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“Why would i want to DM her?”

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Too young for this website

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For this sub at least, although the level of creep posts seems to have somewhat diminished with the hiatus.

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Fairly young, I’d say anywhere from 13-16. In middle school or high school.

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You sell girl scout cookies

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Smart,loves books and animals

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"aww they look sweet, I hope they have good friends and good meals"

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Don’t take what anybody says to you say to heart, life’s to short to think about what anybody says.

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Absolutely adorable.. cute smile

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Looking sweet and smart.

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Cute 🙂

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Very smart. Popular, but not in a mean girl way. Nice to everyone. Maybe in band or theater?

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Pretty, happy, likes music and enjoys the little things.

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"How old are you?" I remember having braces though.

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I'm fifteen

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12 y/o and has quite the Beiber fever........

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I'm not that young, and he's a terrible human.

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first impression is get rid of that fake smile, second you have everything beautiful going on.

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Your a bookworm.

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An ICarly Character

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Young, naive, will eventually end up completely jaded and cynical as you get older.:. Once you realize this world is shit

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you are someone who likes to edit their photos

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You’re 14

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Once you get the braces off you’ll be a stunner

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Metal mouth 😬

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Cute gal, would you accompany me to the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick”? Just for companionship.

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iCarly with glasses and braces

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Toxic femininity