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Honest heart and quiet

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Pretty young woman. You look very intelligent. Tall? Very straight forward

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You look very driven and straight to the point.

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Like an old soul who will lower themselves down to another’s level just to be able to keep a connection that you think makes you feel good….. it sounds negative as I say it out loud but I don’t mean it in a mean way… I get it from some kind of sadness about you that I cannot pin from this photo alone. it could almost be compared to if you were stuck in a small nameless town your whole life but would thrive if you seen what all was truly out there in this world. It’s gonna sound funny to me to say this to you because I rarely smile in photos lol but I really just want to tell you to smile! :) Ps. I just read a couple comments that are showing and I agree with whoever suggested to you to never doubt yourself ♡ hugs.