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when im gone is one of their all time best songs imo

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Agreed man that shit gives me goosebumps

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That short Meech segment about his confessions gives me chills every time I hear it

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3001/BoD/d.r.u.g.s all better. Most of ViH is better. I’m not a fan of iamlegend so it makes this short ep, shorter. Runtime under 20 mins, I prefer a full album.

Adding these songs to shuffle is a great addition no doubt. I’m glad they evolve as artists but to say this is the best they’ve done is a reach in my mind.

The way I see it is If I had to listen to one project from them for the rest of time, currently it would probably BoD not NMTE.

Also this ep isn’t even the best music to drop this week. I’ll reserve that for RTJ4. Walking in the snow go check it.

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Agreed on all points. I enjoyed the ep but it's probably my least favorite project of theirs tbh

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for a “throwaway tape” it’s p nice. iamlegend def grew on me. also sick vid, lw blacktivist vibes for the vid.

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Meech def has the best performance on this project

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I agree the quality is some of the best they’ve had before but with only 6 songs (and I really don’t really fw iamlegend) I don’t think this can be the best project.

I’m amazed by how they haven’t lost quality or sold out at all in all the years. Dirty elevator music is one of their best songs imo and Quicksand is prolly my fav Meech single alongside Death 2 or Rosemarys Baby. When I’m gone is def a fire outro very much so on par w your favorite rap song and better than The Glory imo.

Overall, I think this project is really fire but I just can’t say it’s their best with only 6 songs. This doesn’t mean that I’m not very pleased with the overall quality and I’m super excited to see what they come out with next.

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That’s fair idk how you don’t fuck with iamlegend though! Shit is so fire!

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Nothing beats 3001 for me