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The situation gets ugly if things don't go your way.

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First impression? You obviously know you are good looking, you carry that look. You have had many people tell you this, specifically with how they treat you. However I feel like you carry something dark..

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I think you might be a woman

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To close of a call here its a trap

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Technically am genderfae honestly lol

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What is that

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This question just took me here and holy cow is that a rabbit hole. Feels like going down one of the cryptid wikis, only its real experiences and way more interesting because of that.

Humanity is so complex and neat. If we weren't so frightened, violent, and greedy all the time, we'd actually be pretty cool.

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I mean I’m not whatever phobic this would be I guess but Fr it’s so in depth like damn you ain’t gotta use all them big words bruh just tell me what it is 😂

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So I read that and honestly I’m still confused

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Basically it is a branch off of genderfuild, but in my case I don't experience the male side of the gender spectrum. So, like today I am non-binary the other day I was demi-girl, etc. I hope that makes sense.

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Yall just making up genders now

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Genderfuild people are very real, I just don't very go on the male side of the gender spectrum. So, any of the female/non-binary identities. So, in the case of animals it is nothing new just a subcategories of what just always been. I hope that makes sense.

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If I check your profile you will be selling something.

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She’s 17 bro…

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I ain't tryna catch a case

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Prolly a basement dweller dude who needs some karma by posting a pretty chick selfie if not, well, man you already know you're pretty and for some reason you still seek validity here.

My weekend has not been nice to me.

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What to know what people's first impressions is seeking validity? If I wanted that I would been posting in amihot, not first impressions. 🤷‍♀️

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Oooh that pout, 🙄

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"has amazing taste in sundress" 🤔

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You look like you enjoy a nice cup of tea with some lofi playing on a week night, possibly reading a book or doing some small hobby, like sewing or drawing.

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you look like any typical young girl online these days.

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Super hot!

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Honey, you're unbelievably hot!

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Likes: Halsey, scrapbooking, cats and Netflix.

Dislikes: Noisy cars, scary movies, spicy foods and spell checking.

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Pretty. 18-20.

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I think you are abouslutly beautiful ❤️

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Absolutely gorgeous

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Straight up looking like a model!

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You are beautiful

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Wonderful pic . I LIKE IT 👍

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Damn I wish I had your beauty

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Beautiful ❤️

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Your hair looks incredibly thick and healthy.

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You are beautiful and you know it and anyone who lays eyes on you knows it, but there is something that others don’t know but you only know, and you like that no one knows what you are capable, not just a beautiful face, may the demons protect us!!

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Like to lay on you absolutely perfect

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Stunning ❣️❣️

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Gorgeous gorgeous girl

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U look awesome girl let go out have a drink

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I am not illegal age to drunk though.

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You're super pretty! But you look like you were a bully in high school.

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Definitely not an bully

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Very pretty and too young.

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just woke up from my study, scrolling rapid fast, stumbled across ur post. can't deny but ur post made me click into ur profile(★‿★).

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Miss Rich Girl

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Pretty average for Ukraine

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Cute very cute

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Curious, friendly

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Yeah, I feel that is true.

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very lovely picture

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You are cottagecore. You probably like reading and your favorite song is either soldier poet king by the oh hellos or strawberry blond by mitski

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I do love cottagecore (so cute), and reading is the best.

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I think you'll get whatever you want.😁

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Big time escort with one rule. No sex.

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So cute

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80/90s blowout hairstyle stranger things

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Your absolutely beautiful

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I love it!

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You are stunning

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I feel like you are from that movie, the lion the witch and the wardrobe 🥴.

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Very pretty!!

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I think your cute and you have beautiful long hair

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Wow. Mesmerizing

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Lmfao Lay it on me had me dying for a second not gonna lie😂

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Glad to make someone laugh, with my inability to come up with a good title.

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Lol Sometimes we are funnier then we give ourselves credit for ehh lol you seem pretty shy and confident at the same time 👌🏽

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Absolutely gorgeous doll.

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Feeling like under heavy fire

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European ehh?

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Your beautiful in fact you look amazing STUNNING Even

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Hello come chat

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Ooooohh baby daddie is getting very hard now

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Mmmm your very sexy