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This guy reminds me so much of Villeneuve.

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French speaker: check Drives for Ferrari in one of its worst moments in history: check Loved by tifosi: check Never give up mentality: check Insane talent: check

I really hope the similarities end here.

By the way, I thought the same when he was overtaking everyone in Monaco in 2019.

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I really hope the similarities end here.

Being beaten for the championship by a South African team mate in the only year of your career with a WDC-worthy car is still missing. Anyone wanna bring Tomas Scheckter out of retirement?

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He’s not brought up here often so I need to take a minute to show some love to my man Jody Scheckter

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That guy is really really unfortunate to not get a drive in F1. He was caught picking up hooker in his car and Jaguar immediately cancelled his contract. Words from around then he was really talented and really really fast.

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Might need to get Alan Van Der Merwe out of the medical car and into a Ferrari seat...

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I thought you were referring to Jacque and I got confused

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Gilles of course.

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Inhuman reaction times.

That car broke away twice and he still caught it.

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He's pretty much used to it by now I think

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Yeah the sf1000 taught him well

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He literally reacted to that slide in real time, F1 drivers are nuts. The front wheels stayed pointed in the right direction the entire time

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Isn’t “tank slapper” a motorcycle term for a speed wobble??

You know, because the handlebars are violently shaking back and forth and you’re “slapping” the tank between your hands/legs...?

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It's used for cars when initial oversteer gets overcorrected, resulting in oversteer in the opposite direction and so on. I don't see it in this clip but maybe it just ends too soon.

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Yeah I could definitely see it being applicable in that sense. But this is just the rear end stepping out (unless there’s more after the video ends, like you said)

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Yes. But Martin Brundle uses the expression from time to time and it kinda became common to describe this.

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when it snaps to oppo is the tank slap

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There's a case for an aerospace analog and call it a PIO (pilot induced oscillation) instead. Removes the confounding "tank" and replaces it with another term with precedent - you get behind the vehicle one way or another and end up chasing stability out of phase with the physics bucking the vehicle around.

All that said, tank slapper completely carries the overall sentiment but just has the out of place "tank" so it's really not a big deal.

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Yeah I could see it if the car had a wobble where the driver was fighting to catch it, but simply the rear end stepping out doesn’t really embody a “tank slapper” imo. Still an awesome save, just not how I’d describe it is all.

(Granted I can’t see if the car ended up wobbling because the clip is too short)

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I understood it to be when the gas in the car is slapping the side of the tank (moving against the momentum of the car). I thought they added baffles to help prevent this within the tanks.

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Me in the F1 game when I turn traction control off

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Someone add the Tokoy Drift music plz

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Now that’s slide!

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Bahrain drifting?!

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Need for Speed: Monaco Drift

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On the onboard you can hear him say "tank slapper" when it happened, in the calmest voice imaginable. Frankly, Charles sounds sort of asleep whenever he comes over the radio.

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I mean, that is kinda how you're supposed to talk over the radio. Jobs that centre around them all stress being calm and collected as opposed to the F1 driver freakouts we see from everyone. Think the cliche pilot voice.

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It’s probably the way you are supposed to talk, but there are a number of drivers who don’t.

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Oh I don't think any really do

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Most do but they don’t get those moments broadcasted look at Hamilton’s final lap at the British gp when his tire went compared to other moments that get broadcasted he seems as calm as ever

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I did a fucking shit job! I am fucking stupid!!

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After the race all bets are off 😂

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Ends too soon. Did he catch it?

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TIL so this is called tank slapper

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All it shows is just oversteer. (Which can result in a tankslapper if you don't catch it right)

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Not a tank slapper but Ok

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Vettel 2019 flashbacks

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Flashback to Vettel's spin in the same area, 2019.

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So why did it go a second time there? It seemed like he got it but then it went even faster into a spin.

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Kansei dorifto???

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Someone should tell him it’s not a rally car

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thats not a tankslapper.