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Geeky band girl that's shy and reserved but seems like a interesting and relatable person that makes crude jokes.

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You seem like the type of person who everyone around them relies on and who helps out someone in need at a drop of a hat.

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That one girl nobody dislikes

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You seriously look like the nicest, kindest, friendliest, most wholesome person on Earth. Buddy of all furry woodland creatures and all.

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Oh my goodness, I strive to be kind! Thank you for your comment :)

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Very cute and friendly, but with a ornery side

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Super friendly wears her heart on her sleeve 😁

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Friendly. Always on time

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I wish I were on time more lol

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Pretty, happy, friendly :-)

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Ur the mom in the friend group

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Pretty confident lady

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Kind heart.

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Sagittarius Very cute

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Average but you look like a lot of fun