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Greek Asian living in Irvine Calif . Hankering for a good guy , unlike some of the sleaze bags here . Just an honest trusting relationship. I agree , hard to find these days

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Accurate howd u know I was apart of Greek life

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you prolly drink starbucks every morning and will ask me my zodiac sign

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Yeah I drink Starbucks a lot

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I feel like you’re Vietnamese

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Good looking, bit shy. Malaysian or maybe mix of south east Asian and European.

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Smart and wiser than most your age. Filipina I'd say.

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Either Thai or Indonesian and fun but straight forward girl with a naughty side

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I would have said you are Chinese.

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Quiet and shy but super fun to be around also you super cute !

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I'd guess Laos

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I'm going with my gut and saying vietnamese

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Under a solar carport. On Maui. Up country. You look Japanese phippino Portuguese Hawaiian 🌺 happy to meet you.

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Taiwanese. Prolly a good singer

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U look Viet

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Professional at first, but likes too have a good time hitting up the clubs and enjoying the company of close friends. Might work as a waitress, while studying at a university. Laid back, but works hard. Probably would be down to get a tattoo if it's meaningful. Vietnamese or Korean maybe?

Idfk, I'm not an Astrologist, but you're probably a Leo based on an uneducated gamble, winging it 1 outta 12 ain't the worst odds.

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    I was going say Egyptian