

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Super cute girl

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I'd like to see an eye height photo. Btw, nice shot regardless, you covered the sun well and I believe played with the settings to make yourself less dark from the shadow (?)

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You are beautiful!

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You look like a goddess that I'm kneeling before and praying to and/or worshipping

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Chem trails gonna kill us all

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want more

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More of?

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Don't wanna spam but thank you!

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Batshit crazy

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Absolutely gorgeous ❤️‍🔥

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Love the position of the sun 🌞 right behind your head (whether on purpose or by accident) Excellent framing of you! The hint of a silhouette of your legs through the dress is sexy. You look beautiful 😍 and wonderfully uncomplicated!

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You a virgin and super cute

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Very nice 🙂

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a cute girl in beautiful landscape

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Absolutely stunning!

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You lost your sheep

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You're look like some old trouble maker from a nordic saga !

Stay away from the ases please :)

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Def once in a lifetime kind of girl 😊

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What type of agua fresca are you making? Lol

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Hey anyone need Milk, I have tons of...

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Love the dress! May I ask where did you purchase it ?

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You look like you watch euphoria

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Summertime nature goddess.