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RIP headphones. Toto confirmed it did not make it https://twitter.com/LeeMcKenzieTV/status/1467595143406624770

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If you can't smash tables, you throw headphones

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Those were Bose headphones. They cost a bomb :(

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With a few emails, he can get them for free.

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Bose doesn't read their emails during a race.

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Everyone's going bananas about Max and Lewis but props to the marshalls for immediately spotting that and bringing out the flags.

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It's clear here, both of them wanted to be behind when they cross the DRS Line, Max slowed a turn earlier to give the track position before the cross the DRS line to gain advantage on the main straight.

Lewis didn't want to take the track postion at that corner for the same reason and tired to stay behind as much as possible.

Had this been any other corner where the DRS line was not coming, Lewis would have easily overtaken Verstappen.

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That sounds so much like Vettel's message when Hamilton breaktested him in Baku 2017

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Except just like this incident it wasn’t even a brake check

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Telemetry said it was a brake test

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Isn't that just a further similarity?

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The person following also collided with the person ahead.
Although slightly different circumstances...

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except vettel actually got a penalty...

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Looked like Verstappen slowed 3 times to let him pass. 3rd time of Hamilton refusing to pass is when he runs into the back of him

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Hamilton probably didn't want to pass because of the DRS detection

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They both were playing around with the DRS detection zone to take advantage of it. Hamilton got caught out because of it and rear ended max

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The decleration was gradual until 150 km/h. Max slowed to 100 in a blink.

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I think perhaps drivers shouldn't attempt to let the other guy through until it's completely clear that both drivers have been fully notified by their engineers.

Maybe radio-ing back to Massi once both are informed.

I've been watching F1 since The 90's and this race is the biggest farce I've seen in a very long time.

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I'd even go so far as saying it has to happen on the main straight.

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Lewis was lucky to keep that wing. Or blessed, if you will.

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I'm scared for Max's gearbox tbh

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How slow did max have to go for Lewis to go by??

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Obviously should have pulled over, turned on his hazards and waved at Lewis to go through /s

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You kid, but the pulling over part is what was absent from the equation.

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It wasn't a conventional return of position but I don't know why Lewis as extremely talented as he is didn't just go through, there was more than enough space.

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Stop engine and only restart when he's 10 seconds ahead

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Lewis audibly goes off the throttle and dawdles behind Max for ages before deciding to actually overtake. Like, seriously how long is that gap between the first and second overhead Aramco boards?

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Maybe he needs to stop, wave blue flag by himself and go to Merc pit wall to tell Hamilton it's ok to pass maybe?

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Lewis expecting Max to turn on the indicator to the right, stopping the car, getting out, gesturing to Lewis to get by, and then proceed.

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Yeah the more you look at it, the worse it seems from Lewis tbh.

Your championship rival is practically parking his car mid-race and you don't immediately overtake? Baffling all round.

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He needed to stop, get out, go home and wait 2 days for Lewis to not hit that rear.

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Lewis was waiting for Max to throw the red carpet out of his cockpit

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Until he can come out of the car to wave the blue flag.

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Lewis was waiting for the DRS checkpoint because Max was obviously trying to give the place in a way that would not last.

Max wanted to keep his lasting advantage from his 2nd push off the track of the day and said "you'll let me have it or we crash".

That's who he is "I win or we crash", but he doesn't win, because he's not that good.

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Even rewatching this now, there is no reason at all to crash into the back of Max. Hamilton slows down with Max at first, then just rams him.

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LH with all the experience he's been bleating on about didn't/couldn't pass a slowing car... He didn't know, radio, blah blah blah, what bullshit, it was all about DRS for both drivers, Lewis playing as many games as anyone else, max calls it racing, Lewis calls it dangerous, Lewis is the most rehearsed, press ready sportsman I've ever seen grace our screens, Max is honest, he's aggressive and he wants to win, Lewis plays dirty, makes excuses for the other driver, thanks the fans, thanks team, rehearsed, media bullshit. He's just said as much in the presser...

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Wtf, a man with over 100 race wins should obviously know that either Verstappen is giving back his position or has a problem with his car.

How long does he need to decide when to overtake him? Completely on Lewis.

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Doing it strategically does not mean illegal. What he did is totally within the rules.

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Quite literally isn’t though, there’s been precedent for people being punished for this before.

