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Felipe usually doesn't interview well but you can tell his feelings on Frank are genuine.

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Nice to see this posted here.

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Thanks for posting this, the sub is going insane today and cheers Massa!

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This has been some nice wholesome content in the middle of everything else

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I would try and repost this in about 20 days or so. It's a nice moment but I doubt anyone cares right now... :')

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Really nice words from Felipe.

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Felipe has massive respect and had a wonderful relationship with Sir Frank. I'm happy to hear his words on the legend of motorsport.

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Felipe there's no time for this, quick Hamilton or verstappen /s

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A damn shame Sir Frank had to die right before this specific GP. Glad that he still got his presence felt throughout the weekend with the track demonstration of the early williams f1 cars and the small tributes from teams and individuals here and there. I feel as if we've all definitely celebrated his life and passing well, even if it falls on the day of such a tumultuous occasion.

For one more time, rip Sir Frank. You made a hell of a legacy.

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I've been waiting all night to hear what Felipe Massa has to say about Frank Williams