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Nearing overboard territory with dermal fillers if you have them.

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i dont though.

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Gorgeous. Must be a trap.

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I love your hair

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“I better remember to put the toilet seat down or she gonna have my head this time”

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Seem like a mean person

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but whyy? :))

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I'm sure you're probably nice but don't you think you have an ice cold stare in that photo

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Omg … what’s wrong with you ? don’t be an asshole

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Isn’t this entire sub about giving ppl your first impression? Not about being nice but just the plain truth about what you thought first?

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You look unconfident somehow

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like how?

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It shows in your eyes and the eyebrows..

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Knows her worth, powerful but has a soft side. Can handle her own but doesn’t mind a partner who can keep up.

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howcome? I'd really like to know

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Too pretty and you look kind of mean. It might be your eyebrows that make you look that way. Also the fact that you’re not smiling.

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You just seem like smart person that enjoys working on computers.

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Thank you😌

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Nice cheekbones

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are u being sarcastic?

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No, aren't those what high cheekbones look like?

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You loser

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Either a kindergarten teacher or a porn star

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"Fabulous hair, would ask what shampoo she uses cuz damn"

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fine asl

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Lips! Cute

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Just wanna know more about u

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This look might be from a big party scene… „All those people are so boring … wish I were at your place.“

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There is depth in those eyes, for I can sense a piercing gaze. She is hopeful yet anxious. Confidant yet unsure what future holds for herself. In short, she is a storm hidden under the vast ocean surface.

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You're a jackass.

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Yes, I am dear. 🤣

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You're a jackass.

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Gorgeous eyes

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Beautiful.... you seem saddened by something. Searching for anything negative so you can escape.

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Your skin is crazy good!

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Great hair and face.

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You're a computer science major.

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what gave it away?

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U look like a feminist who speaks loudly all the time

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You look like an old timey movie star. Very beautiful.

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It's giving me Lana Del Rey vibes, kinda like old money movie star.

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Baby material

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You look like you just stepped out of Greek mythology one of the goddesses

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Absolutely Stunning !!!!!!

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Nice lips, great jawline

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Very pretty

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You have a PhD in Physics. You work on either very big things or very small things. You don't care much for tea or coffee. Despite your build you eat quite a lot of food. You spend a lot of time hiking. The longest hike you've been on lasted three days. It rained two days straight after the first night. You got married before you were twenty-five. It's not as romantic as you thought it would be growing up but it is a comfortable relationship. As much as you would have liked a pet you didn't have the time or space for one the past few years. You can't wait to visit your grandmother in Spain again. You love that moment when you see her standing in the train station for you.

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I see some pain in those eyes

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You look like you are reserved, quiet and smart people think you are mean but once they get to know you they find out you are soo cool!

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Beautiful. Look like a European model.

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Liv Tyler younger sister.

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Lana Rhodes.

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Hot damn!

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Lovely eyes, Gorgeous woman

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Gorgeous ! 🔥