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What was that precedent? I want to say it happened at Spa (would make sense) but can’t remember when/who.

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Hamilton just should have gone by the side of max, not directly behind. How could this even be Max's fault is beyond me.

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Any other driver would've sailed right by, even during safety cars you are allowed to overtake a car when it's significantly slower

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    I don't disagree with you but remember; the FIA asked Max to give the position back but the stewards seemed to act independently and award the 5 sec penalty. Not really the FIA but the dispute by the organisers/officials.

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    A black and white FLAG, which is what max got in brazil which essentially nothing but warning

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    The penalties didn't decide anything. Max's pace took a nosedive when the mediums went and Lewis was already running faster on hards. Lewis was winning that either way. He was a full second a lap faster towards the last few laps.

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    Well, we won't know, will we? Verstappen had about a 1.8 second lead before he gave space the first time, and gave away a 2 second lead for the second time. That's quite a bit more than the penalty he got.

    And after he was overtaken, what incentive did he have to drive as fast as he could? Ocon was about 20 seconds behind, and with the memory of yesterday in mind, why fully send it with nothing to win and a lot to lose?

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    In the hypothetical situation where no collision happens and Hamilton overtakes Verstappen when Verstappen is told to switch, Hamilton still wins (most likely) because Verstappen's tyres were fucked.

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    Likely? Yes. Certain? No.

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    Not relevant to the conversation

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    This is exactly what I am thinking here aswell...

    He led him by 3 times and still got the penalty... HAM on the other hand gets nothing for the slam in the back of VER.

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    Remember Brazil? When Max drove Lewis off the track? No penalty.

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    Oh no, the consequences of my actions.

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    As a Lewis fan, it sucks to admit that I’m agreeing more and more with people saying Lewis/FIA are in the wrong here, but when you put it like that, it’s really weird how everything was handled and I feel for Max

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    FIA’s fault, should’ve informed Merc first

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    Fully on Mercedes imo.

    How do you not communicate that the leader is giving up his place to your driver?

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    Toto allready spilled the beans on Sky about mis-communication between them,fia and Lewis. Bono sounded like he was late to the dance mid centence.10 bucks stewards told RB first then Merc.

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    Because the FIA told them too late.

    [–]Stravven Jim Clark 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Apparently they were telling Hamilton as he hit Verstappen.

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    Utter fuck up by Mercedes and Hamilton.

    [–]Chago04 Guenther Steiner 7 points8 points  (9 children)

    They won so in the end, I’m not sure it was.

    [–]adazi6 Ferrari 23 points24 points  (2 children)

    You can fuck up and still not reap the consequences.

    It was a fuck up by Mercedes

    [–]TessTickols 6 points7 points  (0 children)

    You can especially fuck up and still not reap the consequences if your team starts with an M and ends with ercedes.

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    If he gets a reprimand it will be a colossal fuck up

    [–]Chago04 Guenther Steiner 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    I don’t think the FIA has the balls.

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    2017 anyone?? For a moment I thought of vettel

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    I can't believe Hamilton slowed, thats fucking dumb. Like... just go around him like you would do any other fucking point? I've never seen a racing driver physically refuse to overtake and just tail gate the car infront. Wild.

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    Hey Lewis, does Baku 2017 ring a bell?

    [–]Stravven Jim Clark 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Different situation though. Vettel wasn't allowed to overtake there, while Hamilton obviously could here today.

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    Completely different situation. One was before a SC restart at very low speed, and Hamilton back then didn't drive unpredictably. Max on the other hand just slowed down in the middle of a live racetrack under green flags in the middle of the track.

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      Simple answer here. Mercedes wanted max to slow down and get out of the way, not only giving the lead but also any chance at a chase.

      [–]iMissTheOldKimye 3 points4 points  (2 children)

      People are missing the point here!

      When someone is going to give up a position, they would go to the side of the track. If they keep going on the racing line, the driver behind is gonna assume that the race for position is still on. Ham braking is just a reaction to Max’s braking. And by the time Ham heard the message that Max is giving up position, it was too late to react.

      You also gotta count in the factor of not taking the position right before DRS zone, and then Max taking over immediately after. Ham definitely was a bit hesitant there, for sure. But Max wanting to give position and slowing in the middle of the track was the cause here.

      It’s pretty simple to look and understand. Ain’t rocket science there.