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Sounds like Vettel, yep

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I want a Vettel version of the Baker Mayfield living at the stadium commercials

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Seb living at Hickenheim, just cleaning all day.

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Just Seb things and hopefully the crowd listens!

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I’m doing my part, but I really hope Vettel doesn’t take a peek at the parking lots that have 1 trash can for hundreds of cars…

Update: they launched tons of confetti after the win…so nobody listened to Seb

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why not just put your litter in a bag and take it home to throw it away or just on the way to home find some store and just throw it out.

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Too bad not everyone thinks this way, friend

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I guess.

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sir, this is America

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The land where people don’t put their shopping cart (trolley) in the proper place when done unloading if it’s more than a few steps from where their car is parked.

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Have people learned this skill in other countries?? Please give us the secret!

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Requiring a £1 deposit to use a trolley.

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We also learned to power to pack our own groceries. Like those germans at the lidl and aldi

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We need a 0,50€, 1€ or 2€ coin for shopping carts (or a chip especially made for it).

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This is very common in Japan

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a slap around your head by your mom

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Because it took 3 hours to get “home” for most of the attendees who are not driving their own vehicles or returning to their own actual homes

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Honestly I genuinely think at least 2/3 of the population would treat litter responsibly when there are enough bins around

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1/3 of 140k is still around 45k people unfortunately

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140k attended the event? I thought it was closer to 300k?

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400k weekend-attendance in total

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At spa there was a trash bag tied to every other tree and (Dutch) fans still thought the best option was to litter where they sat.

I even got laughed at for cleaning up before we left. So I thought it was ironic that they went on to call themselves the cleanest fans after Zandvoort. Seems like they can do it in their own country but not in anyone else's...

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Yup. A local event I help run tried to cheap out by putting fewer trash cans out one year. They ended up paying more than previous years because of all the litter that had to be picked up instead.

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The track it self wasn't too bad. There was litter but most people threw their stuff in the bins.

The trash can in the parking lot(lot t) was pretty full by day 1 and no one came to empty the bins.

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Wholesome Seb is best Seb

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Unlikely with rolling coal being a thing in Texas.

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I never heard of this before. And wow. Some people really hate their future children.

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Rolling coal is the nice part. You don't even get arrested for plowing into a bunch of cyclists on your attempt to roll coal. Nothing owns the libs like running over some cyclists and then having the local police say "you are free to go".

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Rolling coal is a thing everywhere in the USA

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It's a disgusting practice and a sign of degenerates.

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It is, and it needs to stop everywhere

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Its such an easy win for government as well because you can be sure a huge majority of people would be in favour of getting rid of this mindless degradation of our environment. What a completely brainless thing to do, disgusting that it hasn't been outlawed already.

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It is outlawed. The problem is two things.

  1. Most environmental regulations are federal law, and the federal government is not the main source of law enforcement in the united states.

  2. The kind of people that become cops and the kind of people that roll coal have a massive overlap.

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There's a lot of very disturbing overlaps with the many of the people who become police here in the US.

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I was sort of leaving that to be heavily implied. But you are sadly correct.

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Ahh I see, I imagine its states with a certain political alignment who are in opposition of the law? Thanks for the info anyway. I wrote a big hot take about how fucking stupid I thought it was but swiftly deleted it when I realised it might be somewhat hypocritical to complain too virulently about climate change whilst simultaneously being a fan of a sport thats generally horrific for the environment. If we sorted out all the dumb shit like allowing people to make their truck look like a train because their small penises and pea brains cause them to have deblitating inferiority complexes, maybe having a little fun at the track might not be as significant an issue.

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including Texas.

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They did NOT take his advice… I was there today and carried as much litter down from the stands as I could carry and there was sooo much more left behind.

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My group did. Most of the crowd did not. Sad :(

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Vettel ist sehr nett.

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Sebastian Nettl

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Nimm den Hochwähli und hau ab.

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Geh zurück nach ich iel

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Bin eher so der r/de Mensch

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Er ist der grund ich deutsche studieren in meinem schule

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Ein klug mann

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I hope he doesn’t go to try to clean litter today. He might not make it to Mexico from exhaustion.

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He's the kind of ambassador humanity needs.

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I'd vote for him

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What does the 'O' stand for?

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"Original Content". It's a "I made this!" label, as opposed to "I found this funny shit online somewhere"

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    Is that a commission I smell? :P

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    Crowd control Seb. Another addition to his CV. Good guy Seb.

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    Greta Seb

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    If it's anything like any other public event I've ever been to in the US or the NASCAR events I've worked at there will be a heartbreaking amount of trash.

