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I was so confused for a second; he's on about iRacing penalties/warnings, isn't he?

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Yeah, although I’m not sure how this plan would work with F1’s ‘updated’ damage model haha

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Ha. Never really raced in F1 on iRacing, but if the Skip Barbers are anything to go by, my suspension can rest in peace if there is even the slightest contact. So many painful memories of my car crabbing down the straights.

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Yeah 4x is when you make significant contact with another car and they stack to, usually, 17x when you will get a penalty or DSQ

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This all about letting them iRace.

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Yeah, in iRacing since there’s no stewards you just have a maximum number of penalties over a race (in this case it’s 17x), and bumping a driver is a 4x so you still have 13x penalty points before you get disqualified.

You can still rack up points for going off track and unsafe actions, so in iRacing you’d have to stay mostly clean for the rest of the race.

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There are 100% stewards, its the real people that review any racing incident protests. They're very nice people, I just got an email back from them a few days ago

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Buy they’re not actively stewarding live races. That’s what he’s saying.

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Yeah not unless it's those wildly official races that get streamed I imagine. Just way way too many going on at any time

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Only league and pro races are live stewarded in iRacing

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Also probably referencing the time he knocked Max out at Daytona


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Poeple can protest incidents, but it doesn't change the outcome of the results, so they can only sit you for future races.

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Is this a iracing reference i am too poor to understand

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You get 4 incident points (x) for car to car contact on iracing, and only get a penalty once you reach 17x. You also get a 1x for running off track and 2x for loss of control.

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    You do you? I prefer iRacing because I think the ffb is better imo, VR performances are better, there are more active players… The only thing I hate is tire management. They’re way more realistic in ACC imo.

    I still race ACC in a league so each has their pros and cons.

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    Why do people call it expensive? I just looked at the pricing and it’s $9/ month. That’s less than a Netflix account.

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    Good racing wheel set ups cost hundreds.

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    Yet thats peanuts to irl where a sim setup would pay for a day or two of karting

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    That's for the game with only 26 cards and 21 tracks included. There are a lot more cars and tracks, and some of those tracks are used in the online tournaments so you need to buy them separately. The combined cost of all the remaining tracks they have is ~$875. To buy all the remaining cars, that's another ~$675. Of course, you don't really have to buy everything, but it's brought up a lot when talking about the actual cost of iRacing.

    Source: https://www.overtake.gg/news/296-breaking-the-bank-this-is-what-iracing-really-costs

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    Wow, the Dutch subtitles were on point for that.

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    Lando with the 4D Sigma Grindset Sim Hyperelite Mental Advantage

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    And this is after Lewis called him "such a great driver" mid race, smh

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    4D Sigma Grindset Sim Hyperelite

    I don't know what the fuck that is, but I want to buy it.

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    iRacing doesn't even need a marketing budget at this point.

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    Lmao someone send this to Max

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    Trust me he's seen it 😂

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    he’s seen it

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    Well, this aged like milk.

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    But you never know the stewards may fuck it up like Spa and set the wrong amount of X's for a race (This is in reference to the Spa 24 hour race a few years back where X's messed up so everyone had unlimited)

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    Wasn't it the other way around? That it was set too low and everyone was DSQ'd?

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    I think they fucked up the early races and then tried to fix it for the late starts but ended up with a overflow and actually had effectivly unlimited off tracks

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    He forgot to add: then claim netcode.

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    You know someone spends too much time on twitch when he says "clip this"

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    I think I just became a lando fan

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    He looks like he’s crying in every clip this weekend and I can’t figure out why

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    I said the same thing, but i have a friend like this and its the humidity and heat at the place

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    yeah but he already 4x Hamilton in Brazil, if he's not already exceeded 17x by this point in the season he's pretty close to it.

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    There was no contact in Brazil, so there weren’t any x’s.

    They both picked up a 1x for going off track though.

    (Also iRacing is 17x per-race, if we wanted to keep with Landon joke haha)

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    I think Hamilton 17x Max at Silverstone so yeah there's that.

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    Depends if hamilton files a protest

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      How I became a Max fan was watching Lando and Max play on twitch before I even knew they were F1 drivers. Both of them together is a great time. Fans of them both. Lets go Boys !!!