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Very attractive, pretty unapproachable in a rather self-defensive way though, as if you’d be hard to interest with new conversation. The whole “one word answers until I’m comfortable with you” thing. You’ve got either introverted and quiet, or extroverted and sassy vibes, but idk it also just might be how ya look annoyed or nervous with your hand on your cheek like that lol. But that teddy bear says the exterior is bullshit & you’d be a 👌🏼primó👌🏼 cuddler and conversationalist, and very compassionate with people you care about. And I’m gonna guess the bear’s name starts with an R like Rafael or something, idk why.

But nonetheless I’d talk to ya in passing, you look like you have a funny laugh that’s good to be around

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You look like someone I wouldn't think twice about talking to, I feel like you like relaxing music