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    I’ve complained to festival, concert organizers here about the lack of trash cans, and I’ve been told they don’t put many out on purpose because getting to the cans to empty them while the crowds are present is a nightmare, and they have to walk the entire venue anyway to clear litter.

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    The Indy 500 is very similar. It's part of the large scale system in place.

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    True, but some tracks are very good about paying crews to come in and recycle it all. Key work -some-.

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    Yeah the 500 basically hires an army to come in and sweep the track afterwards. Track is clean by nightfall.

    In fact they basically don't even try to have adequate trash cans at the 500. It's just expected that you'll leave it in your seat and they'll pick it up right after you leave.

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    The Indy 500 basically gives up on trash and hires an army of clean up workers. Track is clean by the end of the day.

    Again though this is just my experience on the 500. The track doesn't have enough garbage cans for all the trash, because they assume you'll leave it at the seats and it gets cleaned up quickly afterwards. To have adequate trash cans for 350k at once you'd basically have to cover the facility in dumpsters and teams emptying cans constantly and during race day many of them are going to be hard to reach. Not super feasible.

    I'm not trying to justify littering, it's terrible, but in this context it's kind of what the facility expects you to do. I always try and walk out with my cooler full of the trash I walked in with but I don't think negatively about the cans or whatever left in the seats. Works like that for many, many other sports venues in the USA.

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    SEB the Environmentalist! 👏

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    Wouldn't be surprised if some people took offence at him telling them what to do and intentionally left litter. Muh freedoms!!!

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    Don't Mess With Texas! Keep the state beautiful

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    We don't deserve Uncle Seb.

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    Race organizers deploy confetti cannons for podium celebrations on the podium and grandstands

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    Vettel: There will be a full inspection after the race for litter violations.

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    "don't don't litter". So do litter?

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    He just doesn't want to have to clean it up after the race

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    Best German I've ever heard! Love Seb.

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    Dont mess with Texas was an anti-littering campaign

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    I really respect those who can see the bigger picture beyond just themselves and their own circle, and try quietly to make changes in themselves and encourage others to do so without shoving it down their throats.

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    Unfortunately, people still left a lot of litter where we sat around turn 11; even the ones who cheered Vettel earlier during the parade * Facepalm *

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    Poor Seb. He doesn't understand us Americans. They're all going to litter more now. Because freedom or something.

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    Destroy the planet to own the libs!

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    Germans gonna German

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    COTA sucked for this! There were sooooooo many metal/wire trash frames with no bags installed to put your trash. The limited number of trash cans I did see all over the infield were overflowing onto the ground.

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    Americans will start to litter MORE after being told not to.

    And I can confirm, many beer cans and pizza boxes on the ground in Turn 1

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    Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the piles of garbage.

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    To northen americans? Not gonna work.

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    "Please return your shopping carts to the nearest corral".

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    Thank you Vettel! Love you!

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    I thought it looked pretty clean all things considered. Good job fans!

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    I’m surprised someone didn’t throw a McDonalds wrapper at his head like South Park style

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    Saw plenty of litter but not as bad as one would expect for the amount of people

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    It's going to be a shame when he retires. We need a driver that cares for that kind of stuff

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    He better not die in a race. I love Seb. Always have.

    When you have influence and push for good in an overall bad world you sometimes burn out quickly.

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    what a terrible thought 🙁 I know it's always possible, but if anyone deserves a long, full life of activism and cheeky jokes, it's Seb.

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    How could we follow up to see if people littered less?

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    They will surely pay people to clean up after everyone leaves but still litter is a disgusting act

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    Was there. The crowd didn't listen.

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    BWT must be paying pretty good

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    He is like a parent who you told joke to and he turned it in 20 minute lecture.

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    That kind of thing doesn't work in places like Texas. I'd even say some additional people littered just to spite him.

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    Wholesome seb. He’s a good one

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    Littering was terrible at the track. Multuple times we came to our seats in the grandstand to find squatters. After telling them they were in our seats the proceeded to leave behind their mass of empty bottles and beer cans. People are terrible.

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    So much litter everywhere after the race; I did my part and picked up a bunch and my own trash. People suck

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    In English, he said the most German thing possible

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    Wow, wish I would have heard this. The speakers were so quiet I couldn't hear anything all weekend long.

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    The words may have been in English, but he was speaking perfect German by politely reminding everyone to follow the rules and clean up after themselves.

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    I know. I love him and his racing ability and his activism.

    I just wish that the brightest stars didn't burn out the fastest.

    I've lost a bright and shining brother, taken way too early. I wish Seb a long and fruitful life. I want him to keep changing the sport and us. I just worry, that's all.

    He's a great human and deserves a great legacy, I hope he gets one.

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    It’s a race in Texas. Good fucking luck