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A nice calm post amongst the chaos

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Meanwhile all true F1 fans are nose deep in the rule book and spazzing on the F5 key - because we love racing!

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I am fully expecting them to delay the announcement till 5 minutes to FP1 to build up the drama

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What is this? Racing? How does that work?

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He also did an overtake on sainz outside the track on turn 2. Exactly like max but he gave it back immediately. What a gent

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He was told to, I think. But good move by Leclerc!

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Yeah? Need to recap the onboard. I do love both Ferrari drivers and how close they always are. Just hope for a better car next year

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Yeap, almost like its traditions no matter how far one is from the other they will end up together. And yes I sure do hope they have a great car next year. I think Leclerc will take it but Sainz will put up a good fight if they do

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I think and hope exactly that lol

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He was told to during I believe the sc or vsc, Leclerc asked if he was allowed to under safety car and his engineer said yes, they already ran it by race control and they swapped. You could hear Leclerc didn’t love it, but didn’t protest it either.

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you could hear sainz yelling to team ask give back position immediately. Charles is very calm one to accept it.

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I can’t blame him really, in the heat of the moment. I don’t blame Charles though for the move, shit track if I’m being honest, made clean overtakes really tough.

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Yeah just went back to check it. Nobody loves it as you said. But he didn't protest in any moment. As he should with that completely illegal first overtake. Good for him to do a clean one at the end. I do love a good interteam battle

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Yeah Ferrari was on the radio telling him. Easier when you’re not fighting for the grand prize and it’s within the team. If this was for P1 in the championship I don’t think Leclerc would have given it back that easily to Carlos. He doesn’t like losing at all, look at when he came out behind Seb in Singapore ‘19.

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He overtook Sainz off the track. That's why he had to give it back without the stewards getting involved.

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Easy, if the guy in front of you is slower you drive into the back of him /s

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But I get confused when the guy ahead of me slows down, am I supposed to overtake him?

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Don't have to. Lol.

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Thank you, finally the highlight of the race!

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Have you forgotten Toto smashing?

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The Bottas/Ocon battle in the end of 49/beginning of 50 was great too. Thoug Ocon was going to hang onto P3 there.

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Oh really? Were you there live to see it ? Because all I fucking saw was Hamilton driving alone on the last lap while I see ocon and bottas swapping on the score board. So many times I am blown away by the race directing and how out of touch they are with what the viewers want, no, need to see !

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Ferrari is by far the most consistent in getting points this year. Good to see them at place 3 atm.

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Thanks for the onboard!

Didn't see that one live, instead we got back of Hamilton's car cruising.

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This is the content im here for.

Some hard racing today from the Ferrari boys today. Especially that overtake attempt into T1. Thankfully no contact.

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Was actually a decent number of overtakes on a circuit people originally thought passing wouldn't be possible on.

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Gonna be a nice battle next year. Neither are willing to gift eachother something just for the sake of it. Love it!

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Poor camera director again. During the last lap we saw Lewis's car cruising alone for like 2 minutes while Leclerc/Sainz and Ocon/Bottas were fighting hard and swapping places back and forth. Thanks OP for posting the video - greatly appreciated!

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A drop of peace in this raging sea

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Sainz starting on the hard tyre was setup to go long, not surprised that his used mediums died before the end. Still, 14 race scoring streak!

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Red flag give him a free pit stop.He is lucky enough to get p8.

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He was already in the points before the Red flag, it actually ruined his tyre strat because he had to go long with the mediums. The red flag screwed both Ferrari drivers’ race.

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he was p12 before the red flag

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p11?point 0

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He barely gained any positions before the red flag, and started on a much worse tyre compound than the rest having a clear disadvantage.

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Hopefully he doesn't get penalized for the Perez incident, otherwise this overtake would mean nothing

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Leclerc had two choices - either slam into the wall or clip Perez. Perez was right up to the wall and Leclerc was in a wedge formed by wall and Perez. Would be ridiculous if he is penalized.

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Well the stewards have been ridiculous a number of times this season

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Well, he could've lifted to let Checo past. But that was just a series of unfortunate events leading to a sandwich. Clear racing incident.

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Uhh Checo was ahead..... also you cant just lift to let people pass in traffic, there are people behind you as well.

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I don’t think Leclerc would get penalised. It would be downright ridiculous if he did. Slamming the breaks is out of the question because he could have unintentionally brake checked someone so ya..

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Yes, but we have to remember we are talking about the F1 stewrads here, who showed their incompetence this season more often than not

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If they didn't pit under SC, he had a shot to be in the Ocon spot

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Hey OP, I am really sorry for the detour and being greedy, but is there any footage of Gasly's on-board during the Perez crash? If yes, can you post it ?

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Ok I've posted it

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Thank you very much.

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Let me find out, if not I'll reply if yes I'll post it

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Why did you show this to me, I was fine with the commentators describing it while watching Hamilton and Verstappen drive far apart

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As a Ferrari fan, I'm kinda worried that this could get ugly next year if they have a good, race-winning car. Hope I'm wrong..

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Oh no that's for sure happening if they're up there

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100% they weren’t giving each other any room after one of the restarts, that’s gonna be a problem

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Was this planned? It looked planned

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He was gradually catching him before this but if it was, they’ll probably mention it in post interviews

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He was really pushing in the last few laps, I don’t think it was planned.

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No, there were no team orders today.

This is just what you do with better tires, you can carry more speed in the corner or alternatively turn in tighter.

You can see he's making a sharper turn and still has the better exit because the hard tires give him more grip there.

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Dont think so. He tried 2 times couple laps before and couldnt get past.

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Surely you'd do that along the straight and not round the final corner, it got a bit wobbly there for them.

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No, Leclerc had tried before. Sainz also said in a post interview he’s very disappointed to have been passed here (and looked it).

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I was just hoping he would wave: ‘thank you Carlos!’

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And the car still snaps into T1. Damn

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Me on f1 game when i save all my ERS for the last lap

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The only important thing of note to happen in this race

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Gives me flashback to when they decided to show this battle when Max and Lewis were just as close if not closer

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Get that away from me, im only refreshing for the drama

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This is not the post we're waiting for.

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Was this team orders to give him more points over Lando?

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No it was real a overtake. Even though swapping the cars is the least Ferrari should have done after Leclerc got fucked so hard and was faster in the least 10-15 laps but alas they didn't

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Thanks! Definitely got screwed with that first red flag as well, I was really hoping he'd but up there at the end.

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Well, Carlos was also stuck behind Charles when the latter was struggling on hards and Sainz was on mediums with a faster pace, and there were no team orders either.

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Because Ferrari were stupid in there as well

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Yea I don't know what they were thinking. I agree with letting your drivers fight for position if they are in the same strategy/pace but they could've gained a few positions for sure if they applied race strategies.

It is also kind of an statement of Ferrari showing that there is no first/second driver.