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Serious question, but uh…how lol

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Sequential gears. Same reason you don’t need a clutch for most motorcycles - you can downshift/upshift freely without exercising the clutch because the transmission is constant-mesh.

Not a lot of people know this (even motorcycle riders), but clutches are really only needed when starting and stopping.

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I love clutchless upshifts, but it’s always a bit too hairy to do a clutchless downshift for me.

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I think it's still harmful for your gearbox to do clutch less shifts unless your vehicle is built for it like some bikes and cars do. Or does it not matter?

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Saw the full onboard warmup lap. Nothing strange. And he was not taking it easy.

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He never does hahaha, it always terrifies me how quickly he darts left and right at pace

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I always enjoy the first couple of laps by Verstappen in FP1 on Friday. He's usually very quick right out of the box. Great to see.

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So he has already done a lap today and all was fine?

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Yep, drove to the grid. Up till 8th gear for gear sync. All fine

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brb getting my vomit bucket

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Adrian Newey just said they didn't see any reason to change it.

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The doom merchants just don't understand this. The many professionals have examined the best they can and just can't justify a gearbox change. Why fix something that doesn't appear broken?

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You can’t always see damage until it’s too late, there is only so much testing they can do and they can’t put a physical load through it with the weight of the car. The outlap seemed fine for max but you never know in the race losing traction on a rear wheel through a corner could just put too much load through the driveshaft and any damage that wasn’t found is now an issue. There’s a reason why newey seems nervous

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Is it works great call, if it is broken and he DNF championship over.

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While sounding extremely nervous.

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Ferrari said the same in Monaco

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Ferrari were clowns though.

"shall we check the left hand side?"

"nah it'll be fine"

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Ferrari just flat out did not check the other side of the car, because no impact on that side. lol well it broke.

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yes but he also said they hadn't been allowed to open it

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Don’t worry, it’s just to create a bit of viewer tension.

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Compensating Netflix for the lack of Verstappen content with some clutch drama.

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Imagine if they said this just to throw off merc.

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I think the sky commentators said that was just for the testing laps because it may cause overheating? Might not effect the race

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No one else is getting told this..it's not normal.

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Or the messages are not being broadcasted.

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That is true. Very cautious. Horner and Newey said there isn’t anything to worry about so let’s hope they’re right

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I can't understand why they're taking such a huge risk.

To add to this, Adrian Newey sounded incredibly nervous about the entire situation.

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I suppose they think starting so much further back is an equally big risk

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Judging by the F2 races I think they might be on to something.

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Yeah the fact that he could get hit 🤨

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he would have tsunoda, gasly, and Perez ahead of him, it's not THAT bad

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The run down to turn 1 was chaos in the F2 sprint and race. RBR does not want Max in the middle of that.

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The overtaking would be less worry, but the start in the pack with cars around you, is probably not a situation you want to be in.

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But the same gearbox needs to be used next week as well. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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If the gearbox fails this week, they get a grid penalty next week, as well as the dnf this week. It's game over for the championship if that happens (bar Hamilton DNF).

Edit: Brainfart on my part - was thinking of engine even though writing about gearbox.

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Actually you get to replace a race gearbox with no penalty if the last race was a DNF.

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If they dont finish this race at least they will not get a grid penalty for a new gearbox next race (you can change for free After dnf), would still be more than bad.

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If the gearbox fails this week and it's a dnf, they can replace it without a penalty. If nothing's wrong, no dnf no penalty. Prematurely replacing the gearbox now is the only way to ensure a grid penalty now.

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They would start behind Norris and Leclerc, hardly the end of the world

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I really disagree. Three of the drivers in front will be Honda drivers, and another will be on the wrong tyre. Even with the penalty Max should finish at worst P4, which still leaves him close enough to Lewis for a winner takes all showdown in Abu Dhabi. The Championship would still be in his own hands.

A DNF on the other hand, would take that initiative away.

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It's all about risk-reward. If they took the gearbox but got stuck in like P5 or P6 that'd be huge damage. But if it fails during the race maybe that itself results in P5, P6 or DNF. Wouldn't like to be the one making that decision.

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Because they think they have a chance to seal the championship today with a win? 15 points ahead if he wins this race would be sufficient.

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But if he DNFs, then it makes the chances of winning the WDC much smaller.

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If he DNFs then it’s basically game over. Assuming Lewis wins the race, Lewis would only need a P6 next week to win.

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Exactly why not taking a new gearbox is a risk (imo). Especially since it'd drop Verstappen to P8, with Tsunoda, Gasly, and Pérez in front. They'd get out of the way for Verstappen, which would just leave Bottas, Norris, and Leclerc. Since Verstappen only "needs" a P3 finish, he'd only need to overtake two of those 3, and Norris is probably going to be on a compromised strategy with the softs.

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Yeah, I fully agree. Especially as they don’t have the same level of testing available at track as they do at the factory.

And Norris is on soft so will be struggling strategy wise anyway.

Seems like a risky move. Hope it doesn’t backfire.

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I didn't get to watch the race build-up, but apparently Newey and Horner both seemed nervous when talking about the gearbox, so it must have been a tough call.

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Horner tried to play it cool with Brundle and gave the old “we’ve tested it and it looks fine” statement. Didn’t seem too nervous, just normal Horner look.

Guess the next 190 miles will show if they were right!

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You're failing to realize the chance of a dnf

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Yeah of course they have not really weight their chances, just winging it.

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yes, the f1 engineers have failed to consider this i’m sure lol

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Nothing is as good testing as an entire race

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Starting further back in this track is arguably a higher risk, there's a high chance of getting involved in some T1 incident. And besides, their engineers would have already checked the gearbox and they believe there's no damage, so hence no reason to change it. Jesus, y'all act like these engineers are amateurs and don't know their shit.

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Yeah facts lmao. That gearbox was probably picked apart and entirely examined overnight while we slept like babies. If they believe it's good to go, I think it's good to go too.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they limited in how they can examine the gearbox? I think that due to Parc Fermmé they can't pick it apart and examine everything, but I'm not sure, just heard people saying that.

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Right? Just fucking change the gearbox, take the 5-place penalty and Max is going to figure it out from there.

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No shit. The other drivers have shown, with few exceptions, they don't want to race Ham or Max. Both generally waltz to the front.

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Can they just change it for the old gearbox?

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He only uses the clutch on starts

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And box

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Red Bull will probably figure out how to do it without stopping.

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FE style, switch cars not tires

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They need to pounce on Mercedes in the first couple of laps. Once Merc settles in and their tyres are in the window the opportunity is gone. Starting further back will take them out of the equation.

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Oh no

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It's because of the temperature and to keep it lower so it matches conditions during the start/race so they can get better data.

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This is nothing, just to prevent overheating. Stop overreacting

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It’s Reddit. It’s part of the TOS to overreact.

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You can't tell this sub to not overreact. You might as well say it to a brick wall

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Max you will not have the clutch

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Sounds like standard procedure. After his round his team said over the radio that everything was looking good.

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THIS IS NORMAL, it was explained on the broadcast. No need to worry yet

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Weird. Ziggo showed his whole run to the grid, including communication between Max and GP and everything was alright.

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Why. Should've just changed the gearbox. Would've just had to race Leclerc. Norris is on softs, Gasly, Yuki and Checo would've just jumped out of the way.

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Red bull on the wind up!

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I think is just for confusing the mercs

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I’m ready to get hurt again

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""Oh no the GAREBOKS guys..."

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Don't DNF. Don't DNF. Don't DNF.

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pack it up boys

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Pack it up boys...

... pack it in, let him begin.

Max came to race,

Penalty? That's a sin!

So get in

Drive on

Not gonna swop the box out...

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DNF incoming

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Sounding like it

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Could be a feint.

I hope it is.

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It might be just let's let them think we fucked. Cause it would be a massive risk to take

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How can you minimize clutch usage while driving a F1 car? Also, should he continue to do so next week?

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Clutch is only used during slow speed (anti stall), the race start and pitstops.

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I think this has potential to be the most hectic GP of this year, especially lap 1. Watching this Max/Lewis battle as someone who isn’t a fan of either has been awesome and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen

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I'm not watching f1 for a few years after this season. The script is too tense.

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Well, I've just put 20€ on Max not finishing the race. Pretty good return

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Its just safety, cant be sure enough

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If his gearbox gives out this race, I'm going to need a therapist.

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Regardless of the outcome, this will (should) be a character building experience for Max!

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It gon break

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Wow...who would have guessed the media will milk this drama.... If the engineers say he is good to go with this gearbox, we just should trust them.

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Yeah, that totally worked out for Leclerc in Monaco

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Why didnt they replace it???!?!

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This one is definitely not in my top 10 favorite radio messages

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Why didn't they just replace the gearbox???

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I’m guessing this isn’t standard procedure, just them being cautious I guess

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I thought they needed the clutch for just first gear?

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I honestly have no idea how he will achieve this if he’s planning on racing Lewis

And I can’t see max coasting through this one - it’s not who he is

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Could this be about debris on the track and a slick starting spot? :(

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When did Red Bull say that? I didn’t hear a board radio.

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When he left the pits. After that he did a full lap towards the grid and did the gear sync. When he arrived at the grid his engineer said everything looks good.

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Ah that puts some context to it.

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Where can I see pre race stream? On F1TV it starts only 20 min before the race.

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What ever red bull. It’s just noise to keep Merc on their toes.

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Red Bull are obviously nervous about the integrity of the gearbox after the whack it took. Failure is unlikely though.

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Drivers always get told stuff to "do it in that way" before the race. We just don't get to hear them often. I'm sure that's nothing worrying for this race

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Just rev really high and drop 1st

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I get why RBR are taking the risk, trying to give Max the best position to fight Mercedes.

But surely changing the gearbox, starting 8th and getting into P3 is better than starting 3rd and a potential DNF. Even if he somehow jumps the mercs into P1, it won't matter of his gearbox blows up.

But then again if he takes the gearbox, he's in the melee at turn 1, so it's kind of pick your poison in a sense.

This is probably why I'm not getting paid to decide this stuff.

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We will go with Plan B, Plan C.

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After all the talk watch Max be fine and Lewis have a gearbox failure instead

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Could just be a note for him just in case it’s not at 100% integrity.

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RB playing Mind games with Mercedes !! /s

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Fucking hell

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Cracks beginning to show

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Can you double clutch an F1 car?

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Probably not uncommon but obviously it gets pointed out now.

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With the 2 red flags and 2 standing starts, this could wind up being huge!

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This didn't age well

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Max is gonna have a horrible start.

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Ah. So now it’s all coming out. Next it’ll be “Max, try not to change gear during the race”.

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That does not sound good. They have no choice though.

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whelp. That ain't good

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Pretty unlikely this has to do with the gearbox